renovating days 7,8 and 9

I gave you a bit of a break from the photos of walls. I mean how many times can I show you pictures of grey paint on walls. Plus its more dramatic to show you now that they’ve finished painting all the walls and ceilings. Yay. We did have a moment this morning where I looked like the crazy lady questioning one of the painters about the colour. I mean we’re only using 2 colours so how could they go wrong. It was all fine and turns out that wet paint on the wall looks lighter than when it’s dry. We’re all friends again.

Keira’s room looks amazing. To think she lived with green wallpaper and a huge shiny curtain pelmet for most of last year. She’s going to love her room now and best of all be proud to have her friends over. She’d always come home from a little friend’s house to tell me how nice their room was and when were we doing her room.

And the living areas look so fresh with the grey. Just a refresher that this is Dulux Vanilla Quake half strength and I love it. Once the windows and skirtings are done and then the floorboards you would never know this room was once painted in biscuit with green carpet on the floor. Makes you kind of glad you’ve had most of your friends over so they can come and be amazed at the new look.

And my craft room once had a huge big old built in along the back wall but now look at it. Fresh and clean. I’m going to put another built in here with lots of shelving for the stash.

And how about the staircase? The carpet is off and let me tell you that less green carpet is a good thing. A really good thing. The staircase is to be painted white, carpet will go on the stairs and the downstairs floors to be stained a lovely dark colour.

Today work starts on the skirtings, doors and windows. It’ll probably be another week of work to finish everything as we’re also replacing 3 sets of external doors. That was a trip to Bunnings and taking photos for retro daddy. I want solid black doors for our front door, he wants some glass in there. We can’t agree. So we will be door shopping on Saturday morning. 


And you should see me find my way around a Bunnings store at the moment.


  1. Are you kidding me… I’ve been checking your blog everyday to see more pictures of walls. I’m a renovation junky… as long as I’m not physically doing the renovating. Looks amazing Corrie. Can’t wait to see the finished staircase, it’s going to be amazing!!

  2. It’s looking so lovely Corrie, everything is coming together so nicely.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post. I am thinking of getting the LOVE mag holder from Typo now! I use to have an ING account and I loved it. It paid for my wedding. Thanks for sharing your progress. I like to get inspiration from them as I am hopeless at picking out things for the house and organising clutter. I can’t wait to see how the reno’s turn out. XOX.

  4. Oh, don’t forget you can price match at Bunnings and most places these days to get your bargain price! Plus Bunnings beat it by 5%, yay! I’m off to continue browsing my IKEA book.

  5. I actually work at a Bunnings store and their pricing policy is if you find an identical product cheaper they will beat it by 10%. Please check with the door manufacturer because I have heard that they dont guarantee doors that are painted dark colours.

  6. Lovely! White is so fresh and airy.

  7. I’m with Lydia!! I’m a renovation junky too, I love following your progress. Too much is never enough :)
    Glad my hubby isn’t the only one who can’t agree with me on things like your doors 😉

  8. Now you will be wanting to buy more furniture to fill up those amazingly huge rooms…poor Retro Daddy lol

  9. Loving all reno updates. Can’t wait to see the before and after shots once you have carpets in too. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I’m with Lydia and Kellie! You can never have too many renno pictures! I’m looking forward to seeing your new front doors when you finally make a decision with Retro Daddy about what it’s going to be : ) It’s coming along fantastically. No more 70’s soon!

  11. Natalie Earl says:

    Loving all your photos! Cannot wait to see the staircase once it’s finished, I think it will look stunning. We have a solid door at our front with two frosted glass panels either side – it looks nice but when the afternoon sun hits the glass it is so bright – which can be a bad thing when watching some afternoon tv.

  12. Mama of 2 boys says:

    WOW! I must say I am seriously loving watching your home take shape Corrie. You guys have tremendous style and I love how you just know exactly what you’re after, very impressive. I tend to dilly dally on decisions for getting things done in the home, then there is the old chestnut of money… and wishing there was more, so I could spend more, haha. But it’s all looking so fresh and clean and lovely. Can’t wait to see the next stages. I do hope you’ll do one big post showing the before and afters at the end :) xoxo

  13. Love it! To be honest I cringed at the thought of so much grey, but I can see why you like it now. Can’t wait for more pic’s.

  14. Can’t wait to see how the staircase turns out!!! We are planing to do the same with our stairs…I just can’t see it working out with ours so am hoping your finished “look” gives me some inspiration! Looks great so far…love the colours you are using.

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