I found hydrangeas!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years then you know that I just love hydrangeas. They’re a little bit nana-ish and a little bit retro but I just can’t get enough of them. And this is the time of year that I get to appreciate them! Lucky for me we have some at our house because it’s the first summer that we’re here. We are only the 2nd owners here and the original owners loved gardening. I’m not sure they’d be impressed with my efforts since we moved in. I’m lucky to remember to water everything but there are some gorgeous plants dotted around the place and thankfully most of them are doing well with minimal attention!

I knew we had hydrangeas down the side of the house but I hadn’t been out there for months. Today I went out and discovered all of these gorgeous blooms. It’s a little overgrown out there (understatement of the year!) and needs a bit of attention but picking these just made my day!

I just can’t get enough of them! I put them straight into a big jug and put them in the kitchen. And maybe I just dreamed of how perfect they’d look if my kitchen was all white with caesarstone and big pendant lights hanging over the top. But that’s ok. One day I’ll have my dream kitchen again………….and in the meantime the jug looks perfectly at home with the retro brown wall in the background!

Moral of the story is to get out there in my garden more often. I really need to do that this summer! Are you a gardener? Or do you just love the end result and not the work in between!


  1. Can’t wait to plant hydrangeas in the garden of our soon to be house, they are just so pretty. Your’s really are a beautiful shade too.

  2. Oh I love hydrangeas also, they brighten up the house the minute I bring them in and they are so easy to grow!
    We have a little veggie, herb garden and some easy flowers, Sun flowers are fantastic to plant for kids as they grow fast and look amazing!

  3. I love hydrangeas too – they suit my inner nanna! I’m in the process of planting a whole row of them along the front of the house. Their shape is just perfect for picking and plopping into a vase.

  4. Oooh you lucky duck, what a treasure to stumble onto in your garden! That combination of colours is spectacular and even the brown walls don’t detract from that beautiful bunch. My hubby once bought me a huge pot of hydrangeas for a no reason surprise gift and they brought me so much joy. I hope you get weeks and weeks of bouquets. mel x

  5. I love hydrangeas. The colours are always so beautiful, and they remind me of my garden as a child, because we had a heap of them all in a pretty row in our front yard. I wish I was more of a green thumb because I would love to have some in my garden now.

  6. I love hydrangeas but they won’t grow where I live, my grandmother had four or five plants and they seemed to flower forever. I love the colours they go as they dry as well, an antique look. Enjoy your garden.

  7. I love hydrangeas too. We are in the process of doing up our garden and I’ve requested hubby plant a few! They look beautiful in your jug.

  8. I AM a gardener. This year i am totally, totally in love with my garden. It’s not like that every year! But last year and this year I have worked really hard on it and it is paying off. I haven’t been as disheartened by the fails (especially when hubby roundups my roses! Just a whiff knocked over half of mine 2 years ago) I have bought timers and new hoses and sprinklers that I can set and move around (highly recommend hoselink!) plus used a better mulch that I can handle more easily (sugar cane mulch) rather than the free or cheap huge big bales of hay that just about bust me spreading them and have a ton of weed seeds in them. I’ve worked at it myself, not relying on my husband to help with the hole digging or mowing or anything, just me! So I claim the compliments from visitors too! I’ve blogged about my glory garden today actually!

  9. I am trying to be a gardener but I am afraid I do neglect my garden!

  10. I love to garden but not in the heat of the day. I’m an early morning gardener and early spring/late fall….love being in the yard. I’m thinking of starting a winter box garden for lettuce and a few cold weather crops.

  11. PS I too love hydrangeas but have been unable too grow them in Colorado

  12. Colour!!! I wonder if the wa climate would be kind to them?

  13. Gardening is such an integral part of my life. I know you are busy but just 15 minutes each day in the garden makes a huge difference. I also cannot walk past weeds and have to pull out at least three between the house and the car as I come and go – I have even convinced my husband that he should do the same.

    Your jug, and hydrangeas look fabulous.

  14. Hi Corrie, I’m so jealous! I love them too but not something I would even attempt to grow here in the centre of Australia, Alice Springs! However we can go grow so much here, because of our warm weather, and as such we have a beautiful ‘desert adjusted’ tropical garden. Our garden and pool is a huge part of our lives but with a toddler, one on the way and a very busy Construction Business it’s hard to get much time in the garden these days. Luckily after living here since our early 20’s it’s pretty much established now…..but much to my husbands surprise and occassional frustration, there is always room for new plants 😉 enjoy your beautiful blooms.

  15. The flowers look so pretty.

  16. I’m a great fan of hydrangeas too. I have planted them in my front garden and can’t wait for them to be big enough to have flowers like these.

  17. I am very much a wander in the garden snipping blooms and sniffing appreciatively type of gardener (so the weeds are bigger than the plants at the moment!) Enjoy your hydrangeas!

  18. I am a gardener. I love it to look nice with minimal effort which for me means lotsof flowering shrubs including roses and decorative grasses and ground covers and mulch. The kids love strawberries blueberries and raspberries and salad greens as well as apples, pears, plums, peaches, mandarins and lemons….all on 650sqm site.

  19. Helen Edgar says:

    Your hydrangeas look lovely. A couple of hints when picking them.. In the morning is best, scrape and crush (not too hard) the stems and immerse them into a bucket of water up to their heads for an hour or two, they will last a last longer inside. Also only pick the heads that are fully out. Good luck.

  20. Susan Leach says:

    I love Hydrangeas, had them as the table flowers at my wedding. Great with the blue theme.

  21. I love hydrangeas but as a child I disliked them. My nan had them growing under her front stairs and there used to often be some of those big brown grasshoppers lurking in there. Eeek!

  22. Stunning hydrangeas, I love the intensity of the colours – divine. I’m a gardener only by default as my hubby’s one by profession, but he’s been too busy to garden at home lately. I sometimes find it hard to get out there & do what needs to be done (I’d rather be sewing or knitting) but I love it when I do, love that my children love gardening with me, and love the results. And let’s face it, if I didn’t we wouldn’t be getting any scrummy homegrown veggies, which we love.

  23. Oh I LOVE this time and one of the reasons why is I LOVE hydrangeas. Aren’t they just beautiful. I love yours, the colours are stunning. When established hydrangeas need little attention so you’re going to have them for many years yet. Lucky you! I have yet to plant some in my new garden but plan on doing so soon.

  24. What a find! I love hydrangeas too, but don’t have any planted. I think they need a bit of protection and everywhere here is pretty exposed. So for now, my hydrangeas on display are just fake, but there are lots of pretty fake ones too. Enjoy your garden.

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