Christmas craft at our house

Oh dear. Every year, EVERY YEAR, I announce that I will start my Christmas craft and sewing early. And I never do. I start and then run out of time. I knitted these little stockings when the twins were babies. I’ve got a bit of catching up to do since I now need 2 more and also need to find the little pattern book these stockings were in. It’s somewhere in the junk room – I mean craft room of mine. And I’m reading your mind and know that some of you will ask where to find the pattern to make these yourself. They’re from a little Cleckheaton book full of baby toys, tea cosies, slippers and blankets that I’ve tried to look up online for you. As soon as I’ve found the book I’ll share!

Another thing I loved making were some little fabric wreaths (on the left) which I made when funds were a little tight and I had more time on my hands. 4 babies ago. Just a simple bamboo hoop or embroidery hoop will do with strips of fabric that you just tie around. This year I splurged and got the white wreath on the right with the bling on it. I actually don’t want to put it away and it sure beats the tinsel wreath I still pull out at Christmas time.

I’m also a fan of buntings at Christmas. Kids love them and they’re a great way to pull out your stash and use some fabrics. I bought 2 of these panels from Spotlight recently and can’t wait to get them up in the house. Well after I’ve actually cut it all out and sewed it up.

And instead of the old candy cane with the christmas card exchange at school we’ve decided to make a few little hairclips for each of Keira’s little friends. Etsy has loads of supplies to make hair things for girls and I use Clover yo yo makers which you can pick up at Spotlight or sometimes at quilting stores. This is a great way to use up your scraps too.

And another favourite of mine is the old fabric in the embroidery hoop. You’ll find these dotted all over our house – cheap and cheerful and a great way to show off your stash. I picked up these hoops at spotlight and lincraft and you just stretch your fabric over, tighten the screw up and trim the back with a pair of scissors close to the hoop. I might keep going with this wall and get it up to 5 hoops. They are so easy


And that’s my Christmas craft this year! Love to hear what you’re up to at your house…………………..


  1. I have recently finished Anni’s Downs 12 days of Christmas wall hanging and am working on the final quilting for a xmas quilt(Merry Merry Snowmen) for the lounge wall. I made placemats last year for the six of us and then two extras (we have an 8 seater table) with Rudolf and santa’s names on them. Still loving them this year (yes my decs are out and up ) I have also made some xmas table runners this year so I guess I have been busy. hugs, Sharon

  2. I am heading to Spotlight now to get that bunting – what a clever idea – no more messing about with cardboard templates etc,

  3. I love the hoops with fabric, I am going to get some of those this week and do the same thing. I have not made anything for Christmas yet and I have no small children, your little stockings are so cute!!

  4. Love your hoops! These will be a favourite here this year too, as they’re so simple and quick to make – and so effective!!
    I have a stash of embroidery hoops bought from Spotlight a few weeks back and some beautiful Christmas fabric. Now I just need to make time to put them together!
    I’ve almost finished making Christmas bunting too, which I started in October (a first for me, as my Christmas crafts & shopping tend to start a lot later than I imagine too!). Just need to put the binding on and it’s done. Can’t wait to share mine on my blog too!!
    Have fun with your Christmas crafting!

  5. I promised my eldest we would make a wreath for the front door this xmas. I’ve got some stiff competition with the kids grandparents who go all out every year and have one of the most festive houses I’ve seen! Since I am just like you and forget to get my bum into gear early I think I’ll be finding the simplest solutions to kid friendly xmas craft I can!

  6. I love the embrodiery hoop idea. I have some vintage sheet scraps that I have’nt used yet – now I know what to do with them! I have some Christmas baking to do – and we are going to make our own crackers this year.

  7. Everything looks so lovelyand after seeing it all I’m feeling quilty now about reusing all the Christmas stuff from years gone by. I think I need to revisit those heady days when I craftily (despite a distinct lack of ability) put together so many things for my girls and friends. My youngest has pestered me all year to make her 2 boys copies of the crazy patchwork stockings I made her & big sister years ago that they still use. With no pattern I struggled for weeks to make and embellish them. If I toddle off to Spotlight now I might manage to finish 2 for the boys by Christmas 2013! Or just maybe there is some fabric still lurking around in the UFO boxes! Thanks for your wonderful inspiration…

  8. Thankyou for reminding me that I have a yo yo maker in my craft room somewhere, I bought it about eight years ago at the craft market and have’nt used it yet. In the process of making christmas crafty things, my girls and I had our last craft day for the year yesterday, I have been making paper decorations compliments of Pinterest, just love this site. Good luck with yours.

  9. love the bunting. great idea!

  10. So far we’ve decorated some polystyrene wreaths from Spotlight – one we wrapped in ribbon, another we glued bought mini pompoms to, and the other we wrapped super fat super long chenille pipecleaner around – it looks sparkly and fuzzy and uber cute. Today we made a beaded garland, and painted over doilies on a long roll of craft paper. So now we have 3m of brown paper with painted doiley silhouettes to use as wrapping paper, and LOADs of painted doilies we can use for doiley bunting. Everything in turquoise and silver as I aim to have and a red and green free christmas!

  11. I have a lot on my To Do list too! I’m hoping to make handmade christmas tree ornaments this year… Let’s see how I go! Maybe a little ambitious of me :) Loving the hoop idea! WIll be making those…

    Sophie xo

  12. Like you I always want to start early and never manage to do it. Currently knitting socks with patterns for friends and family. With Advent around the corner a lot more has to be done next week.

  13. I say exactly the same thing every year too, but December rolls around and the rush is on to get things made. We usually make gingerbread cookies to give to classmates. But this year we’re making little felt decorations that can be hung on trees, or wherever! I need to make a wreath. I wanted to make decorations for our tree, but probably won’t have time to do many. I have had time to fill up my Christmas board on Pinterest with lots of pretty things, does that count? 😉 I also wanted to make a couple of gifts for the kids, I might still get those done!

  14. Just cut the bunting with pinking shears and it’s done! That’s what I did with my rainbow spotted bunting. I make a point of creating something for at least a couple of my kids each year…. this year I have made 2 dress up crowns for my neices but nothing for my own kids! They do already have the crowns and every other usual thing that I make. I think I am just going to take the pressure off myself this year and do nothing else….

  15. Love that bunting! I’ve got a nearly 3 month old that barely sleeps so I’m very time poor this year, so going to get some Thursday night.

  16. Love all your decorations but especially the white flower wreath. Can I ask where you bought it, please?

    • hi Anie, I got it at Domayne.just ordered it online, it’s very pretty and I want it up all year round!!!!

      • Thanks so much. Love the blog, by the way. However I do miss seeing what time you have posted an update as it fascinated me (simple things do interest me!)

  17. Christmas hoops…love it!

  18. Susan McGuire says:

    My daughter and I enjoy making simple decorations to hang on our Christmas tree. This morning I found a great video on You Tube which is easy to make and great fun for children and adults. Maybe your older children might like to give it a go too.

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