having a lovely Valentines day

Happy Valentines Day lovely readers. I’m sure not all of my readers celebrate the day….in fact retro daddy was not a fan of the day in the early years of our marriage. But I think it’s a sweet day and the kids looooooove it. Plus I am having the most relaxing day today. Which is kind of good because yesterday was one of those flat out days – school pick up, homework, piano practice (where is my mum to tell her how sorry I am for not being the best piano student and for her patience), bath time, swimming lesson, class parent meeting, P&F meeting, bake some banana bread in love hearts for lunchboxes then bed.

Today I am totally taking it easy. A few loads of washing, a bit of knitting and playing outside with elodie – I’m trying to teach her how to throw a ball – she doesn’t want to let go and runs up and hands it to me. And to top off a perfect morning I also received the best sort of mail there is –  craft mail!  I ordered all of this lovely stuff (Lisa threw in the ribbons as extras, thank you!) from Crafty Mamas and I just renewed my Ottobre subscription. This is the year I will make more of the little ones clothes and find more time to do what I love……making things.

Retro daddy wasn’t feeling so well so he had to come home early and luckily he works above a Lindt cafe – kind of convenient since my favourite chocolates are Lindt balls. Although there was a little confusion earlier in the day. As he left the house I reminded him lindt balls. He called from the office and said ‘so you want a big box of ferrero rocher right?….I corrected him ‘no ,lindt balls would be lovely’. Glad he got it right although I have to hide these babies from the little people – elodie is particularly fond of Lindt balls. And I don’t know about you but I like them to be at just the right temperature so the filling melts as you eat it. So good.

He did good. I will be cooking him one of his favourite dinners of teriyaki salmon, rice and wilted spinach.  Hope you have a great day too……….


  1. Awwww maybe he just wanted to spend Valantines day with you!

  2. Happy Valentines Day Corrie. My wee boys and I went and bought flowers and chocolates and delivered them to Dads work this morning. He was so chuffed! xo

  3. Happy Valentines Day Corrie! Yes Miss Isabelle loves all chocolate, doesnt matter which kind so I have to hide it from her too.

  4. so funny but runny lindt balls make me blergg.. I love them frozen! I keep all my chocolate in the fridge. Its really helpful actually, whenever I get given chocolate when I’m out and about its easy for me to refrain (esp if it is melted chocolate bar) as there is no fridge about to chill it!
    glad he got it right. I do not like ferrero rochers!
    My valentines gift for the kids was heart shaped soft pretzels for breakfast and I was a kind mummy and I bought the $5 half price box of lindt balls and shared them all with my four girls for breakfast! no point hiding them. Eat em up and get em gone

  5. Hi, where do you order your Ottobre magazine from? Direct from their website or somewhere else?

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