out past my bed time

Last night I snuck in the door at almost midnight and tried not to wake anyone up. Oh no wait, I went straight to our bedroom and told retro daddy that I was home and checked in on my babies. I never really go out late. Certainly not on  a Tuesday. I’m kind of jealous of people that get to go to this and that and leave their little ones so easily. For me it’s a really big deal because I have so many.

I had a fabulous day with some fabulous ladies (and men!) and even though I had my doubts on how on earth I’d last until dinner at 8.30…. I had a ball. This was my dessert which I ate at about 10.30! Once I was out I stopped worrying that something was going to happen at home. But getting out the door and into the taxi I was running through things with retro daddy and he was like ‘go go’ and I was like ‘ok wait but I didn’t tell you what to do’……….It’s a hard juggle no matter how many children you have. The best comments I got last night were ‘wow you have 5 children, I thought you were 21!’ Why thank you!

This morning I smothered my babies Emerson and Elodie in kisses and cuddles. I missed them so much. The big kids were happy to see me but more interested in the last day of school and what keira was going to wear for mufti day in her house colours. The mail man had 3 parcels at the door and thankfully they weren’t to be hidden away until Christmas because I think there are only so many times I can tell Finn it’s more fabric. He’s taken to shaking parcels and then I heard a big ‘ohhhh what came from Jigsaws Delivered’! Uh oh, busted!

Retro daddy’s work outdid themselves with this lovely present for me………………………..the red box is hiding a bottle of Veuve which will be lovely for Christmas day and those Lindt balls have my name on them……every SINGLE one! I hope no one wants to share. Elodie has a bit of a thing for them too.

And the super lovely and talented Kate from Uberkate made me this stunning necklace for Christmas. I’m not sure how many ways I can say thank you for this. It has all my babies on it and is just stunning. If I think people are looking down my top I’ll remind myself it’s the necklace I’m wearing and not my lack of cleavage that they are taken with.

My day gets better though…..so long as I keep up the coffee drinking……..I’m delivering a red Kitchen Aid to a very lucky lady and then I’m getting my hair done. It might be crazy busy here but I’m definitely starting to get excited about things winding up and a little break here at our house. Quilting and cooking are on my agenda…………..retro daddy has suggested that decluttering and cleaning be on my agenda. We’ll see. What are your plans?



  1. I’m doing filing and culling of paper that I’ve put off for nearly 9 months. Not good when we’re also trying to organise going o/s for 3 weeks on Sunday … but I feel as if I need to get my life in order so I don’t come home to chaos. Sounds like you had a fabulous night. Good on you … I have known of a lot of women who just don’t go out because it all seems “too hard”. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. Merry Christmas.

  2. Quilting and baking sounds good to me. I’ll be in on that.
    I love that school holidays are here. I won’t necessarily get sleep-in’s (my kids like to get up with the birds) but we won’t have to rush around in the mornings, which is just perfect.

  3. Quilting and baking sounds like heaven to me!!! I made white chocolate rocky road last night and I asked hubby to take some to his staff today for afternoon tea. I am eager to finish off not one, but two quilts I have patiently waiting for me.

  4. Well cleaning and cooking should be on mine, but it will more likely be sewing and swimming- its so hot here!
    The necklace is beautiful!

    Bettina @ http://www.littleoldsouls.com

  5. We are moving house so for me it is packing boxes and cleaning… looking forward to the move but not everything that needs to be done between now and then.

  6. A well deserved night on the town for a fabulous mumma!

  7. Looks like some lovely pressies. My day involves gym, Chrissy shopping, and visiting my grandma in hospital.
    Hopefully I can sneak in some baking later!

  8. I did combat this morning, lunch at home with a friend while her kids swam in my pool….I should be cleaning right now, or doing bookwork, but I think it’s hit 40degrees, so I’m reading blogs in front of the a/con. I have three quilts to bind, but it’s oh so hot…
    Love the necklace :)

  9. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Awww Corrie, you’re so sweet, smothering the bubs in kisses and cuddles. I have to admit, even if I have the boys bathed and ready for bed before I go out… and they’re sleeping most of the time I’m gone, I STILL miss them… and come home and kiss them while they’re asleep.
    Love your photos, your babies all look so similar in that pic for some reason… maybe because they’re looking into the sun, so beautiful. Gorgeous necklace too, it’s lovely to have the circle almost filled with names, doesn’t work as well if you only have two children, haha! xoxo

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