I now have a fancy pants knitting bag

Notice there hasn’t been any craft on the blog of late? Yes. Ahem, cough cough. I’ve been going very slow on a knit for keira. There is a bit difference between knitting a cardigan for a baby or a 2 year old and knitting a cardigan for a 6 year old. This is clearly why I don’t knit for myself. I started this towards the end of last year and have been so slow getting to it. It’s a Kina (no surprises there, what is this? my 6th Kina?). The last one I made was for elodie here. But it’s been hard in school holidays as I’ve been entertaining little ones and had quite a few posts to write.

But you know me. I haven’t been knitting but I have been shopping. I decided after all of these years knitting that I wanted to stop taking my knitting in a ziplock bag or wrapped up in a pattern and chucked in my handbag.

But I needed a proper knitting bag. I saw this bag online and loved it. Then I thought no that is too bright for me. It’s the Zuma by Namaste. Just be warned if you’re going to look at their bags you might be there a while. Oh and it’s not made from leather/vegan friendly which some people will like.

I kept checking it online and then decided what the heck, I’ve been so good and saving my money for the house and I’m sure I’ll put it to good use as a handbag and do more knitting at the same time.

I bought mine at The Wool Shack and I’ll have to show the other little goodies I ordered too, and they were sneaky and popped in a little extra wool for me.

And the verdict on the bag? Love it. Want it in more colours. It has a huge opening with magnetic closures so it easily opens for you and you can just pop a project in. The front pocket (above) has all these cute little pockets for circular needles, measuring tapes and all your little knitting bits and pieces. And best of all it’s bright and fun and so much better than any knitting bag I’ve seen.

Traditionally I’ve always bought my handbags in brown and black. But look at me now! bright yellow knitting bag and I bought a gorgeous big teal handbag from Novo which I’ve never shopped at before but got this for $69 and thought it was great for the size and colour. And considering rice crackers, tiny teddies and the odd jatz cracker will end up at the bottom of my bag I won’t mind when it gets really dirty.

p.s And I always get a few questions about the Kina and since I’m always happy to help here is how to find the pattern.  Now you will find the pattern links on the Ravelry page for Muriela here. And her website which is in french is here, just to the left hand column, scroll down until you find English patterns, find the age you want and you’ll find the kina patterns under each age. The sizing is doll, baby, kids and ladies. Don’t blame me if you get addicted. I am well and truly under the spell of the Kina. After this one I’ll be doing a little one for one of the preschool teachers.


  1. The Kina is an addictive knit, isn’t it? I’ve done quite a few too. It’s so easy to end up on a Kina-roll!

  2. You know I think having a handbag type of knitting bag is a fabulous idea!
    My brother has given me a Strandbags voucher for my birthday. I look at their bags everytime I go past but haven’t found anything I like enough just yet. I do have a few other handbags anyway. So maybe I need to start thinking about a nice sized bag to house my crochet instead!

  3. Hey Corrie, I’ve just (finally) bought the Kina pattern from Ravelry and am keen to give this a go. I was looking at your Kina Projects (on ravelry) and notice you’ve used different Bendigo yarns for them. This is my first Kina (and first attempt at following a pattern) so would appreciate some help on which yarn to get. Can I use 8ply – like Bendigo Rustic? I notice the pattern doesn’t give a recommended ply. I”m wanting something ‘winter’ weight, but want to follow the pattern (and not have to adapt it). I need to do a Bendigo order in the next day so would like to get some yarn for the Kina at the same time. Thanks for your help!

  4. Note to self. Buy a fancy pants knitting bag and knit a kina. Soon!

  5. Love the yellow, but just adore the blue – must have :-)

  6. I just checked out the Namaste website and they have such beautiful bags, even one called The Harlow (which is my surname). I have just showed my hubby and he has just ordered me one for my birthday :)

  7. The bag is divine!! Do,you think a boy baby can wear a kin too??? I lose the red colour. When we stop all this heat and summer forever weather in Auckland, I can finally wear the ones finished for me before Christmas! Favourite thing ever knitted for me!

  8. Your always do such lovely knitting! I have one of the Zuma bags in a teal colour which goes with just about anything.

  9. Hi Corrie,

    I have just ordered the Kina Pattern from the website and I am looking forward to making one for each of my girls. But did you know that the Ladies Kina pattern is available as a free download? I couldn’t pass that up so I may just make one for me too.


  10. I love your colourful bags (both of them) & so want a knitting bag that’s lovely like this – will have to drop hints with my birthday coming up! My kina addictions happily going strong still too, just finished another size 2 in purple, now got a pink size 4 on the go!

  11. I LOVE them – I can’t pass a bag by – let alone a bright one – and one is a knitting bag too which makes it even more fab! It’s tricky getting back to knitting after a new baby – enjoy!!

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