Win 1 of 2 Woolworths Caffitaly coffee machines

This post is brought to you by Woolworths

I love a good coffee, it’s the way I start my day and keep up my energy levels chasing my little ones around all day. Whenever someone comes to my house one of the first things I ask is if I can get them a coffee. But I have to share a funny story that happened recently. A lovely friend of mine popped over, I asked would she like a coffee and since there is a fancy coffee machine sitting on my counter she said yes. So she is under the assumption that I’m going to use the fancy coffee machine to make her a cappuccino. I’m assuming she knows that I still don’t know how to use the machine and that I’m going to open the pantry and get out a jar of good old instant coffee and make her one with a dash of milk.

I had no cocoa so grated chocolate over the top! yum!

So I go and get out the instant and she says ‘actually I’ll just have tea’. ‘Oh are you sure’ I say. ‘Yes’ she says. I reveal I can’t use the machine and we have a good laugh. Phew. But I think the reality is that with more and more of us buying our coffees out and having fancy machines at home, well the old instant coffee just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Now the next time my lovely friend comes over, I’m going to win her over with a cappuccino because I’m lucky enough to have a new coffee machine living at my house. Thanks to Woolworths, this is what arrived on my doorstep last week – lucky or what!!!!!! And you could have one too because I’ve got 2 to giveaway to my lucky readers. Just keep reading.

Woolworths have just released the Caffitaly system and I’m happy to say that you don’t need a degree or spend hours reading the manual cover to cover to work this baby. It’s so easy. Fill up the jug at the back (you’ll get lots of coffees out of one jug), turn on the machine, pop a coffee capsule in, press the lever down, press the button for the size coffee you want and wait a few seconds and you are done. Done. That’s it. The used capsule drops down and collects inside. And so I’ve gone from never making a cup in my fancy machine to using this new machine a couple of times a day. And it was so easy I just had it out at the baptism with the good china and a plate of different flavoured capsules next to it and everyone helped themselves to coffee. And no one needed to ask me how to use it. I’m going to have it out at all my gatherings from now on.

I’ve always wanted a coffee machine like the Caffitaly that uses capsules because it’s so easy and you don’t need to measure anything out! But usually the machines don’t come cheap and I’ve found it hard to justify the price. But you’ve got to love this – the Caffitaly machine is just $99 and if you’re a Woolworths Everyday Rewards member then it’s just $79. If you want a frother that’s just $29 and I did skim milk in it and it was perfect.

The Woolworths Select capsules work out to be a great price too (just $5.99 for a pack of 16 capsules) and you can pick them up at Woolworths and you can also find capsules for the Caffitaly at Gloria Jeans.  The capsules come in a total of 9 flavours/blends and you can read them here. And Woolworths have done the sums and an average cup using their system is 41c, in a nespresso its about 78c and out at the shops well you’re looking at least $3-4. And I’ve got to say that my coffees made in this machine have tasted great. I turn the milk frother on while the machine is going and the toaster is on and have a delicious breakfast in no time!

Competition Closed! Thank you! And here’s the best bit – thanks to Woolworths I’m giving away a Caffitaly machine, frother and capsule hamper to two lucky retro mummy readers! And just before Christmas! All you need to do is tell me how you have your coffee (I’m a skinny cap girl) and why you have to win. I’ll pick 2 winners next Friday 23rd November and you can thank me later. Oh and the competition is open to Australian residents only and you can read my terms here.

In the meantime have a look out at your local Woollies for the machine and add it to your shopping or Christmas list. You can even buy it online here. I am loving mine and at such a great price I’m already thinking who I can buy it for at Christmas.


  1. I fresh grind french roast coffee every morning. I limit myself to two cups each morning with sugar!

  2. Ohhh I would love one of these – can’t beat the smell of coffee in the house first thing in the morning. Hopefully the competition is open to NZ readers. Thanks!

  3. Would love a coffee machine! And it looks super easy to use!

  4. I’m also a skinny cap girl but with cinnamon on top :)

  5. I have never had coffee! I am 35 and never tried it. I find it a bit awkward when I go to someone’s house and they offer me a coffee and I say “I don’t drink it”. Maybe a lovely new Woolworths Caffitaly coffee machine will give me the courage to try it.

  6. I have been eyeing these off ready for Christmas, it’s a great price. I’m only starting to get into Coffee as I have had some bad experiences growing up but would love to try this new range plus I’m sure it smells fantastic first thing in the morning

  7. I would love one, it would actually save me so much money! And like you I can save face with my friends as I would be able to offer them real coffee not instant!

  8. I have my coffee made by my husband as I am totally hopeless at using a machine. Seems is like the Caffitaly is the answer for me!

  9. Jackie Rossington says:

    Flat white at my place please. Hubby hates the chocolate on top! Silly silly man he is 😉

  10. Sounds like a great machine! Easy to use, quick to make….. what else would you want?!
    I am a skinny cap in a mug typle of gal. Love a hint of vanilla in it too! Or maybe a marshamallow. YUMMO!

    I would totally *love* to win one of these babies as I would bring it to my work for us all to use. We only have a plain-jane urn and instant coffee there and I am sure we would all love to use it! Imagain how popular I will be :+)
    Thanks for the chance to win Corrie and Woolies!

  11. I am a skinny latte girl. I need a coffee machine that is super speedy :) I only have 3 children but I am a full time student and my husband works away. I need my coffee to get me started in the morning!

  12. Well it seems you may have to save me from future and past embarrassment as I’m like you were and only have the good old jar of Moccona in the pantry….:o)

  13. cecily maher says:

    i have my coffee with my doggie before the kids get up in the morning, white two sugars and it starts the day. I used to be a religious tea drinker but have since ‘crossed over’ and when im off to work at the Obstetricians on monday and tuesday hubby makes me a “roadie” to start the day ……. Caffitaly would be most appreciated and loved in this house holdxx

  14. I have to win this machine. I pretty much live on coffee and can’t function properly without it. I even have it before going on a long run, pretty sure you aren’t supposed to do that but it works for me!

  15. I am a Skim Flat White girl, coming from NZ was very hard to remember to say Skim.

  16. Flat white girl here…..have been considering a coffee machine, definitely lots of options out there. I’m a fan of ‘simple is best’ & believe the Caffitaly would be a valuable & welcomed asset to my kitchen.

  17. Well since I am a tea drinker, and hubby is a coffee drinker. I would love to surprise him when he returns from serving overseas with a decent coffee.

