eight years + five kids later

I’ve been a bit quiet here because we just had a weekend away in the city. I can’t wait to share the blog post with you and and all the photos I took. And since my iPhone died in the extreme heat of Friday (over 45 degrees here) it was kind of nice to have a little break from technology. I just borrowed retro daddy’s iPhone for a bit of instagram and that was it.

Now one of the best photos of the weekend that I just had to share today was this one. The church where we got  married…………………8 years later and look at us now. I never could have imagined that we’d stand outside that same church as a family of 7. It never occurred to me before to go back and have a family photo and now I’m thinking I need to do it every year as a little tradition. Not that I’m allowed to add to the family or anything.

 And my sister reminded me this morning that it’s my parents anniversary today………

So I’m sending my love out to my Dad who is without his lovely wife but who both set such a great example of marriage to their own children. It’s been almost 2 years without my mum but some days it feels like yesterday and other days it feels like forever since I saw here. We all miss her so much and special occasions are the hardest.


  1. Family is so important. My husband and I are expecting our second child in July. Traditions are something i”m always trying to instill in our little family.

  2. It’s only been just over a month since my Mum passed away and that is exactly how I feel too. A lovely photo and I find it so rare to have one of us all together. I might just work on that this year.

  3. That is such a beautiful photo of your parents… they look so happy together. May your Mum rest in peace.

  4. That is such a fantastic photo of you all Corrie, love it!

  5. Roksalanna says:

    Happy 8th Wedding Anniversary Corrie and Retro Daddy!
    Such a beautiful wedding photo and a beautiful photo of your family eight years later.
    Thinking of you as you remember your dear Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary too.xo

  6. What a great family photo, Corrie!

    Love the hat too. Where from?

  7. I love the photo of your parents, looks like it could be a movie poster! Congratulations to you and Retro Daddy – 8 years and 5 children, that really is amazing. Your mum would be so proud. Have a great week Corrie. xo

  8. Maria do Carmo says:

    Parabéns SEMPRE!!!!!!Hoje é DIA INTERNACIONAL DO ABRAÇO,não é um lindo dia?Beijos e Bençãos.

  9. Just on two months without my dear Mum. Am still on auto pilot…….

  10. 2 yrs already Corrie, that has gone so fast. It is a lovely photo of them too. I love your wedding photo, look how gorgeous you are (and still are). What a great tradition to have your photo outside the same church every year too.

  11. What a gorgeous post, I love your wedding photo, and your lovely family, and the anniversary – so sweet!

  12. Oh Corrie, what a beautiful photo of your parents! Just lovely. They look so happy and in love. The photo of your family is gorgeous too! I hope you had a lovely time on your weekend away.

  13. Hi Corrie,

    It’s lovely to go back and remember the good times. We find in our family that we actively try to “make memories” and “follow family traditions”. The grandchildren often ask “Do you think we are making memories now?” I just love the threads that bind us all together. Family events, church, holidays and extended families – all part of our heritage.

  14. Hi Corrie. Sorry this isn’t directly related to this post but wasn’t sure where to put it. Do you announce your giveaway winners on your blog? Or on FB? I went back to have a look at some of the recent giveaways but couldn’t work it out. Would be great if you had a winners page or something so it was easy to see. Not a criticism; just daydreaming that I am going to win the Athlete’s Foot voucher (and of course the weekend at the Hilton when that one is up). :)

  15. Love this, and that tradition is a great idea. We went to a wedding in that church recently…it really is a beautiful place! Happy Anniversary.

  16. Gorgeous pics and post. Retro Mummy I think a yearly pic outside the church will be less expensive than more bubs.

  17. Happy anniversary! It’s our wedding anniversary too – 12 years today and one son later! :)

  18. Beautiful ….big hugs x

  19. happy anniversary!!!

  20. beautiful …

  21. Happy Anniversary! Cool idea to go back to the church for a family pic. Should do that too when we fly back to Perth soon.

  22. Happy anniversary xx

  23. Hugs – I lost my Mum coming up 2 years as well, you know I still have her home phone number in my speed dial – can’t seem to delete it. Lovely photo idea at the Church, we were married at the same Church as my parents, hoping one of my boys might carry it on, but I doubt it :-).

  24. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, you have an amazing family there and you are amazing too. Beautiful photo, love how your bubbas are snoozing soundly. Love your outfit too, very trendy Mama.
    Hugs to you, I can imagine how difficult today must have been at times xoxo

  25. Christine says:

    “Happy Anniversary” Corrie and Retrodaddy – gorgeous pic outside the church, now AND 8 years ago!!

    It is our wedding anniversary today too – 8 years since the 21/1/2005
    I also seem to recall Retrodaddy and I share a birthday date – however he is quite junior in years to me!!!

    Reno photos are looking great – look forward to seeing it all done..

    best wishes
    Christine xo

  26. Corrie, your family is a great example for each of us, I wish only peace and happyness for you big family! I especially love the twins – they are so alike and so funny, always make me smile))
    And I want to thank you for this amazing blog, full of ideas and little everyday stories.

  27. katsiaryna says:

    Congratulations! Beautiful family!

  28. we started about 4-5 years ago to go back to the spot my husband proposed (luckily we live near it at the moment) and have a picnic with our kids there. It is soo nice!1 and the kids still love it.. tell us the exact spot daddy proposed and its your wedding hill etc etc… makes my heart smile. So go for it and start that family tradition.

  29. Congratulations on 8 years of marriage. You also are setting a wonderful example to your children on the values of a good and happy marriage just like your dear Mum and Dad. xx

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