renovating days 10,11& 12

I had to work backwards to figure out what day we were up to. Hope I got it right. OK so the painters have been busy with windows, skirtings and started on the stairs today. It’s one big job that’s for sure. I can’t even begin to imagine how long it would take retro daddy to do it all. Or when he would have given up and turned it over to the professionals.

It’s looking great so far. A final coat is needed on doors, windows and skirtings downstairs and the white is such a big departure from the brown and green. And one of the nicest things when I look at these rooms is that I don’t have to look at old empty curtain rods and the old roller blinds that were on all of our windows and were original when the house was built. Some of the blinds were so old they were stained brown from age. It was pretty bad. I’m just keeping it real for you out there. This was no show home.

I’m getting very excited about the staircase and starting to imagine how it’s going to look with the dark floors and the carpet. I just can’t wait to get rid of the green carpet. Oh, have I already said that? Sorry. Just in case you have just come to this blog for the first time and thought wow that carpet is hideous.

And I’ll be waiting until floors and carpet are done before I start to add things to rooms and make them all perfect. That will be fun…………..and on a tight budget. I might be discovering white furniture paint, a paintbrush, op shops, Gumtree, my fabric stash and Ikea.

But it’s all worth it in the end and we won’t need to paint or do floors for a very long time.


  1. My friend’s house had carpet from a similar vintage to yours in parts of their house when they bought it. Now the new carpet is in, they have kept a bit of the old by cutting a square of the bright green carpet & framing it in an Ikea white frame. Hilarious!

  2. Cannot wait to see the next post on this!!!

  3. The staircase is looking great already. I have white painted stairs and every time I go up or down I think what a hassle this would be to paint… hurray for professional painters for sure! And love the idea of framing a bit of the old carpet!

  4. My son saw the first photo and proclaimed “I want to live in that house.” :) It’s looking amazing Corrie x

  5. It is looking fantastic.can’t wait to see it all done.Joanne

  6. Loving the updates. Noted that your windows look very clean too. Have you cleaned them after they painted or did the painters do this? I’m just curious as I love a clean window, something we don’t have. Lol

  7. Wow I can see the charm and appeal of the house…I would have bought it just for those stairs! Looking amazing.

  8. So amazing how much paint change things.
    Love the stair case. it is going to be gorgeous.
    Pen x

  9. Wow it’s looking so much better already, love what a bit of white paint can do . Your stairs will be spectacular when finished. I totally agree about framing a bit of that carpet, brilliant idea, maybe hang it up in the loo! mel x

  10. Gosh it’s looking lovely….but what a massive job! Hopefully when it needs doing again there won’t be early as much prep work….so excited for you guys!

  11. Isn’t it amazing what a coat of paint does, you’ll have a ball doing the decorating, the kids will love their new rooms – Jen.

  12. Oh – it all looks so fresh and new! I’ve been looking forward to seeing your stairs painted – we have some that are very similar (I can’t wait to get rid of the pine colour!).

  13. Oh that is fabulous. Hubby and I are busy painting our house in our “spare time” and it is a huge job. I keep telling myself that we will not need to paint another house again.

    It does look amazing though, so worth the effort.

  14. This is such an improvement … white freshens everything ! Can’t wait to see what’s next .

  15. It’s looking great! It will be worth all the effort when it’s finished.

  16. It’s looking amazing! You will be sooooo thrilled with the end result! Great choices too with your colour scheme :)

  17. Looking fabulous.

  18. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh the staircase is divine Corrie, like a grand one in a movie, it’s going to look gorgeous once it’s all complete. And I also love your windows… plenty of beautiful natural light by the looks of it xo

  19. Looking great Corrie!

    Thank god that green carpet is going. Its so oldschool!

    Looking forward to seeing what curtains you put in as well. They will really make the room.

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