anything I miss about my career?

I started a post on a couple of questions that I’d been asked recently. And then as I was answering this one I realised it was a whole blog post. And so here it is. A lovely reader Nikki asked about how I came from a professional career and am doing something so different and is there anything I miss?

And the answer is yes I miss things and no I don’t miss it but thankfully the no outweighs the yes big time. Like a lot of mums out there I spent a lot of time studying for a good job – high school, uni then my accounting qualifications. I worked hard and put the hours in. Late nights, weekends and doing work at home. For a long time I thought I’d be a career girl, it was something my mum really drummed into me. I enjoyed getting dressed up, having money and being with people but when I came back to Sydney from london I just knew this wasn’t what I wanted to do. Maybe it was an age thing, maybe it was because we were struggling to fall pregnant and I was stressed and also there were things I’d rather be doing. And the job was different here.

In london the financial market is huge, I had a specialised job and really enjoyed it. Analysing mortgage markets, going to roadshows (so many good lunches), putting credit papers together and presenting them to credit committee. It was a great job and one I left because I wanted to come back to australia to marry my gorgeous hubby to be.

I was desperate to start a family and obviously (judging from the ages of our little ones) didn’t muck around. But sometimes when I’m in the city or driving past it I can’t even remember what it was like to work there. That sounds crazy but I just can’t imagine myself in a suit and heels any more. How weird is that. It was my life for a long time.

I’m one of those people that likes to do 50 million things and when keira was a baby that’s when I did a few things to earn extra money (so I could at least have new clothes even if they weren’t anything fancy) and I’m still the same now. I went to sewing lessons, taught myself to crochet, sold a few different things from home, set up a fabric store and kept my brain busy. And if all my sponsorship dried up tomorrow then you’d still find me blogging here and probably selling fabric again or making quilts or teaching craft.  A 9-5 or school hours job would never work with 5 kids and routines. Plus after a while you  have the confidence to do something on your own and help out with the finances at home without working for someone else.

Wow, what was the original question again? Just kidding. When I say it I mean it. Hand on heart, I love what I’m doing. I love the lovely man I met on a Contiki trip all those years ago, I love 5 crazy and noisy kids, I love the total mess they create, I love that I drive a 7 seater bus around town and there are no spare seats, I love that I have a 9.5L washing machine, I love that I’d still have another baby and add to this family if retro daddy suddenly changed his mind (I just like to tease him with this one), I love that we’ve been through some tough times when money was really tight and I love that we’re teaching our kids that you don’t get everything that you want in life but that you have to work for things. I like that my kids have to share with each other, that some of them share bedrooms, that they’ve lived with green carpet for most of last year because we didn’t have the money to rip it all out.

What I do now is just so rewarding, so much fun. It never ends, you never get to clock off, the whole house could be fast asleep and I realise I haven’t done baby bottles for the next day or done something that I had to do. Some days can start to feel the same, sometimes you feel like you are saying the same thing 20 times over and no one is listening, some times you have to scream just to get anyone to listen to you, sometimes you look in the mirror and think you look old and fat, sometimes you wonder what your stomach looked like before you had 5 babies.

But at the end of the day though I’m happy and content. This house will be a home for my little ones to grow up in and I will be so proud of the family I raised just as I’m proud of them all now.

Best job in the world. And today I emptied and cleaned out the fridge and then had such enthuisiasm to clean the kitchen floors on hands and knees. So to still think it’s the best job in the world is saying something today.

And I know it’s not for everyone….we all do what is best for our families and the more kids I have and the older they get the more I understand other people’s situations. And I’m confident that there would be some people who would have a day in my life and go home to update their resume! Not me………….happy and loving it.


  1. I am much the same with 3 kids and not 5. For the most part of the last 15 years, I have been an at home Mum. I have run a small business from home and also had a couple of part time jobs. With my youngest now 9 I feel pressure to reignite my career but love being at home. I am always busy and can’t imagine fitting in work as well. I love being there for my kids and doing soccer Mum, rugby Mum, swimming lessons, music lessons or just impromptu trips to the beach in the summer. I just wish I could find a way to combine my love of craft and work at the same time. I would never have to work a day again or certainly not in a corporate sense.

  2. A timely post for me, as I need to decide whether to resign from my chartered accounting professional body. Membership fees are just too high for someone not generating an income. Very emotional after working so hard for it. I too loved my days of wearing suits, and really enjoyed my job, but love caring for my family more.

    • Michele – I’m a CA too and you can get reduced membership fees while you are on no or reduced income. While I’m on mat leave I only pay 10% of the fee. This is assuming you are in aus!

  3. I also love being a stay at home mum.I have 4 kids ranging from 31 to 14 and would never change it.I also have a grandaughter who is 5 1/2 who I look after everyday after school and in the school holiday and if I could I would have had more kids.Hard work but the best job in the world!

  4. I love this post and how contented you are with your life. I agree, I love being a stay at home Mum. The rewards are great and long lasting. Oh, and I adore the picture of Elodie asleep with one shoe off and one shoe on! My little girl fell asleep yesterday with a toy piano covering her head. It’s moments like that when you walk in and see them sleeping, and your heart just brims so full of joy and thankfulness that you have the opportunity to be a Mummy, doesn’t it?

  5. I did tree change from mega – paid Melbourne corporate just before my kids started school, three years ago.
    Hello veggie garden, hello part time work (school hours), hello after school activities. Hello family life. No regrets. Sold the luxury convertible, traded for sensible family wagon, said farewell to the 7 figure salary (no-one can believe I walked away from it), bought a house on 5 acres, no city traffic and I don’t miss a thing. When your heart is in it and the time is right, it’s an easy and welcome transition.