  18. I’m a cappuccino girl – love my coffee. From a young age my kids have called it Mummy’s happy juice. Just not human until I have it.

  19. Hi Retro Mummy! I have my coffee white and with one and I would love to win a coffee machine because being a stay at home mum has turned my hair grey and coffee keeps me sane.

  20. Skinny Latte so I’m ready for the daily grind at work!

  21. Im a skinny cap girl too!! My partner is a sinny latte boy, we would make the Caffitaly feel right at home 😉

  22. I love my capuccinos. I love caramel flavoured lattes. I love coffee.
    I need it to keep me going through the day

  23. Hi Corrie, I’m a skinny cap girl too. I love reading your blog. You are certainly a very busy mum.

  24. I live on a remote island in Bass Strait – we have lots of people drop by from boats and planes and of course I offer them a coffee (and Cake – I love baking). Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have Caffitaly here – I could serve them up a real coffee. We too would benefit as we only go to town every 2 months and we do like a real coffee – first stop when we hit town is the coffee shop. Thank you Corrie for this opportunity to win a Caffitaly system.

  25. I take mine with no milk, no sugar and no coffee – yes, I like hot water! But I’d love a Caffitaly to make delicious coffees for my super husband and my bible study ladies who come to my house in spite of me not serving fancy coffee.

  26. OOOO I have never owned a fancy machine, could never justify it.
    I have my coffee what we grew up calling standard. Instant coffee, milk and two sugars

  27. Nicole Kent says:

    I love it hot, strong and with a hint of chocolate! The perfect start to even the hardest of days!

  28. I would love to win a machine. There is nothing better than sitting down to a nice cappuccino, but is a rare occurrence in this house because of price. Imagine making it in your own home…. YAYYYY!!!!

  29. 3 days ago I started the “No Sugar” diet, so I need an extra delicious skinny latte with no sugar.

  30. OOOOOh this looks fantastic! When we travelled to Melbourne to come house hunting back in July, the place we stayed at had a similar machine. It took me a while to work it out but it was soooo worth it!!! Now we are settling in here in Melbourne, I would love to be able to recreate those coffees. After all the expense of moving I can’t quite justify purchasing one just yet, but the chance to win one, well yep I’ll be in that lol.
    (I think in the end, these machines are money savers in a way because after making my own Latte (yep I’m a latte or cappucino girl :) ) I really don’t crave the takeaway or coffee shop variety any more. I just want a coffee made the way I like it that isn’t going to be too strong or have a burnt taste which seems to be way too common in alot of coffee shops lately!!

  31. Oooh I would love this!!! I love a good skim latte but I can never make one I enjoy!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. My husband and I have our cup of coffee when he comes home from work in the afternoon, or late morning (depends on his working hours). We’re like you (before!), only instant coffee, with condensed milk! This machine would really be a treat for my husband, especially, he would be delighted! :)
    Btw, Corrie, great blog you have here. I’ve been a silent reader up till today! =)

  33. I’m a full cream cap girl with two sugars.
    This Caffitaly pack would mean significant savings (always welcome when all other expenses are going up) and would allow me to enjoy the simple little treat that is a good cup of coffee, at home.

  34. I love a skinny flat white. I just have to win – I don’t have a man at the moment so I need something else that’s dark and strong, to keep me warm and even keep me up at night sometimes!

  35. Latte and 1 sugar please!

  36. christine morris says:

    I have at least 4 cups of coffee in the morning, it gets me moving and motivated to start my daily tasks, this coffee machine looks awesome, i would be overwhelmed if i was lucky enough to win, im sure all my Neighbours would be joining me for a cuppa lol.:) Thank You :)

  37. Melissa Bowers says:

    Im a Latte girl all the way,although I will give any coffee a whirl I must say :)

  38. I’m a hopeless coffee maker, always have been. My late DH always made the coffee in our house, but now he’s gone I have to go without (can’t even drink my own coffee!). A Caffitaly machine sounds fool-proof, exactly what I need to make my own skinny latte each morning.

  39. Flat white in the mornings to kick start my day and get the kiddos to school on time and a cappuccino at lunch to get me through that mid-afternoon slump. Would love to win this – looks so easy to use!

  40. Publically I’m a skinny latte girl because it seems so sophisimacated, but secretly I’m a full-fat-iced-coffee-with-icecream-and-cream-and-sprinkles-on-top kinda girl because it’s just so deliciously indulgent! I’d love a home coffee machine so I could make my own indulgent iced coffees in the privacy of my own home without having to worry about the cream on the end of my nose :)

  41. Mags Huggins says:

    Oooh – I would LOVE one of these to help me start my day when I am still tired from the day before! :-)

  42. Wow – great price and even better for the hub bub of a busy morning to get me a “Latte” stat.

    Believe it or not just this year became a coffee convert and hit it straight up with out sugar. Latte all the way. Really should amp it up and try a cap, or even a double shot, macchiato – just for variety and spice.

    Thanks ‘Woolies’ and ‘Retro Mumma’ for a great present for me under the tree :) Certainly would take the hassle out of shopping for me *lol*

    Good luck “RM” readers and thanks again for informing us about this one – will be off to investigate it :)

  43. I can really relate to your story about Instant Coffee versus the mighty Coffee Machine. I had my own disaster recently, so I have written a little poem to tell the story. Hope you enjoy it:

    The dinner party was scheduled for Saturday night,
    My In-laws were coming, the menu had to be right!!
    What could I cook that would be up to scratch?
    I scoured my favourite Recipes, a plan I’d need to hatch!!
    My In-laws love coffee so this ingredient would star
    in nearly all that I cooked – it would be the best so far.
    Entrée was easy, a home-made soup would do the trick
    Tomato with Garlic Croutons, delicious and thick!
    Coffee Crusted Lamb was my choice for main meal
    with a simple recipe that shouldn’t be much of an ordeal.
    Brew the coffee, mix with rosemary, garlic, honey and soy
    blend, pour over lamb and marinate for tender meat you’ll enjoy!
    Bake in the oven at 200 for 40 minutes or there about
    Serve with roast vegetables, for a great meal there’s no doubt!!
    Now for dessert, I think Coffee Crème Brulee,
    would finish the meal in the most delightful way!
    Everything went well, we had almost survived!
    Then disaster struck and I swear I nearly died!
    My coffee machine croaked and refused to turn on
    meaning I only had “Instant” Coffee to serve everyone!!
    “I’m sorry”, I cried and my lip broke into a quiver –
    my mother-in-law shoooting me a look that would make a grown man quiver!
    With hurried goodbyes they escaped out the door
    and my hopes for a wonderful night came crashing to the floor!
    So, as the bills keep on coming, I guess I’ll wait for a new machine,
    keep drinking my “Instant”, save my pennies and dream!
    So I’ll send in my entry with a hope and a prayer
    that it will be chosen the winner because of my poetic flair!

