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I am seriously behind with my Christmas shopping this year. I’m usually so much more organised but I’ve had quite a bit of work due and still have one more sponsored post to write then I’m done till later in January! Woo hoo. Anyway, one of the things that I do at Christmas is buy my own presents. Not because retro daddy is forgetful or anything but just because I always find great things and I like to get a few things that I really want.


 image source here where I love to shop

I especially love to buy myself more crafty stuff for the stash. I don’t feel as guilty. For Christmas 2010 Corrie was very generous to Corrie and bought her 5 fat quarter packs.

That year I also got myself an Accuquilt Go Baby which is a handy little gadget for any crafter or quilter who loves to work with fabric. There is a bit of a knack to getting your fabric in the right direction but once you’re off you are off and I love it to do 5 inch squares like charm squares from my stash

This year I’ll buy a few more fat quarter packs – a new Amy Butler range is about to come out just before Christmas (love the timing). Image source And I’m also going crazy about the ikat fabrics in the Dear Stella range here and there is loads on etsy too. Oh that would look perfect with the all white and grey I’m planning here at home in the new year.

And I love books at Christmas! With retro daddy home I love to flick through a few books while it’s quiet in the house and little people are busy with their toys. A couple on my wish list…..Free Motion Quilting because I need to get moving beyond stippling

This one also looks gorgeous (ok the cover on this one is my favourite!)

And I love a cookbook or two. I really want this one since I love the blog


and I picked up the latest Donna Hay book for $20 at Big W (I love a bargain) and it’s gorgeous and full of healthy delicious recipes including some great quinoa ones. And we love a bit of quinoa here.

And I’m still dreaming of the latest Brother machine….that is on the keep dreaming Christmas list.

but I wouldn’t mind a table like this for my sewing machine to sit in and get through a few quilts. I like the size of this table and how your machine sits into it. I often have to get into the dining room just to get the space for a big quilt on my table but I love this set up.


and lastly some doll making supplies would be lovely too from Winterwood so I can make a few Waldorf dolls over the holidays.

And what’s on your Christmast list? I’m sure you’ve been good. If it’s a Kitchen Aid then come back on Monday when I launch the giveaway of a red Kitchen Aid to one lucky Australian reader………………


  1. Oooooo… I’ll definately be back on Monday as I always drool over yours! I’m loving all of your fabric! I have a few books in transit that are slowly arriving on my doorstep… What Katie Ate is in that mix too! I’ve been so busy going through everyone else’s lists that I haven’t thought about mine yet. Some new summery dresses would be nice :)

  2. WOW can I have what she’s having xx

  3. I’ll take the Janome Horizon IN that table, thanks!! 😉

  4. First I would like more hours in the day and more days in the week (some set aside for crafting only), I would like to be able to travel to meet some of my blogging friends (I would be happy if it was just the Australian ones), I would like to become a tidy person and a more attentive friend.

    Goodness this list is growing. I could wish for world peace but I think that is a bit over the top.

    In the meantime I would like new outdoor furniture to go with the nice paintwork on the weatherboards and I am sure hubby will love the new barbeque!!!!

    Oh, and a Kitchen Aid would be lovely too.

  5. I’m not normally into Amy Butler, but I really like the look of that butterfly fabric. I would love one of those tables too, though I’m wondering if we could squeeze that into my sewing space? I hope you still get some nice surprises for Christmas (check out that sewing machine, Retrodaddy! Look at that fabulous quilting table, Retrodaddy!) I’ll definitely be back on Monday to enter your draw for the KitchenAide. How awesome would that be???

  6. I would love a good holiday. I feel so tired right now and leading up to Christmas feels as hectic as ever so a nice break would be perfect to re-energise and connect with the family. I’ll be sure to come back on Monday for the giveaway! How very exciting.

  7. Love your list Corrie!
    I still need to gather my thoughts for my own Christmas list, but I adore Kelly Rae Roberts’ new cuff bracelets, so one of those and pretty much anything else from Kelly Rae will be on my list.
    If I didn’t already have my own copy of Decorate Workshop from Holly Becker, that would definitely be on my list too!!
    Considering that my birthday is also in December, I’d better start thinking of a few more ideas. Fabric, books, and craft supplies are all really good ideas.

  8. Very nice list! I love Donna Hays books & magazines – simple & elegant recipes. I already have my Christmas present – a red Kitchenaid. It was totally unexpected & very much appreciated. I’ve been waiting for your giveaway, but now I won’t need to enter – good luck to everyone who does! I’m sure you’ll be inundated with entries Corrie.

  9. Great list! I would like more books please……………I’ve been good this year too. My daughter always asks me what I want for Christmas and I always let her know (in great detail) as she is very good at passing the details on to the appropriate parties!

  10. Hi Corrie, I totally get where you are coming from. I have been organising some awesome Christmas gifts for myself. I have two primary school aged kids (obviously can’t shop on their own) and a husband that well…just doesn’t seem to know just what to get me. I go through the catalogues that come in the post and point things out to the kids who then sneekily tear out the appropriate page to show daddy. I have however gotten myself some good books to read (great prices at BigW) over the holidays and a couple of other bits and bobs that I knew would be easier for everyone if I go it myself..

  11. Love Amy butler. That’s an awesome list!

  12. I think this is the first year that I’ve actually been organised do early! Still two gifts to go, but it’s just a matter of popping out and picking them up.
    I’m coveting an iPad mini, so I’m hoping a few dollers come my way this Christmas.

  13. A red Kitchen Aid sounds like a mighty fine Christmas present for me!

  14. Hi Corrie, yesterday was my birthday and I always buy my own presents as my retro daddy is very busy and hates shopping and I love to buy gifts. It is a win/win situation all round, don’t you think? I have a beautiful new dress, a gorgeous top and some Morrocan oil hair care products. Now to shop for Christmas!

  15. I’m a last minute shopper this year too. For some reason this year is different and I’m a bit behind in everything. So I made a great shopping list. It’s cute and it’s FREE to anyone who wants it. Happy shopping!

  16. Charlotte E says:

    I too buy my own presents. It makes life so much easier when you get what you really want (or more accurately what you really want in the price range you can afford). So far I have bought for my husband to wrap up a layer cake of Sew Stitchy and the book Little Girls, Big Style. I would love to add a FMQ book as I’m yet to tackle FMQ and that Go Baby cutter looks great. Maybe a Spotlight giftcard is in order.

  17. Ha ha – that’s funny Corrie. I love the Fat Quarter shop but have pulled back this year but have ordered the FMQ book you have shown by Angela Walters! I haven’t seen that other one and not sure if I am glad you showed it! All the best with your shopping. I have been the most organised this year and kids are done and wrapped all ready. Just have to get pressies for everyone else!

  18. I’ve asked Daddy-to-be for a nice chain to put my wedding rings on since my fingers have really started swelling in this heat (and my Mum thinks that I should stop wearing my engagement and wedding ring before I can’t get them off). Shari from

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