five months today

Emerson is 5 months old today. And I love to look at the photo of his first day at home and his photo today. Wow. He’s done a whole lot of growing in that time.

I could never have imagined how much I would love having babies. I knew they were always going to be in my future but the love that I have for each of mine and how much I love having them – words just can’t describe it.  The pregnancy ( I love being pregnant!), the first time we meet, the cuddles, the late nights (ok, not the late nights. I do not love the late nights), the different little personalities and just how special it is to add another one to our family. It has been so much better than I expected.

And this little guy is no exception. He’s so easy going. Always smiling and happy unless he’s super tired or super hungry. He’s even started smiling when I take photos of all the crew together. It makes me laugh that he’s already learnt to smile for me and my happy snaps. When I have a tough day or things are getting me down, well I just give him a big cuddle or look at everyone together…… and I think that no matter what happens I have this gorgeous family. And I adore them. Emerson is the most perfect last baby to finish off our family and I’m so glad he came to join us.


  1. Roksalanna says:

    Happy 5 month Birthday Emerson! What a gorgeous little boy you are!

  2. He really is lovely – makes me feel so clucky. I would love another boy x

  3. Oh he is just perfect! Happy 5 months!

    Bettina @

  4. Look at those chubby perfect gorgeous little hands – such a beautiful boy! Happy 5 months Emerson.

  5. What a gorgeous child!

  6. Natalie Earl says:

    Awww he is just such a little cutie!!

  7. He really is adorable. I see he is wearing the little hat that I knit for Finn when he was born. I am so happy that you were able to use it again Corrie. Just imagine that one day all your children will be grown up and start having children of their own and you will have lots of grandchildren to love too. I think big families are wonderful and I would have loved more babies too but two is great as well. I am sure that your children will look back one day and wonder how you managed so well with them all.

  8. Aww, such a sweet little face…..

  9. Kyren Luostarinen says:

    What a delightfully happy stunning baby boy! Congratulations on making yet another milestone! Fraser is two months behind Emmerson and I just love seeing the difference two months makes!!!! Enjoy your delicious baby cuddles.

  10. Can you post a link to the pattern for that v cute wee blue hat please?

  11. Oh gosh he is so beautiful! This has made me super clucky. Can’t wait to add to my little family

  12. Just look at those big chubby hands … he is going to be a big boy like his father! Happy Birthday Emerson x

  13. ** oops, 5 month birthday!

  14. lyn lindsay says:

    Corrie Emerson is a lovely baby and your other children are too, well done, there is no better joy than family, mine are all grown up and have produced more gorgeous children and my love has never changed. Enjoy Christmas, that is one thing that does change dramatically when they are all grown up.
    Happy 5 months Emerson.

  15. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Ahh Corrie, I’ve always said it, you are a born Mama. Such a beautiful approach to motherhood and one that continuously has me thinking I could go again and again also… I get so confident when I’m here reading your posts. Reality is something very different though, so I need to always remember that when trying to decide whether to extend the family. But all those lovely things you’ve said are so true, there is NO greater accomplishment than having children, in my eyes anyway. And you definitely do it well.
    Adorable pics of your littlest boy xo

  16. heh heh, i love the concentration going on in that second sleepy photo

  17. Heather Miller says:

    wow, he has grown. It has been lovely to follow your journey with your children with you
    I think you are a wonderfull mother.

  18. Great mothering. But my morning sickness was unfortunately not unlike Kate Middleton’s. So no more little ones here.:)

  19. he is gorgeous! happy 5 months emerson

  20. Reading your words just made me a little teary. Baby love is such a wonderful thing. There must be something special about 2012. My daughters second baby was born this year in June and just like Emerson he smiles all the time is such a happy baby.
    He has been an absolute joy sent to us to make up for an otherwise difficult year.
    My best wishes to you all for a treasured life with Emerson.

  21. He certainly has grown! He’s gorgeous Corrie, all your children are! I’m like you, I love everything about having children, except I’m just starting our big family, can’t wait to have a full house!

  22. What a beautiful baby!

  23. Oh Corrie, he is so gorgeous! Just thinking of Elodie at that age with her headful of dark hair – he is so much fairer :) Happy 5 months Emerson!

  24. Aaawwww reading that just brought tears to my eyes! I feel so blessed when I look at our two my heart aches with love so I can only imagine the amount of love you must feel when you at all five of your gorgeous babies! I like the two pictures of first day at home and 5 months. You can even see the Safe and Sound sign in the first one, and now!!! He’s one growing boy, that’s for sure! xx

  25. Beautiful Bonny babe Corrie! How these five months have flown. He’s divine! XO

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