    PS. Just like you, I’m a skinny cap girl.

  44. Skinny flat for me

  45. I’m a skinny cap girl…. but i don’t have coffee that often. It’s a treat for me to go out maybe once a fortnight when the big kids are at school and have a coffee…. unfortunately, it’s chain restaurant quality coffee because I usually have 2 or 3 children with me *cry*.

  46. I have to win because we are twins….I also have a coffee machine on my bench that no one gets a coffee out of, because I don’t know how to use it….uncanny! I won’t let my husband sell it, or give it away, as I think it looks good on the bench and adds a touch of “lifestyle”, rofl! If I score one of these babies, which I have been seriously coveting, then someone else can be the lucky recipient of my shiny, “no real intentions of ever using it” Sunbeam model :-) I am a Cappucino girl….full cream milk please!

  47. My husband is the coffee freak in our house and he’s usually a long black or espresso kind of guy! When I do have a coffee, I’m a flat white girl, with the occasional hankering for a short black after a rich meal.

  48. I am a full cream cappacino girl thank you very much!
    Love a quiet coffee when my 3 boys head off to school and my little girl happily plays with her dolls. Gets me geared up and ready to function.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win Corrie let’s hope I’m the lucky one :)

  49. I’m a ” as long as it gets my senses awake enough to deal with 3 boys at 6am” kinda girl. Although, I like mine on skim no sugar & preferably hot. . I’d live to win it, I see a pod coffee machine as a necessary luxury for anyone that have small children (& and girlfriends who visit with their small children)

  50. I’m a low fat latte girl….after years of drinking instant coffee I am totally a coffee snob now. Can’t face instant, I’d rather have tea.

    Thanks, Retro!

  51. I am a short black girl – er, coffee preferences, that is. In real life I am medium height and very pale. I studied for my education degree while homeschooling my six children It was very challenging and I promised myself that when I was finished and had a job, I would buy myself a coffee machine. With six kids? Foolish heart! I finished my degree last year, jubilation! but have not yet got a full time job, sadness! and am trying to feed the kids on casual relief teaching. Dear Corrie, I know you can’t get me a job, but a coffee machine would be nice. or is that cheating, I wonder?

  52. I’m a soy latte :) I can only have one coffee a day so it needs to be a good one and these sound Devine.

  53. Latte girl.. milky goodness

  54. Normally I have instant coffee with just some milk. I know terrible (sacrilege to good coffee) and would love to have a fancy machine to make me a frothy coffee like a Cappuccino. How fancy would I feel to have that every morning? 
    When I am out I have a Cappuccino normally a large and just love the nice brew that is served from wonderful coffee makers. If I could capture that in my house it would be ideal and a glorious thing, as I like to have a coffee in the morning to be up and at my best with the twins, house and anything in between.

  55. Hi Retro Mummy. I love coffee and I drink full cream cafe latte. I would like to win this for my sweet Mama!! She drinks cappuccino with chocolate and cinnamon sprinkled on top!!!!!! THANKS!!!!

  56. Penelope Jackson says:

    I personally don’t drink coffee but my hubby loves it and I so wanted to get him something like this for Christmas…. The only problem being there is so many opinions out there about which one to get, I too hear the nespresso is good but can’t really justify the cost of it! His favourite coffee is a Caramel Latte and of course all my friends and family drink coffee from machines like this and all I can offer them is instant and that needs to change.

  57. Oh, that story makes me laugh as that is exactly what I do at houses without coffee machines! My girlfriends all laugh at it! I have a great old-fashioned hand pull coffee machine and grinder at home – so I always drink tea at my friends houses. The reason I’m entering is for my mum…so we might be lucky enough to drink a real coffee when visiting with her!

  58. Oops…forgot to say I’m a latte girl!

  59. Belinda Harlow says:

    I have been recently introduced to the wonderful world of lattes :) My favorite at the moment is a Skinny Vanilla Latte.

    I would love to win one of these machines as I have a large family with 7 siblings and every weekend most of them along with friends congregate to my place. They are all big coffee drinkers and having one of these machines would be a time save and I can offer them a decent cup of coffee instead of the instant coffee I always offer them. I am not a very good coffee maker.and this machine will hide my floors lol

    Thanks for giving me and everyone else a chance to win on of these great machines :)

  60. My family has been (nagging) asking for a wish list for Christmas from me. Just thinking about it it would be great for my parents. So reasonably priced and still does the same as an expensive, need to do a course and be a brain surgeon to work it kinds.

    My favourites are either a skinny cap or a skinny chai latte depending on the needs of the day.


  61. I love a strong flat white, no sugar, thanks! I’m definitely a coffee addict – with 2 little girls, a hubby who works 7 days a week, and a chronic illness, coffee is as essential as oxygen! 😀

  62. I’m a skinny latte girl. No sugar. Love them. (Drinking one now!) I would love to win this for my sister. Thanks Corrie

  63. sarah wright says:

    Would love to unwrap one of these from under the tree!!

  64. Omigosh I’ve been eyeing off capsule machines for YEARS! And now with another little one in the house with his early morning wake up call I’m in need. Need of caffeine. I love the biggest skim latte I can get!

  65. My favourite is a skinny flat white. I would so love to win this machine Corrie, I have been looking at these since Woolworths introduced them and should have purchased one as I can’t justify one now as hubby lost his job 2 weeks ago so a bit of a lean Christmas for us this year.

  66. Skinny flat white in a square cup.

  67. I love a good full bodied coffee on skim but the only place I can get one is out at a cafe. Sadly even drive thru coffee stops are often bitterly disappointing so if I know that I can’t get a good coffee then I just won’t have one at all. At home our coffee machine seized but was vet timing consuming to use not to mention the need to freshly grind beans, set the machine up to warm, load the arm, tamp down and the express all the while tempering the milk……big effort required all round. Now I would love a Caffitaly so that I could enjoy a good coffee right here are home any time any day…bliss!

