renovating day 2 & 3

One of the downsides of having people do work at your house – the early starts. And we’re on school holidays. What was I thinking? Today I jumped in the shower at 7.30 thinking I had a good half hour up my sleeve, just wet my hair and heard the gates open. Painter was here……………..early. Jump out of the shower, get dressed, let him in, ask him what colour is on the upstairs loungeroom because that doesn’t look like vanilla quake. He then realises he thought all upstairs was to be antique white, he checks the email and realises it’s his mistake. By this time emerson is up and my window of time to get back in the shower is gone.

The rest of my day flew by and I was in and out of the car until 7pm. I did manage to sit down while watching swimming lessons and grab 2 rows of knitting while watching the twinnies and giving lots of thumbs up signs to them. But this is a post about how much work has been done on the house and not how many things I did today. OK, lets get down to business. So the wallpaper is out of our bedroom revealing a wonderfully fresh green colour on the walls. Not for long.

Vanilla quake half strength is up in the hallways upstairs and I’m so glad I’m doing it. Retro daddy has at a few times questioned the vanilla quake but now that its up he is loving it. Well, that is what he’s telling me. I just love that colour. I just love the coolness of grey with the white trims.  If retro daddy let me I probably would have done every room in the house.

I’m just keeping it real with the painters towel in the corner there! The twins room and the nursery have been painted with the windows and built ins to be painted tomorrow. Can you believe this wall was once full of shelves and desks. You would never know.

So the upstairs will be finished by friday and then the work will start downstairs. It’s all coming along nicely. The highlight of the day was keira jumping up and down squealing now that half of the green wallpaper has been taken down from her room. We’ve always told her that she is so lucky to have her own room and that the green wouldn’t be forever. Now she knows that we meant it.

So much has been done in 3 days and best of all retro daddy just gets to appreciate the work at the end of each day instead of staying up till the early hours with the portable lights and old paint clothes on.


  1. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Wonderful developments Corrie. So glad your painter didn’t get half way through the job before it was realised he had the wrong paint, these type of things always seem to happen at least once when renovating.
    You’re amazing to conquer the day you have had and STILL get a blog post up xo

  2. Looking nice corrie!!!

  3. Corrie, It is looking awesome. I love your posts updating us. Such an inspriration…making me think about some new colors for our walls. The Quaker Gray is lovely. Kristy

  4. Ohh loving the update Corrie! Thinking of colours at the moment for our interior walls. The Quaker Gray is making me second guess what I thought I might go with! xo P.S. was thinking about you yesterday as I had 5 under 5 at my house, don’t know how you do it!!!

  5. Pat McDonald says:

    Thank you for showing updates. Love the gray. So pretty with the white trim. You must have an extra set of arms and eyes to accomplish everything…taking care of five little bodies, swim lessons, having workers in your house is very stressful, and then finding time to update us! Of course you have problems….but it is all in how you handle it……and you do a great job with the right attitude. Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Looking good. Vanilla quake is excellent colour for decorating. As you know already it lends itself to all colour schemes surprisingly. Great progress despite the hiccup. You won’t know yourself when it’s all done.

  7. It’s amazing what a bit of paint can do to a room.It’s looking good already.

  8. Great progress! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  9. They’re doing well to get it done in that time frame. And thankfully you noticed the mistake in time!

  10. Wow it is going to be amazing. Hang in there.

  11. What a change a few coats of paint can make, it looks so fresh. Are you going to restore that gorgeous light fitting?

  12. Looking good! We’ve been looking for a nice grey for our bathroom, you might just have found one for us :-)

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