it’s beginning to look like Christmas

As I started writing this post I thought to myself this is a keeping it real post. Because this is one last minute rush to Christmas at our house. And some things are not going to plan. Like having to go to the dr’s today to get emerson’s immunisations as we’re behind schedule. Instead of him sleeping all day like my other babies have he’s been crying all day and very upset. But thankfully has just woken up smiling. Phew. We’ve dubbed him Australia’s happiest baby…..

Thankfully all presents have been bought and almost wrapped except for Santa’s of course because we are waiting for him. But the tree is definitely not styled by me – we decided to put it upstairs in the kids loungeroom and I think they’ve been redecorating every night. And putting 2 decorations on each branch.

Half of the food shopping is done because I love to get up early on Christmas eve and get all my fresh stuff and seafood. It’s a tradition I used to do with my mum and it’s a bit lonely now but something I can’t give up. Tomorrow we’ll go up to the cemetary with some flowers. The hardest time of the year for me is Christmas. She’d normally arrive on my doorstep with so much food, special Christmas plates, champagne and presents.


The Christmas menu has been finalised. Nothing too fancy and lots of old favourites. Everyone loves ice cream pudding on Christmas day and one year I made it from scratch but when I made it the cheats way no one said anything different so now I always do it the cheats way which is to mix fruit mince into ice cream and refreeze. Retro daddy is JUST going to love that I’ve shared my handwriting with you. If I have to write a card I use my best writing, if I write a list or a shopping list I use my super fast writing that he can’t read. I’m used to the occasional call from the supermarket asking what I meant to write.

The tinsel on the stairs is missing a lot of leaves and tinsel. Finn and tillie love to go up and down taking tinsel bits with them as they go. Next year I won’t be doing the tinsel on the stairs so they might as well make the most of it this year. And this may be the last time you see my brown staircase because the painter arrives the 2nd week of January to paint every wall and every window in our house! It’s exciting stuff and I know it’s going to make a huge difference to the house.

I managed a trip up to Spotlight today as I wanted some white homespun to get quilting over the holidays. 75% of Christmas fabrics was too good to say no to and so I came home with 4metres of a red glittery organza kind of fabric that has brightened up the Christmas table and received lots off oohs and ahhs from the little ones.

The nativity scene is waiting for Jesus and the manger…………I will probably have to fish them out from the bottom of a toy basket since elodie has worked out how to climb onto the piano stool and play with them. I bought an extra set of the nativity scene this year and we’ve still managed to lose Jesus!

And now I’m trying to clean the house for our visitors on Christmas day, make a bed for Grandma Betty, keep emerson from crying, keep little ones busy (we cracked open a jigsaw and a packet of jatz) and hopefully get a batch or two of cookies in the oven. Tomorrow night I’ll be back with photos of Christmas Eve mass – one of my all time favourite things about Christmas. I look forward to it so much and can’t wait to see 2 angels up on the alter. We did have a shepherd but he’s got a serious case of stage fright and pulled out.

 Please tell me some of you are last minute too……………..


  1. I laughed when you said the Christmas tree wasn’t styled by yourself. Yes it does look like lots of little people have been doing some serious rearranging of decorations.
    Your fast hand writing is better than my good hand writing so I wouldn’t worry about it.
    At the moment we don’t have any family traditions but certainly want to create some.
    I’m unwell this Christmas hopefully next year will be very different.

  2. I think I have been pretty organised this year – writing cards in November, wrapping and sending gifts as I go; but there are always those last minute things to do. I need to do a big tidy up (it was a big mistake to let my youngest have a sleepover last night!) and make a bed up for our guests. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. i was reading soulemama and someone commented on how they loved that her tree wasnt perfect storebought decorated. There is something to be said for letting children go wild and free to decorate. It might make us mums cringe but it truly is the spirit of the season. What fun is it to a kid if they mum decorates the tree (Ive heard stories of mums who hand out one ornament at a time and tell children where to place it!?!)
    I’ve blogged before about wanting a perfect christmas but instead having to find perfection in messy trees, mismatched badly wrapped gifts, hot hot hot house and photos of kids in undies decorating the tree (not exactly the pefect photo vision I had), embracing the humidity and hotness as opposed of dreaming of those perfect christmases shown in movies and cards and carols,… and the list goes on 😉

  4. Hi Corrie…I’m absolutely with you, I’m a last minute girl too! I have all my wrapping to do tonight when the little ones go to sleep, extra baking and salad making to do tomorrow for Christmas day and I’ve just decided to make myself a summery skirt for Christmas day! Luckily I have a huge stash and have pulled some gorgeous fabric out waiting for just such a last minute project. It’s a very quick 1 hourish project and I’m a night owl like you, so I might just make it! I have only discovered your blog this year and love following along with your lovely adventures. A very happy Christmas to you and your precious family xxx

  5. The ache of an absent Darling Mother will be there every, every, Christmas.
    Fortunately if we have become mothers ourselves, there will always be some laughter mixed with our tears.
    May your day be special.