  68. oh would love to win, I would give up my instant coffee for a esspresso any day. I love a short black with sugar or usually buy a mocha when having coffee out.

  69. Nikki Taylor says:

    I have always loved the smell of coffee but only acquired the taste for it last year whilst pregnant. I always get a cappuccino whilst out now to get me through the day with my active 3 month old. A Caffitaly would be perfect, to have a great coffee at home without the need to leave the house!

  70. My husband loves a coffee and I’m a skinny cap girl, but as I dont have a machine, its only when I go out. These two retirees would love this machine!!

  71. Donna Jones says:

    I don’t drink coffee but my hubby loves it. He love lattes. I would love to win him one of these. He says that its not worth it because he is the only coffee drinker so would love to surprise him

  72. Skinny latte;large please! :) I would love to win this prize. I am embarrassed to admit that since I broke my plunger in the washing up I have been reduced to drinking instant coffee at home. Desperate times…

  73. I have my coffee white and 1. My husband however has his just white (skim). He is leaving his job at the end of this year, going full time in the ministry. I just told him last night that one of these machines would be great to have in his church office next year!

  74. Sara Aylett says:

    ooh this looks so cool!! If i don’t win i’ll have to put this on my Christmas list. I normally love a caramel latte, but I’ll always have Vienna if its on offer. mmmmm. I love your blog! Thanks for giving us mums a feelgood place to go!

  75. I’m not a big coffee drinker. I prefer a chai latte myself but my husband loves a good coffee. He is a latte kind of guy. He always orders the biggest cup they’ve got when we go out. He has wanted a coffee machine for so long so one of these would be awesome for him for Christmas.

  76. Ok, don’t laugh but I loove a half strength latte. I know i doesn’t sound like a real coffee because there’s so little actual coffee in it but I’m not keen on strong coffee so for me there’s nothing like a hot, milky latte to settle the nerves after a frazzling day :) (ps an old joke but one of my woke mates used to call my coffee the Why bother because I may as well just a have warm milk lol)

  77. At present I’m a decaf latte (I’m being good while pregnant with #2 – due in march) but after that I’m a latte fan, sometimes on skim & sometimes with caramel. I’ve been looking at coffee machines for christmas so your post is very timely – thanks!!

  78. Skinny cap super hot as I arrive at work. Super hot because there is always a lot going on to distract my attention from my coffee plus I really think I have a cast iron tongue I just like it hot.

  79. Kathryn Broomhall says:

    I take my coffee, generally, how someone else makes it – but, prefer lots of milk. My wonderful husband makes me a coffee every morning and brings it in and puts it on my bedside table with a sweet good morning (I may be exaggerating with the ‘sweet’ reference). I am imagining the delightful aromas that will fill our new home when this gorgeousness come to its new abode.
    Thank you, as always,
    Kathyn and the Fabric Dude
    (I love Sandy’s poem – and understand her pain)

  80. Drew and I both don’t drink coffee which means we only have instant in our house. We can’t afford to buy a coffee machine just for guests. Most of our guests just choose to have tea when we offer tea or coffee. I would love to be able to offer fresh coffee with all of my yummy baking.
    Mum is here every Thursday looking after Keira while I work, so I would love to be able to offer her a coffee.
    Thank you for the opportunity Corrie.

  81. Skinny Latte chick through and through. Love a coffee but has to be weak, milky and sugary – even though numerous people have said i drink something aspiring to be dishwater!!! Hubby is also a big coffee drinker so a machine would be fabulous!!! Please and thankyou! :)

  82. Jennifer Round says:

    No better reason in the morning to get out of bed then smell of freshly made coffee drifting though out the house

  83. I’m a long black kinda gal or, if I’m feeling particularly daring, I do love a soy flat white. I’ve tried to divorce myself from coffee numerous times but like all great muse I cannot abstain for long periods of time and just like that I’m back into my dark lovers arms.

  84. Pamela Gilfoyle says:

    This would be great out in my studio! Lovely

  85. skinny chino for me … a Caffitaly machine would be wonderful to win :-)

  86. Jennifer Bradburn says:

    I too have the expensive machine sitting on the bench, I have read the instructions several time and for the life of me I cannot get it to work. I would love an easy to use, easy to clean, compact machine ! I am a Latte girl.

  87. Skim flat white! Soon to mum of 2 babies 13.5 months apart, I’m sure finding time to sneak a coffee in whislt out and about might be tricky…a home coffee machine may just save my sanity and be great for when visitors pop by!

  88. Hi Corrie. What a wonderful prize, thank you. I can’t go past a flat white – easy as that. My husband is not a coffee drinker, so doesn’t share my vision for purchasing a fancy coffee maker. I would love to be able to make a lovely cuppa for my family and friends when they visit (oh, and myself, of course!).
    Thanks again, Melissa

  89. I have up to five flat whites a day – I really need them to keep me going. That has got to be the sexiest looking coffee machine I’ve seen.

  90. Skinny lattes for me. I loves daily coffee, but it adds up, so I don’t have one every day. I’d love to start my day with a skinny latte made at home with this nifty little machine. :)

  91. I’m a lactose free flat white, when I have made a batch of almond milk I use that for a beautiful flavour. You can’t beat the aroma of fresh coffee in the morning. It lifts the senses

  92. I am a skinny cap girl – no sugar, just a good sprinkling of choc on top

  93. I’m a no-fuss regular Latte girl, full fat milk, no sugar. I’m so excited that Woolworths have introduced an affordable coffee machine that makes great coffee! I would love to have one at home – it also sounds fuss-free, which is definately what I could use in the morning.

  94. Lyn Schubert says:

    Skinny cap for me. Anytime, any place!

  95. Generally I like Flat White but also love the occasional Cappuccino…
    Why do I need to win?….so I could make a great coffee to enjoy while reading my
    favourite Blogs…..sheer B.L.I.S.S.!

  96. Kyren Luostarinen says:

    It’s a skinny piccolo latte all the way for me!!!

    I absolutely need this coffee machine, with a seven week old and three year old boys in an apartment, coffee is an absolutely necessity!

    Can’t wait to pop by your stall tomorrow Corrie!

  97. Simple skinny cafe latte. I like the taste of skinny, ‘fat’ milk just tastes too creamy. It’s nice to make a coffee at home so you don’t have to feel obliged to justify the ‘ strong, decaf, skinny latte’ request.

  98. Jane Martyn says:

    Ooooh – I so want one of those for Christmas – maybe I will be lucky one!

