quilt for keira’s teacher

I finished the binding on this quilt late last night and mentioned on instagram that I’d blog it today. But then I woke up to read about the shocking school shooting in the US, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I have such a heavy heart I didn’t know how I’d blog about something cheery and happy when there is so much pain.

I live on the other side of the world, I don’t know these people personally but as a mother your heart just breaks. You look at your own children in the face and think how could someone do this. Your children are your world. You invest everything into them and love them more than anyone else in this world.

You think about your own school. It’s a safe place. A place where you drop kids off in the morning and leave them till school pick up. And you know they’ll be safe and well looked after. You think about the teachers and their dedication towards children. Just doing their job for the day.

I made this quilt for Keira’s teacher. We love her so much. She’s always doing something special for her class. They get a little treat when they’ve read another Roald Dahl book and every single student in her class adores her. I knew I had to make something special for her as Keira moves on to year 2.

To get technical and because I know you’ll ask. I used 2 Moda charm square packs in Marmalade by Bonnie & Camille. The backing fabric is a grey chevron from Simply Color by V&Co for Moda. And the binding is made myself from a pink polka dot fabric fromVintage Modern by Bonnie & Camille for Moda. Cotton batting on the inside and machine quilted with simple stippling.

I really love this quilt and I love that I got back into quilting just before Christmas. I sat last night in my own little world just handstitching the binding on.

But everytime I went into my sewing room my little shadow wasn’t far behind me. If it all goes quiet then I knew she was up at the machine….I’ve had to move everything out of reach, moved a stool and little ladder that she also discovered to reach up to shelves.

And that’s the quilt. Sharing it on such a sad day when I can’t stop thinking of broken hearts and families and the loss of innocence.


  1. The quilt is gorgeous Carrie , Keira’s teacher will love it. It’s a very sad day, all we can do is hug our gorgeous kids and pray for the families of those affected by tragedy.

  2. A beautiful quilt, for someone who is I’m sure a beautiful person. It warms my heart (as a teacher on family leave) to hear people appreciating the wonderful things a teacher does for their child, I’m sure she’ll love it, and know Keira will be so proud x

  3. Your quilt is beautiful! The teacher will cherish it forever……
    And there is no understanding of why things like this happen in this world….All we can do is pray in Jesus’s name for the families. I know how it feels too well, my baby was 19 years old when I loss her…….because two stupid boys decided to race and my daughter was an innocent passenger….

  4. As Sebastian leaves his two beautiful teachers to move up a class I have made them insulated lunch bags. I just had to give them something personal. Your quilt is beautiful and will surely be cherished for years. Each time she snuggles under it she’ll smile and remember Keira. :-). Thanks for choosing to share it on such a dark and sad to remind us that there is brightness and goodness in this world.

  5. Jody Lonergan says:

    Wow, you are so clever, the quilt is so beautiful, love the colours and the backing fabric is so perfect! well done.

  6. Your daughters teacher is very lucky. How are you going to keep that up when you have all of the children at school. I have made a vintage apron for my sons teacher and was feeling quite pleased with myself.

    The shooting was so sad. It is hard to fathom that someone could do that to children. My own children were in lockdown at their school earlier this year when a person was spotted on the school grounds carrying a gun. The armed defenders squad were combing the grounds looking for the suspect and the kids had to hide under their desks. It was a scary time I think for us as parents more than the kids because they didn’t realise the extent of what was going on. Thankfully for us it all ended happily but it does go to show that it can happen anywhere.

    • I meant to add….when my daughter was little and had to help with everything including sewing, I gave her a container of large buttons, a blunt darning needle threaded with wool that was tied to a button on the end so the needle could not come off. She used to spend ages threading buttons with the needle. She thought she was sewing! This was after she was old enough to be trusted not to put them in her mouth of course! The other thing I also had was some pictures on card and they had holes all through them made with a punch. She could sew those cards through the holes to her hearts content and then I could unpick them and she could start again.

  7. What a lovely thing to do for Keira’s teacher. I know that she will love it and treasure it for ever. Expressions of gratitude and positivity can be a little thin on the ground for teachers (many people find it easier to point out the negatives, or say nothing at all) , so I think that it is wonderful that you want to show your appreciation in such a meaningful and beautiful way.
    As a teacher, and mother, I have been refelecting on the tragic experiences of the teachers, children and families at Sandy Hook Elementary School. By sharing the grief on this side of the World, we also share compassion and hope for a brighter day

  8. The sad news is hard to take – especially at this time of year.

    We cannot do anything for that community but we can show our love for those close to us. Your quilt speaks of that love.

  9. lyn lindsay says:

    It is the saddest news and on top of Christmas, our prayers need to be sent on behalf of the families so devastated over their great loss, just hard to comprehend the reason for such violence.
    Corrie your quilt is lovely and what a gift for Keira’s teacher it will be much loved I am sure, well done.

  10. Stunning work, well done!

  11. The quilt is so beautiful, the colours so vibrant. Kiera’s teacher will feel so appreciated, what a wonderful idea for a gift Corrie. xo

  12. Wow, Keira’s teacher is very lucky. What a generous gift. I was thinking the same things as you about leaving children at kinder/school and trusting that they are safe. What a senseless tragedy. So sad.

  13. Corrie, your quilt is so lovely. Keira’s teacher will treasure it and remember fondly. I agree with Dianne Nunn, we need to show our own compassion and appreciation locally. Imagine if everyone in the world loved one another with empathy and extended kindness in their own community. Peace to all.

  14. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh Corrie, this is beautiful. YOU are beautiful. What a thoughtful and totally lovely gift for Keira’s teacher, she will be touched and thrilled to receive something so special and pretty. I cried many tears this afternoon, as I read various accounts of the unfathomable tragedy that occurred in the US. Just chills me to the bone and completely breaks my heart to think of all those wonderful lives snatched away, for nothing. A terrible waste and horrible reflection of human kind at it’s worst.
    But also, thank heavens for those good souls who protected so many other little ones in the school that morning, no doubt the toll could have been even higher otherwise.

  15. Gorgeous quilt, Corrie! It is so perfect! Love everything!!

  16. Mummy Wild Thing says:

    I read this on a friends FB status yesterday as the horror of what had happened in USA unfolded. It stayed with me all day…

    Quote by Fred Rogers : “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

  17. The events from yesterday are just unthinkable! So tragic.

    I cannot believe you made a quilt in such a short space of time. I have been watching your progress on IG and have been amazed.
    It is truly gorgeous and I am sure Keira’s teacher will absolutely love it :)


  18. Your crafts are always so gorgeous. I do not know where you find the time!

    As for the shooting, I’m close enough that when we found out about them, we were concerned for the families of coworkers, as they live in that area. It’s hard to reconcile all of the sadness for the families of that community. Those children were just babies. And praise their teachers and staff for being the heroes that they were. I can’t imagine being put into such a situation. Truly makes you appreciate the bond that happens between our educators and our kids, which makes your heartfelt and beautiful gift to Keira’s teacher all the more lovely.


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