  6. My Christmas preparations have been seriously disrupted by a very painful knee injury. I have to rest and the medication means I have to take the resting seriously. After the visit to the doctor on Friday I stopped at the local chemist to have my prescriptions filled and bought some really lovely skincare products and new hairbrushes for my grown up daughters. More expensive than usual but it is good to shop locally if you can and the products are so lovely. The grandkids are sorted but I don’t have anything for the twinnies yet. I am thinking gardening sets from Bunnings which I can do tomorrow.

    We had a niece and nephew and their tiny daughter to visit us for lunch and I cheated with the salad (39 degrees today): the local deli/fresh food shop makes up gorgeous fresh garden salads and I was not up to standing in the kitchen preparing one. I made a delicious trifle last night with ingredients I had in the freezer/pantry. Green jelly instead of port wine but looked lovely with the frozen mixed berries. I had a two layer unfilled sponge from Woolworths which I had bought on special and popped into the freezer a couple of weeks ago. One layer made the base of the trifle and some custard from the fridge finished it off. It was so refreshing to have after lunch.

    I am just trying to relax now and not worry about what I should have done.

    Merry Christmas Retro Mummy and thanks so much for your wonderful blog.

  7. Oh boy, am I so last minute! I have hamper baking to do for Boxing Day, food to buy and prepare for Christmas Day and I am still not sure about what I am doing for Christmas Dinner! Oh and gifts to wrap and several still to buy!

  8. All systems go at your place. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without or the bustle and last minute madness. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.
    It sounds like it will be divine.

  9. I’m never “organised” until the last minute but it always comes together by Christmas Eve. So many lists, so not funny but the only way for me too! Our move to a new house this year means we won’t be doing after Mass Christmas Eve drinks for our friends. Something I will no doubt miss. Our lives have taken a different spin with our grandchildren now our main focus.
    Nearly 3 Bailey has loved the daily ritual of the advent calender. The nativity pieces being the highlight. Joseph lost a hand but I’m sure we can glue it back. Baby Jesus was to appear on Christmas Day but Bailey had other plans and I gave in. I’m not sure the addition of the gorilla and crocodile are part of the scene either but who am I to argue.
    Happy Christmas to the Retro Family.

  10. Yes! I’m always doing things last minute. My list of things to do is always so long that there is an inevitable Christmas Eve rush to get it all sorted. I’m finishing a few rag dolls as we speak (for my little girl and her cousins) and an infinity scarf for my mother in law. Plus some baking tomorrow…
    I hope you get it all sorted on time and get to have a bit of a rest too :)

  11. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, yes of course I am last minute. All my good intentions to be super organised and ready always fly out the window. But that’s me and I’m used to it now.
    I just LOVE your keeping it real post, so beautiful. We have that holly tinsel too and the boys enjoy plucking it and leaving little bits all over the place also.
    The hugest hug to you Corrie, you are a brave and wonderful woman, I can imagine what a time of mixed emotions it is for you at Christmas. Take care lovely xoxo

  12. Ok so now I feel a little self conscious about my tree, because it looks frighteningly similar to yours, and it was actually styled by two adults. I have a long to-do list in my head of things that have to be done in the next 24 hours, but I’m in denial that Christmas is only 2 sleeps away, so I guess it’ll all get done before bed tomorrow night. Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family and all the best for the new year.

  13. I am a combination of last minute and prepared if that makes sense. I started off good but……It is the same every year and we somehow make it right? Thank you for sharing your life with us, I look forward to your posts and enjoy your tips and the glimpses of your family.
    Merry Christmas to you and your gorgeous babies and wonderful husband.

  14. Sounds to me like a perfect Christmas! Nothing more perfect than a houseful of children, parents and and friends to help you celebrate. I’m way behind on our celebration also but my daughters are great cooks and will help me get the food finished. The tree is up but that’s about it. We had snow DUMPED on us here in the north (US). It’s so funny to see the leaves on the leaves on the trees outside your window. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  15. Jantine Urban says:

    I love how your kids decorated their tree. It is really their tree now, isn’t it?
    Hope you will find Jesus before the 25th… LOL

  16. liveseygirl says:

    This is the first year of us having 2 kiddies and it has definitely been our most last minute year to date. I don’t know how you ever get ready with 5 plus retro daddy and guests!! All done over here in the UK. We have Christingle service tomorrow (Christmas eve) and supper with friends. Christmaa Day is just the four of us and then its over to my Mym’s overnight on Boxing Day. Merry Cjristmas a d God bless x

  17. We have had to be super organised this year as we are in Auckland presently and had our early Australia family Christmas last week before arriving. Its actually been quite nice not rushing around and just enjoying our family time with all the family here as we don’t get to see them all as much as we would like too. Its a nice tradition to get your fresh food on Christmas Eve just like your Mum and we remember her at this time. Have a wonderful Christmas Corrie as I won’t be back on the computer for the next while but I have so enjoyed your blog and all the happenings in your household and look forward to a prosperous and happy 2013 for you and your household :)

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