  99. I love a creamy latte. This machines sounds great; would be great to win!

  100. Jane Martyn says:

    Oops in my excitement, I forgot to my preferred brew – a skinny latte!

  101. Penny Spreitzer says:

    I have instant coffee or as a treat a caramel latte in a sachet. The coffee system you described sounds easy to use. I have always been worried I wouldn’t be able to work the machine! This sounds perfect!!

  102. I just have to win this great Caffitaly Machine so I don’t have to hide the instant when guests arrive for Christmas visits. I just love a skinny latte, preferably with a Timtam.

  103. I love coffee, yes I do, 2 little boys, keep me true, pick me for Caffitaly, I need a treat, we work so hard and coffee is hard to beat!!

  104. Carolyn McGinn says:

    I am a skinny Late girl! Gosh, I would love to win a Caffitaly machine – coffee at my fingertips. Instant just doesn’t do it for me! Thank you for the chance to win :)

  105. ooooh this coffee machine looks like it would make some mighty fine coffee.

  106. Me, I’m a skinny latte kinda girl with a dash of vanilla. I go into our local plaza shopping centre just to get a skinny very vanilla latte from GJ’s nearly every day! So having my own little coffee machine and those cute little GJ pods would save my time and money! But if I don’t win it will be at the top of my Christmas wish list!

  107. I too cannot work our coffee machine and have to have instant when my husband isn’t home. One of these machines would be wonderful!
    Skinny cap girl here too!!

  108. I love my coffee and I’m a short black girl from long back. I discovered when my son was young and always on the move that the only way to get a hot coffee was to take a quick shot (very Italian style) so I could resume chasing him around the house, shopping centre, park, you name it!

  109. Definitely a large soy flat white for me! At $4.20 a pop at my local store just think of how much more money I could spend on fabric if I had one of these fancy coffee machines at home!! Thanks Corrie!!

  110. My husband is the coffee drinker in our house but Im wanting to, just have to find something a bit smoother and not as strong as he drinks. So dont know what I would be cap/latte sort maybe?? I love the idea of this machine and the smooth one looks like a good spot for me to start.

  111. Tracy Andreatta says:

    I love a plane flat white to get me going in the mornings , but love a cappuccino when my 4 yr old & I have a girl date every Friday morning :)

  112. Wow! This is wonderful! And to be able to refill from the Woolworths when doing groceries. Fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to win!! fingers crossed!

  113. Oh I would LOVE a coffee machine!! I don’t drink coffee at home as we don;t have a machine so it’s few and far between my coffees! I love a latte with 1 sugar

  114. I absolutely love my coffee, but I’m a caramel latte through and through…

  115. Hi Corrie

    I would have a latte no sugar. My husband works long hours and when he is home he is asleep on the couch before 8:00pm I need this machine to keep him awake so I can have a conversation with him when the kids are in bed! Can you pass on a message to Retro Daddy that Mr Pooley says hello. He taught his brothers at St. B’s. Adrienne xx

  116. I like my coffee STRONG!!! It’s a flat white for me in the morning and a short black in the afternoon to pick me up.
    ( I currently have a Delonghi, but it no longer froths milk and really needs to be replaced….please!!!!!)

  117. Nicole Hester says:

    I am trying to lose weight so I am now drinking skim lattes – however it must be a large! Those small cups just don’t hold enough caffeine for me.

  118. Simone Richards says:

    I’m a skim flat white girl myself – and I have a coffee snob for a husband too! The espresso machine is a pain to clean and takes so much time! We’d love to try the Caffitaly instead – especially with family descending at Christmas and a new baby (now overdue!) – I don’t want to be spending all my time making coffees!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  119. i like my coffee with lots of milk, I have to win because i just cannot get the creamy taste im dying for. (no matter how much milk i put in)

  120. Allyson Curtis says:

    Wouldn’t mind that sitting on my bench top. . One can only dream ! Here’s to a future filled with great coffee days ahead. Cappuccino for hubby and Skinny cap for me. Thanks Woolies in case you choose me!

  121. A skinny flat for me and hold the sugar please. This machine will also a great Xmas gift for family and friends without breaking the budget.

  122. My favourite coffee is the one that someone else has made for you.I don’t know what it is,but whenever someone else makes you one it’s always tastes soooo good.

    P.s: pop over I’m having a giveaway also.xx

  123. I don’t even know how I like my coffee! I know I like it but beyond that I haven’t mastered the art of making coffee at all so I’d love a machine like this and I’d enjoy trying out the different flavours. Plus I’d be able to make a decent cup of coffee for the people who ask for coffee and then recoil from my instant coffee and offer to take over and make their own!

  124. Ooohh would love this! I like skinny cappuccinos or caramel lattes! Mmmm coffee is one of my only vices – love it!

  125. Natalie Nicholl says:

    I love a good cappuccino ! These days (because I’m pregnant) it’s a decaf, but hey just as good 😉 I would love to win this to give to my brother in law who works in Mt Isa at the mines while his partner lives and works in Sydney. He works long hours and I’m certain the Caffitaly coffee machine will help him with surviving his new living and working situation.

  126. Skim flat white, Please don’t tell my husband I want a machine like this . We have a fancy coffe machine that takes 45 minutes to heat up imported from Italy, lovely coffee but! It’s too complicated! I just want simple good coffee.

  127. My husband would LOVE one of these coffee machines, it is all he wants for Christmas but money is a bit tight so he will have to wait. We drink skinny cappucinos so our daughter can eat the froth!

  128. Kerryn Flood says:

    I love a hot skinny cappuccino. I hate it when cafes serve up luke warm coffee. I don’t have a coffee machine at home and would love to make my coffee the way I like it. This coffee machine sounds perfect as it is so easy to use.

  129. I don’t drink coffee, but my husband does occasionally. However, this machine would probably mean my FIL would no longer have an excuse to stop at Zarraffas on the way here because all we have in the house is instant 😉 I’d love to give my Mum & Dad a treat when he came to visit too :)

  130. Skim flat white, made with esspresso. Instant coffee is dirty water!

  131. Oooh I have been looking to buy one of these for my husband for Christmas……he lurves his coffee!!! Esspresso is his favourite….I like a decaf cappy myself.This machine looks perfect.

  132. Cappuccinos for me. Love them!
    And I would love one of these so that I can still have coffee when I can’t drive out to grab one, especially after a bad night with bub.

  133. I’m a skim cappacino girl with one!! And that’s why I would love to win, so I can have them more often and while saving money at the same time. You got to love that!!

