what’s in my knitting bag this week?

I’m a year round knitter………summer, winter, autumn or spring I am knitting. I don’t wait for the cold weather. Now that I have my fancy pants knitting bag I’ve been keeping my projects in there and taking it wherever I go and know I’ll have a little time up my sleeve for a few rows of knitting.

At the moment I have 2 kinas on the go. (You can read more about my obsession with the Kina here) This pretty one is going to one of the twins preschool teachers who is off to have a baby soon. The yarn is hand dyed by Little Plum Yarns who you will find on Facebook here. She sells her gorgeous stuff on Saturday afternoons (not every week) and has the most gorgeous yarn.

I am just loving the pretty shades in this one. It’s nice when you’re making something small to use something a bit more special. It feels gorgeous. This is an 8ply and I’ve used 4mm needles to knit it. A little trick if you are ever stuck substituting yarn or needle sizes is to jump onto ravelry (www.ravelry.com) and look at patterns, put in the pattern you’re knitting and then search for the yarn you have or want to use. Chances are someone has used it before. Alternatively, instead of pattern search by yarn and see what needles and projects they have used.

And here is a little something I stashed away last year from Little Plum Yarns. It’s a similar colour but has a bit of silver in it. This will be so cute for some little hats for my girls I think……………

What are you knitting this week?


  1. Oh those yarns are just gorgeous. I can just some pretty hats knit out of those. I love the indie dyers on fb and am waiting on some beautiful pink yarn to arrive from Featherbrush yarn and also Softlikekittens from etsy too. Your kinas are always so cute, and I love your new knitting bag too Corrie. I think the yellow looks nice and bright!

  2. hey there corrie, I so love your posts.. I am addicted to your blog. I had messaged you before about chocolate cake recipes and you replied so quickly with some great recipes. Thanks:). Just wanted to ask you about this pattern, is the something similar for a boy, friend of my hubbys has had a baby boy and would like to knit the baby something…
    any suggestions would be great



  3. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Gorgeous Corrie! Loving that beautiful coral/watermelon shade of wool. Would love to see a pic of the hats once you make them. I think you are fantastic being able to knit so beautifully, wish I had that kind of skill!

  4. Michelle Vella do a search for Milo vest, I have knitted a few, they are super easy and just beautiful for a little boy (or girl). I remember Corrie tried her hand at one and found they were very easy as well. Hope that helps.

    Corrie I would die for your knitting bag!

  5. It’s funny, knitting always seemed like a winter project for me. The only drawback being that by the time I finish a project, the weather is too warm to actually wear it. I think I’ll be pulling out my old pattern books early this year and finishing last years project in time for winter this year.

  6. Hello! After seeing it on your blog so many times, I decided to download the kina pattern. However when I bought it I was sent 2 versions of the pattern?? Am knitting it for Lucy who is 9.5kg and born the same day as your Emerson. i would like to do it in an 8 ply yarn but I’m so confused as to which pattern I should use??

    • hi there Bec, you want to do the short sleeve version and do 8 ply with 4 mm needles and to get the most growth out of it do the 6 month size, 4mm needles and 8 ply and when it gets to the measurements like knit 10cm or whatever you want to have the length for the next size up (12 months). does that make sense. Otherwise I’d just knit the 12month size in a 5 ply with the required needle of the pattern. just ask if you want me to read the pattern and tell you measurements:)

  7. Linda Mason says:

    Hi Corrie, absolutely love the Kina, can you tell me how many skeins of the fabric you used?

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