  6. A lovely post Corrie. I am a firm believer in blooming where you are planted. I think the path of career/motherhood is different for everyone. You have found what works for you. I recently returned to work part time after staying home for 7 years with my little ones. I am loving that I now get the best of both worlds; my pre-kids kindy work and being mum.

  7. I loved reading this post Corrie! I didn’t have a ‘career’ as such, but had a few jobs I really enjoyed befored leaving work to have our first child 15 years ago.
    For eight years now, I’ve worked with hubby, who left a paid job at that point and started his own publishing business. I love that we have the freedom that we do working from home. I can get to a morning tea at the kids’ school. I can work a few hours at night if I need to and so some non-work things during the day.
    It’s not always easy, and as you say it’s not for everyone. After 8 years I still struggle to juggle the demands of housework, ‘work’ work and all my own biz dreams I’m trying to pursue on top of those. You look like you do it with considerably more grace and ease than I have been!!!!
    But I love it! Not so much the accounts work for hubby (I’m a bit ready for change there after 8 years!), but what I do love is the potential and possibility of pursuing my own creative & business dreams, and the freedom to do that around family life. I love too that my kids see the joy and excitement that I have about (some of!) the work I get to do. That’s priceless!

  8. I’ve kind of done the opposite lol! I always wanted to be a SAHM, and had various jobs before I had my first baby. My jobs varied from hairdresser to store manager at Lincraft to receptionist & accounts clerk. I loved being a SAHM until I unexpectedly became a single mum. Since my youngest started school, I’ve been studying at Uni to become a home Ec teacher. Recently I was lucky enough to find a job in support education which works around Uni & family. I still get to be at home with the kids after school and for most of the school holidays. I don’t always like being so busy & it is a huge juggling act. I drop the ball often!!! But I know it will all be worth it one day :) I’m looking forward to having a career that I love. Like you Corrie, I’ve come to understand that everyone’s situations are different & most mums go above & beyond to do they best for their families :)

  9. What a lovely post and I have enjoyed reading the comments too.
    We are all different and our circumstances often dictate the choices we make but I think mothering is such an important role whether you are working as well or staying at home.

    As a grandmother now I think we all need to take some responsibility for the raising of children in our society; they are our future. Some mum’s cannot be at home and others choose not to be. There are no right or wrong choices: all mums and dads should feel supported in what they decide is best.

    Corrie, as for your family, it is obvious from the smiles on the faces of the little ones and Retro Daddy that you love being at home but of course you do work as well, bringing money into the home when you can. Best of both worlds.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  10. Beautifully said Corrie, I worked in early childhood before my starting a family and always knew I was meant to be a full-time mum. Having six kids was a dream come true. We originally thought we wanted four kids, but never felt our family was complete until number six came along. Iknow a lot of people (including some family) thought we were mad, especially when our second child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, but that same week we discovered we were pregnant…with twins! But we knew we would be fine and now we know our daughter is blessed to have brothers and sisters to look out for her or keep her company when she is not well. I couldn’t imagine going back to running a child care centre, I much prefer the life that is our Family Zoo! (I mean that in a good way). Oh, and I have been meaning to ask you how you keep up with your laundry.

  11. Sounds like you have had the best of both worlds Corrie & found where you should be & what you should be doing. Congratulations! Tracee xx

  12. I really enjoyed this! A lovely read….

  13. ı love my two daughters but sometimes ı get crazy with the things that ı have to do… And sometimes I miss my free times before two children. Do not you ?

  14. One week in to my first grad job at an accounting firm …. and after reading this I want to fast forward how ever many years to the day i resign! ha ha. what a great life you’re living, though you have worked hard for it!

  15. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s so refreshing to hear supportive stories and comments of people’s choices. And it’s so great to read how clear and happy you are in yours. Your children are lucky to have you there 24/7. I am on my second mat leave but I always consider myself a full time mum even when I work as the job and care doesn’t stop even when you are not there. I have a similar career to your old one Corrie and often daydream about your current one! A few more years for me before I feel like I have squirreled enough away for my boys to do something different and to dive in head first for the school years!

  16. So beautiful Corrie, thanks for this post.

  17. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Ah, you’re awesome Corrie. Never get tired of reading about your life and family and your all round energy and love for what you do. It’s always so refreshing to read your honesty and positivity. I really think you’d be successful at anything you chose to do, because you just embrace life in general xo

  18. Veggie mama says:

    Stop it! You’re making me think I want five!

  19. Such a lovely post. What a life you live and with 5 kids, wow!! I am currently pregnant with bubs #2 and since being made redundant 6 months ago I have been working PT from home. While I am happy to have some money coming in I miss being in an office environment, I miss having structure, going to meetings and the L&D opportunities. Some days I can go a whole 9 hours without actually talking to another person and this gets to me a little. I know my world will change once our baby comes into this world and I am more than happy to focus on being a mum (unlike first time around where I was too busy trying to do and be everything). Where will I end up once my maternity leave is over…who knows!! It’s scary and exciting to not really have a plan. Thanks for sharing a little bit of your world :)

  20. I have only just discovered your lovely blog and am enjoying reading and looking at the photos of your 5 gorgeous kids.
    I have four aged 10, 8, 6 and 4 and most days I think about, especially since my baby started part time school this year. (sob)
    It is a strange feeling contemplating all four being at fulltime school next year and a possible return to part time work for me after almost 11 years as a sahm.
    Like you I have loved it, even the crazy, busy meltdown kind of days.
    To be honest I feel a bit lost this year on the days my youngest is off at school, so my advice would be to soak it up and enjoy every bit, because that time goes way too fast and soon you find yourself looking back at their baby books and wistfully contemplating more when you are almost 41. Oh sorry, that is me!! 😉

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