    Thanks for the chance to win :)

  134. One skinny cap in a mug, with a lovely sprinkling of chocolate on top, and I am VERY satisfied. Thanks Retromummy x

  135. Ooh I would love one! My old machine is no longer heating the water properly and with 5 kids I need coffee!!

  136. Anne Arlett says:

    I am a bit lazy as far as coffee making goes (put it down to old age)! One of these machines sounds like it would suit me to a T!

  137. Lauren Sellings says:

    I love a large triple shot latte with 2 sugars to get me going in the morning. Unfortunately my coffee machine died recently so that means I am spending more at the local cafe buying one up to 5 times a week once I have dropped kids to school.

  138. I’m a latte girl! Like you I have one of those fancy coffee machines sitting on the bench (which I convinced hubby to buy so I didnt have to keep going out for coffee!!) and I dont know how to use it!! My teenagers know how to use it, but when are they ever home to make Mum a coffee????? I need a quick and easy machine, so please please let me win.

  139. Ohh I love a latte with either full cream or skim milk. Would really love one of these in my house. Now that my husband has gone back to work and I’m at home and he works such long hours. He would love me to make him one of these when he gets home.

  140. Heidi Johnston says:

    My coffee of choice is a flat white (skinny on some days? depends how I’m feeling) – I’ve been drinking a flat white after being impressed some 15 years ago, on how ‘posh’ it sounds, my boss at the time ordered one and I followed suit. So did not realise it’s only $79 for everyday rewards members – what a great price!! So if I don’t win one, I will definately be purchasing one before Christmas :)

  141. I so need one of these. Being lactose intolerant (and not liking Soy) I don’t drink coffee when out so am stuck with instant at home but I love Caramel flavour. It would be so nice to have a super yummy coffee at home that wont make me feel ill later. thanks for the chance

  142. Pauline Howatson says:

    I try to have my skinny latte hot and fresh in the morning when I wake up at 0530 with my one year old. However, it is usually a bit cold by they time I get to it. I probably should admit that I have gotten used to it being cold/warm. I just can’t help playing with our youngest.

  143. Chelsea de Luca says:

    I love mocha…never tried real coffee, but am intrigued by these machines, it may convert me! And being married to an Italian who drinks coffee like water, it would please him too! Thank you

  144. I’m a latte kind if girl :)
    I really really need one because I don’t have
    time in the morning to grab a decent coffee on the days
    that I work,because the morning’s are so hectic
    around these parts ie getting the kids ready
    for school,getting myself ready for work ect!
    Besides that,I’d really love to make my
    hubby one in the morning,so he can drink it on
    his way to work!!

  145. I can relate to your story about your friend dropping by. Instant coffee is something else entirely to me. I opt for a tea bag as soon as I see that instant coffee jar coming out of the pantry! We recently moved home and had to leave behind our built in coffee machine. I’ve got French presses of varying sizes, a mini stove top espresso and at the back of a cupboard is my 70’s style pyrex percolator(not used since the 80’s). I’ve often wondered about these new little coffee making miracles but my instant coffee drinking hubby says we have enough stuff! My favourite skinny cappuccino is now only enjoyed outside of the home. As good as they taste it’s not quite the same as flopping in a chair with my feet up and my latest foodie mag and my own mug of coffee.

  146. I’m a Latte with Half (shot of) Hazelnut girl. I go to my local cafe almost daily to get my Half-Hazelnut Latte, and now they know me by name! I spend wayyyyyy too much money on cafe-bought coffees! Worst (and most expensive) habit but I’ll never give it up! 😀

  147. In the mornings I like to freshly grind some espresso beans and make a flat white coffee, but when I am out I choose to buy a latte. Not that I do it very often, I usually just make a coffee when I get home where, if I am lucky, the kids will play happily while I make a quick cuppa.

  148. Love and need my morning coffee or two.

  149. After feeling so sick at the thought of coffee the whole time I was pregnant I am rediscovering coffee again. I would love a machine so I can enjoy a flat white really early in the morning before the rest of the house wakes up.

  150. I love a skinny cap or mocha. I’m lactose intolerant, and hate soy milk, so use Zymil. It’s much better to make my coffee at home because very few coffee shops have the Zymil milk and those that do often charge a huge amount extra for it!

  151. My husband is the coffee drinker in our house. He is a flat white lover, time to change things up!! This would be perfect! There is a spot in our new kitchen for it too 😉

  152. I should say instant ‘flat white’ as we don’t have anything like the Caffitaly in our house.

  153. I love a good Flat White and thankfully my husband is an expert coffee maker with our machine as I have no idea how to use it….so winning this lovely Caffitaly machine would mean I could actually have one (or two) during the day when he is at work. I am now craving a good coffee after reading this post!

  154. How generous of you to spread the love! I am a latte girl personally, and early each morning when I wake up to the 8 little faces of my beautiful cherubs I have a fleeting thought of a hot mug of freshly brewed ‘mummy power’ and a peaceful start to the day. Then my feet hit the floor and I am up to my elbows in toast, bowls of cereal and school lunch preparation!! One can only dream 😉

  155. Anything to make my husband’s coffee addiction be fed faster. 😉

  156. I am a flat white girl who has to settle for plunger coffee at home and would desperately like to win the caffitaly machine. I like the option of Woolworths coffee or Gloria Jeans.

  157. I’m going to buy one….We have wanted one for years

  158. I love a good piccalo…or a skim flat white. Thanks!

  159. Im a skinny latte girl who never drinks coffee at home as I don’t like instant coffee. This would be a great addition to my kitchen as I work from home and sometimes a girl just needs coffee!! and or chocolate…..

  160. Coffee makes the morning right…I love a good strong coffee or a caramel latte. They make all of life’s problems more manageable. BTW, I did a big shop at Woolies this am and got a nice petrol voucher. It cost me $58 to fill up instead of the usual $70 when my tank is that low. Nice! Thank you Woolies! debbie

  161. Leanne Hawkins says:

    Hi Corrie

    I am a full fat flat white kinda gal. I could imagine I would go through plenty of those coffee capsules if I had one of those machines. Thanks for the chance to enter. Leanne

  162. I also don’t drink coffee, my husband has a flat white, but I do love the smell of freshly brewed coffee. Great giveaway.

  163. I love a good soy cappuccino. There is nothing better than the smell of coffee and I love to entertain so having a coffee machine like this would be great! I haven’t bought a machine because they look too complicated for me but this one looks so easy to use.

