renovating day 4

I really hope this isn’t as boring as watching paint dry! Today was pretty exciting because 15 pairs of door handles arrived. I was a little nervous as I hadn’t seen them in real life, just on the internet but loved the satin chrome finish, the price was ok (until you multiply it by 15) and had a really classic look about it without being too fussy. And here it is. Keira asked are we painting the doors. Yes, Keira. We are definitely painting the doors. This handle is called the Bedford range in satin chrome finish from Restoration Online. They are about $66 for a pair so you can get cheaper but you can also pay a lot more. I’m in love with them and think it was worth spending a bit more than what I saw at Bunnings.

Work has continued upstairs with all the bedrooms almost finished and most of the big areas. Work on the timber will start tomorrow and the painters will start to move downstairs on Monday. The hardest room upstairs has been Keira’s room. That green and gold foil wallpaper has been a killer to remove. So glad I didn’t leave that to retro daddy or I’d be hearing about it. Forever. Today they will finish getting the paper off and start painting. It’s going to be a big change. Here is how it is looking now………………..

And the hallways are looking great without 50 million picture hooks and cracks in the wall. We are thinking of family photos up the staircase to finally make this a real family home and then some giant french posters framed at the top of the stairs. There is a whole lot of wall that needs a bit of covering

Oh and our bedroom. Looking so much better now that the floral wallpaper is out. We’re going to replace the doors on our ensuite and walk in and are thinking that in the grand scheme of things we might turn the two into one lovely big ensuite and put a built in wardrobe at the end of the room. It’s such a huge room that I think we could get away with it. Plus it was retro daddy’s idea and he is usually looking to save money and not knock down walls so I’m going with this one.

And that’s a snapshot of day 4. I am getting excited about floors and carpets next month but less excited about the fact we really now need to get blinds in all our rooms in this heat and the sun beating down. And that is not going to be a little or cheap project. But we’ll get there. Just freshening up the house like this will keep us going for a few years which is all worth it.


  1. I love the handles! it looks gorgeous

  2. Looking good. Can’t wait to see it all done x

  3. Looking good and I understand the excitement, I would love to do up our house. We have big plans but no budget. I still think we can do some things, but it will happen slowly. Cannot wait to see a finished product. Good luck and hope it goes well.

  4. Looking good so far, love these posts and the handles are awesome. We have are still renovating our house, we painted, removed slate floors, knocked down halls (open plan living), put in a new ikea kitchen. Laundry is next on our hit list.

  5. It all looks so lovely and fresh and clean and BIG now. Good idea to turn your single robes into one big walk in robe, I thought of that the first time I saw the photo of your main bedroom.

  6. Just lovely and what a massive change. You could try some white sheets or quliting fabric lol up on the windows and attach with those removable Velcro tabs you can get for pictures. They remove with no marks and aren’t too expensive.

  7. It all looks wonderful thus far. Enjoying the progress. I agree with curtains, couldn’t do without anything on our windows, not only for privacy but also for insulation. We got shutters but I also ended up making curtains also as they weren’t a very good blockout.

  8. It’s looking great, what a difference a coat of paint can make! Good luck with the rest of your reno’s :)

  9. Looking good. I really enjoy the progress shots. Where did you get the white wardrobes in the second picture?

  10. Love love love those handles.Everything is looking so good and your only half way there.

  11. Love it so far. Why get new doors Corrie? And what type of paint will be used on doors and skirting boards, oil or water based? I’m painting as well, coincidental that I chose the same colour as you for bedrooms :)

    • hi there, retro daddy asked the same question. Our doors are really really hollow 70’s veneer! we wanted something a bit more sustantial with a new handle. Cost of doors was about $90 each wholesale but we knew it was going to give a better look and feel to the house :)

  12. I am LOVING looking at these photos every day – first thing I do when I turn on my computer at work! 😉 It’s looking great. I think you’ve been very sensible about what parts of the house you’ve made over first and the new paint and doors will really make a difference…although I’m sure it’ll get you itching to get the rest done now that you start to see your vision of lovelyness start to come to life – Cannot wait to see what the place looks like with the floors done, so exciting!!

  13. Handles are gorgeous Corrie. I’m still living with our ugly door knobs.

  14. WOW! it’s already looking fantastic. I love your colour choices, and can see the end result. We built our first home, and choosing colours was so hard. I love the idea of half strenght for the walls. Big job ahead.

    Good Luck :)

  15. Very exciting rejuve!

  16. lyn lindsay says:

    Corrie its looking great can hear the excitement in your reno story, the handles are lovely, great idea about your bedroom with ensuite and built in, enjoy the ride, happy decorating.
    I’m enjoying watching the progress, thanks.

  17. Love being able to see progress. We’ve just moved out of our house whilst the floors and bathroom are being done. Look forward to seeing it all finished!

  18. I love reading all about your reno, it’s sounds like it’s going to look amazing. So pleased for you and your family.

  19. Wow! It looks fab, I’m excited and its not even my house!! Cant wait to see when the carpet gets ripped up. It will look like a new house.

  20. Day 4 already? It’s looking great and the best is yet to come! Definitely a good investment with the new doors and handles. The ensuite idea sounds fabulous!! My hubby has decided that we won’t be doing a structural change in ours after all, but I’m okay with that as it means it will be done this year (as well as carpet and robes iin our bedroom) instead of two or three years!! I’m enjoying your progress – thanks for all the great photos.

  21. Love the handles, Corrie, not only they look fabulous but also easier for little hands to open doors,than knobs… IMO!
    Was wondering, are you having the skirting boards painted? Because in a previous house reno, I painted the skirting boards, THEN I removed the carpets and had to repaint the skirting boards because there was this gap between my painting and the new floor level!!!!!!

  22. I love the idea of family photos on the wall going up the staircase. Just like in “Brothers and Sisters”. Do I watch too much t.v.?

  23. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Fabulous Corrie! Love popping in for a progress report each day. Definitely a good thing you got the professionals in, it looks like a mammoth job. The door handles are gorgeous too. Everything is really taking shape, you must be excited xo

  24. Love watching other people’s renovations progress. We have been working for a over a year now on ours and still going, hard to get much done with little ones to look after but I still love it.

  25. Now your house looks gorgeous. The bricks completely different and makes everything stand out so much. I absolutely love it.

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