what I’ve learnt about waldorf dolls

Well my doll making classes are coming to an end and I’m a little bit sad. It’s been so nice to slip out of the house for a few hours and learn something new. These dolls take time and that’s before you’ve even started on the hair. The hair would have to be the most time consuming part of a dolly as you have to sew each strand on.

I was feeling pretty proud of my dolly until I found out I made a boo boo with the hair and changed the shape of the dolls head. And no I won’t be showing you the back of the head. But once I’ve made a mistake I learn and make sure I never do that again. Like if you’ve ever sewn a pair of pants and sewed them shut or sewn one piece the wrong way or my old favourite you make something and then realise the fabric design was going the other way.

Getting the head right is really important. I was too scared to tackle the head of the bigger doll we do in the class so saved it till today. You don’t want it too big or too small and you need to wrap your wool around the dolls head to give it a face. Then you stitch over the wool and then you add an outer layer of fabric that is also stitched on. And we’re doing all of this by hand.

It’s certainly given me a new appreciation of the hours that go into making a doll. And I’ve also had a quick look around on the net for tutorials and patterns and I’ve realised that everyone has different methods. Heads are done differently, some people machine sew their dolls, some are very traditional and some are more modern. And I hope my teacher doesn’t mind me sharing but this is the gorgeous assortment of dolls that she has made which are on her spare bed! I can assure you that these dollies wouldn’t last long if my lot were let into the room!

I’m just aiming for 3 dolls, one for each girl! And I can’t wait to finish my dolly off and start making her a little wardrobe – top of the list is a little kina! I can’t wait for that. The doll size kina pattern is a free download and you’ll find it here.

oh and how did that cute face get on here! I love elodie’s little hand in this shot…..as soon as I put emerson down for a play on the floor she is there hovering over him getting her head as close to his. Their little bond is precious, they smile and laugh at each other on the mat and are going to be best buddies. I just know it!


  1. adorable ! the babies and the dolls :)

  2. Your two babies are so sweet!! And you’re so clever! Making such cute babes and now dolls as well!

  3. I have bought a gorgeous steinern doll for my little girl for Christmas I can’t waiting give it to her. A friend suggested I make one and although I’d love to my schedule is too full at present to hope I would have done in time for Christmas. I hope to give it a go in the future though. I suspect I would be a bit of a traditionalist and want to do it all by hand.

  4. Lovely idea to make a doll for each of your girls – something to pass on to their daughters one day.

  5. I love it! Such a cute photo of Emerson. It’s so great to see how much they love each other already, such cuties that they are.
    The dolls are amazing, your girls will be thrilled. Thanks for the link to the doll-size kina too, I’ll have to make one for my little girl now :)

  6. I want these dolls for my girls for Christmas but have taken a reality check and know there’s no way I can do them in time! So I plan to buy them and console myself with making the clothes! The baby kina is very sweet. There are also some sweet patterns in the last Sew Liberated book. And I have a stack of vintage doll clothes patterns too xx Greer x

  7. I use the dolly kina pattern to use up my left over wool. It’s fantasitc for that. Love those dolls! Two of our boys are 17 months apart and they just can’t imagine life without each other

  8. My daughter has that same relationship with my nephew. I love the look she gets on her face as soon as he enters a room. And I have made that mistake when sewing pants where you end up sewing them completely closed because you weren’t paying close enough attention to the instructions. But like you it was a mistake I only made once (and then spent half an hour un-making) You now have me intrigued about Waldorf dolls, which were something I had only heard of in passing before you started talking about them. I just wonder if my own limited skills can stretch to making one of these gorgeous pieces…

  9. Your doll is coming along beautifully, as is gorgeous Emerson! Learning to make these dolls is definitely something I want to do now thanks to your posts. I love the boy dolls I’ve seen on Pinterest as well, wish I had boys to sew for as well as girls. Would you make these dolls for your boys as well?

  10. liveseygirl says:

    Your doll looks great. No girls in this house to make dollies for but I will have a god daughter come summer so if I can find a local class this could be the perfect christening gift! And well Emerson just steals the show x

  11. how do you keep up with all these things???

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