  164. I have a tall cup of instant Moccona coffee every morning. White, no sugar. I have to win this as i think I’m the last person to not own a fancy coffee machine, My husband is not a coffee drinker so buying a coffee machine is not happening. I’m breastfeeding so I limit myself to one coffee and one tea a day. Oh how I miss my couple of cups a day. Owning this machine would make having only one cup of coffee a day ok. Thanks!

  165. black with two augars! yummmmmmo!!!

  166. sugars***** silly computer haha

  167. Monique Monk says:

    Hi Corrie
    Long time reader, first time commenter. I already have a lovely coffee machine & enjoy my skinny caps every morning, but I would love to be able to win this for my step-daughter who will be heading off to live in at Uni next year! Imagine how popular she would be with her dorm-mates with the smell of that deliciousness wafting through the halls! It would save alot of money too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  168. Rachel Forster says:

    Would love to win this and share will my work mates so we can all enjoy our morning coffee. Now that would be one happy little office.

  169. sue petrie says:

    I love coffee cannot survive until i have my first cup.instant with white milk no sugar.I have to win because my mum loves coffee and i spend all day making her coffee i am her carer and she loves my coffee

  170. Hi Retro Mummy, I love reading your blogs. A delicious quick & easy coffee to enjoy with your blog would be fabulous!

  171. Sandy Norman says:

    Please can I WIN…. I would LOVE to own a great machine like this… Just think all of the money I would save with my own machine like this!!! I must admit I am a chai latte girl but my husband is a flat white… with 2 sugars.. He works from home and I know it would be a HUGE smile on his face.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and to Woolworths.


  172. I’m a flat white with one girl. Love that with my Woolworths Everyday Rewards these machines are only $79! I just have to win because it’s my 1 year wedding anniversary next Sunday and this would put a big smile on my husband’s face (who is also a budget conscious man just like Retro Daddy). Thanks for this great promotion Corrie! :)

  173. I’m a skinny latte girl and hubby loves a skinny cap. I would love to win this as my hubby loves coffee and it would make an awesome surprise for him! Thanks for offering this!

  174. Renee Annison says:

    I love a Cup of character,caramel latte,party, lunch, formal dinner, rich smooth flavour, my stress buster winner and I just won’t stir without it.To win this, i would know I can always sip into something special.:)

  175. Skinny Latte all the way. Truthfully though, I would love to win this for my Father In Law. He would love a coffee machine but as a pensioner can’t afford to buy one. We were looking at buying him one for Xmas but he forbids us to spend that kind of money on him! Parents! I like the fact that if he had one of these the cost of the coffee pods is really reasonable – hey the whole machine price is reasonable! but there’s no point buying a coffee machine if the y can’t afford to buy the pods to use in it. My father in law loves that strong (paint stripping we call it) Lebanese type coffee! So please pick him (me) so that Dave can have a great coffee machine without us going against his wishes!

  176. Katie Sheridan says:

    Skinny cap! With LOTS of froth and chocolate sprinkled on top. So much froth that you have to lick around the inside of the cup when you are done!!!

  177. Sarah collett says:

    Strong full cream cappuccino and I would love to win one so I can deal with the daily grind of housework, taxi, cook, Gardner and any other ad hoc duties

  178. I hope this is open to NZ residents as well. It would be an excellent addition to my glamping equipment over the summer!

  179. Hi Retro Mummy Never ever drank coffee until my sister introduced me to caramel lattes. I do not ever drink coffee at home either but could be converted by the awesomeness of this machine. I like my coffee 1/2 strength skinny caramal latte which I buy out at least four times a week. My husband even has it in his phone (as he reckons it is too much to remember) so sometimes he will bring me one home if he is out. He probably would be delighted if I stopped buying coffees out…imagine the savings!!!!

  180. I make instant coffee. This time of year (wet season) I usually have it…. stuck together from humidity with 500 ants in the sugar :)

  181. I can’t resist a soy cappuccino! Would love to win one of these beauties so I’ll never be given moo milk by mistake and end up with an upset tummy again 😀

  182. Sarah Nicholls says:

    Strong flat white with 2 sugars for me. After 3 years of pregnancies & breast feeding, I’m loving having coffee again. I’ve been eying off expresso machines, but can never quite justify the money-what a luxury to win one!! After the night we had here; I’ve had 3 coffee’s this morning :)

  183. Susan Leach says:

    I love decaf skinny flat white, which is quite a mouthful. Too much caffeine and I start to bounce too much.

  184. Wow, how exciting!! I just love coffee so much. It is a lovely little ‘time out’ experience for me in the day. Am in the ‘skinny cap’ club!

  185. Marina Moschos says:

    Black and strong (like my man) is how I like my coffee.

  186. I love skinny flat white…because every little bit helps! I would love to win this because my husband is posted at the Nowra Navy base during the week from January next year and I think he would love a coffee machine in his room (apparently there is a lot of room for improvement in the ammenities there but you didn’t hear that from me!) Winning the machine would be a fabulous surprise for our 9th wedding anniversary on 3 Jan!

  187. Natalie Tiernan says:

    Wow, this looks fab! I could really do with one of these! Gives me the energy to run around after my own little ones! :-)

  188. I mix decaf coffee (because I’m breastfeeding right now) with a bit of Jarrah “White Choc a Mocha” and load it up with heaps of milk and I make it sweet. Ahhhh…. :-) Love my coffees!

  189. Oooh I would love to win this for my mum as she is trying to save to move closer to us and is addicted to decent coffee. mel x

  190. I used to have it like my man. Really hot,very strong and so sweet. Now I in my later years, I like it like my hubby is now. Still quite warm, not to strong, but still very sweet.

  191. Nicole Treeve says:

    Hi Retro Mummy
    I’m a skinny latte girl myself, and I need the Caffitaly System to not only aid and abet my coffee addiction but to fill an empty bench space in the kitchen. As I tell my husband a girl can never have too many kitchen appliances.

  192. I moved to Sydney 3 weeks ago from the UK. I miss my old coffee machine and have been looking at this machine in Woolworths and wondering what it is like. Your review is perfectly timed and I shall now have every confidence in going and buying it. Just one problem I have no transport yet so will have to carry it home !!!!

