another wednesday, another doll making class

I have enjoyed the last 4 weeks so much! Heading off to make dolls and learn a new skill every Wednesday night has been a highlight of the year! After having a baby of course. Trying to find time for craft and learning new things is hard, I often find classes I’d like to do but the timing is never right and I’d have to find someone to mind all the kids or I can’t guarantee that I’d be there.

Tonight I had our nanny come over to mind the little ones just so I could make the class while retro daddy was out at dinner. Emerson was a good boy and watched and then sat on my lap trying to swipe the doll from me. I just didn’t want to miss one bit. Also because I had to get some serious one on one instructions with the hair before I tackled the head of my big girl.

The pins are just to help me with getting the hair right and I can assure you that they will be replaced with stitches just as soon as the hair is done. And I’m thinking a sweet little cotton dress with a little cardigan will make a beautiful outfit for this little miss.

And when I’m not finishing this doll off then I better be finishing off this cardigan which has been sitting on my dining table all week. Just calling out to be finished. This is for Elodie and I’ll share all the details over the weekend. It turned out beautifully and can’t wait to see it on my little elodie. I’ll definitely make this pattern again and I’ll definitely follow the pattern properly when I do it again! But more on that later when it’s all finished and modelled for you………




  1. Hi,

    I have just seen your blog. I couldn’t believe that you have 5 children. it is hard to live even with two:) you are wonderfull..



  2. A new craft store has openend in town, am very excited as they will be running classes, everything from seweing to quilting and crochet. Have signed up for their classes. Am looking forward to “sneaking” out! x

  3. I absolutely love your blog it is very inspiring. I to am a mother of twins and a 4 yr old. I don’t know how you do it with 5 and still able to do all your crafts. Well done you should be very proud. I am flat out with my boys all the time I rarely do things for myself.
    Having never sewn anything in my life your blog has inspired me to start learning and find hobbies for myself to enjoy and also to start my very own blog over at to track my journey as a stay at home mummy, finding new things just for me with abit of sewing, baking, organising, activities with my boys & all the regular mum stuff. So Thankyou
    I hope to see you over there
    At home mummy :)

  4. I haven’t heard of these dolls before. They’re beautiful. I look forward to seeing your finished doll. I was wondering what fabric you used for the doll? Was is stretchy?

  5. Loving watching the birth of your newest cloth “baby”. What is her name?


  6. She is coming along beautifully. I will have to make a serious effort to find a good class next year. Just like all your followers I am looking forward to seeing the completed package. How many more do you plan to make before Christmas?

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