  193. kay brymer says:

    What waiting for me when I get up in the morning

  194. Love my coffee flat and white,
    Any other way it just isn’t right,

  195. I’m a Latte girl but sadly I can’t make them at home, I have to get in the car and go down to the local Cafe to get one.. I would love to win this, so I can be woken in the morning by a gorgeous smelling Latte delivered by my amazing husband and then be wide awake to tend to my active but gorgeous little boy who is 19 mths old.

  196. I’m a skinny decaf girl. Just started to drink coffee again after about fifteen years…

  197. Skim Cap for me with a dash of caramel. I would just love the luxury of having a great coffee machine at home. Something to entice my friends over for a little visit. :)

  198. Firstly, myself and my “Skinny Latte” are inseparable…we go to the park together, hang out at markets and chill out in front of the TV(watching ABC 2 with the kids requires some serious caffine hits!) I try to limit myself to only one or two outings with my “Skinny Latte” a day but hey, who am I kidding, they are just so yummy and (I love looking trendy and cool holding those cute little take-away cups in my hand!) As you can see, without my “Skinny Latte” I would be lost! And everyone needs one to get through the day or two or three or four…..he he he…

  199. Hi Corrie,
    I would looooooove to win a Caffitaly coffee machine I have been eyeing them off everytime I do my shopping at woollies. My day to day coffee is a long black but sometime when Im out I enjoy a double shot skinny latte. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize.
    Cheers Sue

  200. I am 40 and have enjoyed coffee since I was 16. I LOVED it. Three years ago my body told me in no uncertain terms it did not like me drinking coffee anymore. With three little ones coffee was often my saviour. It was not easy to learn to become a tea drinker and I have sorely missed my coffee. Recently I have started to drink a few cups of coffee and have been thankful that no symptoms have returned. In fact I am estatic!! I would love a Woolworths Caffitaly Machine so I can return to drinking my favourite being Cafe Latte and enjoy being a coffee drinker again.

  201. Personally I don’t drink coffee but hubby does!! Flat white with 1 sugar!!! Think of how much $$$$ we could save!!!!
    Mel :)

  202. I love my good old cappucino and I am sure I am going to need them all the more once I deliver my lttle bub.. Carrying around for 6 months now and waiting for 3 months to go.. I cant wait to start having cofee again and what better start than starting with the amazing giveaway :) Oh yes It is a lovely christmas gift and I am sure Santa ( read as retro mummy 😛 ) lolxx is specially sweeter to mummy in the makings… Hugs :)

  203. I love my coffee black with 2 sugars and a twist of lemon. I would love to win this because maybe I will get more adventurous.

  204. That looks amazing! I would love to get one for my beautiful Mum, she’d adore it! As for how I like my coffee, I only have one a day so I like to be indulgent and I always have it with cream :)

  205. I have coffee every morning, the instant kind. But i like to try different varieties. I saw the advertising for the nescafe carmel coffee, it was nice but no hunky mail man came to my door :( so that was a bit disappointing. I would love a new coffee machine, actually any coffee machine, cause i have had a tough year and i have found a nice cup in the morning before life has woken up to the fact I’m awake, makes life just that little bit easier. Plus, it’s my birthday in just over 2 weeks and i doubt my dear hubby will buy me one of these babies :) pick me pick me… Pretty please!

  206. Amazing giveaway ! I’m a woolworths shopper as love the brands and variety so they prove again they stock great items. I’d love love to win it as we to have a coffee maker that I don’t know how to use and I also can’t offer anyone a lovely coffee I reverted to cappuccino satchels.. Definately no substitute for a great coffee. My morning treat was a brought cappacino coffee ,but with the cost of Kindy and swimming lessons my treat is starting to slowly diminish due to the cost. I’d love love to win this and return to a lovely cappuccino in the morning.

  207. I don’t drink coffee but hubby does (white and 2 sugars). Until 3 months ago, I had no idea how hubby took his coffee and only found out when we had a sales rep in the house and offered him a hot drink (and asked hubby how he’d like his cup of instant at the same time.)
    It’s hubby’s birthday soon and I’d love to make him a special breakfast along with a store brought style cuppa made at home.

  208. Glenda McDonnell says:

    I’m sitting sipping my instant decaf….what about me…. please Santa I’ve been a “Good Girl” surprise me with a Caffitaly in my stocking and I promise I’ll whip up your favourite cappuccino next Christmas Eve !

  209. These look wonderful! I’m a decaf soy latte girl at the moment due to be pregnant with baby number three. Come April I’m going to have three kids 4 and under so I’m going to need the real stuff!

  210. Skinny latte all the way!
    Why? Dollars and sense.

  211. I have a latte every day at work. I would love to win a coffee machine.

  212. oh have been looking to buy one of these! they look fab – skinny in the morning, black after that!

  213. If I buy one it is always a cappucino- for the lovely chocolatey froth. But at home I make a pot on the stove. I’m averaging two cups a day at the moment (while often wanting more). I need to win because I need all the help I can get with a 9 week old boy’s whims to tend to. Frequently!

  214. Leah in the Kia says:

    I love a mocha , but my 15 yr old son is the barista in this house , he makes a mean cappachino and he loves caramel lattes, I’d love to win this for him to put in his Santa sack!

  215. I am addicted to soy lattes and thanks to Jamie Oliver’s Black Forest Affogato, coffee favoured desserts!

  216. I don’t drink coffee myself, although would love to win as it would be the perfect present to give to my sister!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  217. If I’m going to have a coffee I go with full cream and double shot flat white all the way and because I’m sweet enough I don’t even need sugar but I need that double shot to keep up and be one step ahead of the kids :-)

  218. Ok, well I don’t actually drink coffee but my hubby does. He is in the army and wakes at 4am to study a law degree before he goes to work, then once the kids are in bed he spends all evening studying too. So, he really needs his coffee and loves a cappacino. Its our sixth anniversary next month and I know he would love a coffee machine.

  219. I actually don’t drink coffee. BUT I have been in exactly the same situation as you – on more than one occasion! Obviously I’ve never been able to justify buying a fancy coffee machine just to use when I have visitors. But I feel awful whipping out the instant every time coffee drinking friends drop around. So I’d LOVE to win one of these machines so that I can make fancy coffees for my friends & family. Seeing as the machine is quite compact, I might even be able to take it to work for the girls in my dept as our office is nowhere near the staff room.

  220. Jacqui Lagaluga says:

    A Skinny Latte is my favourite pick me up,
    Especially if served in my favourite cup!
    With a Caffitaly coffee machine and a selection of Select coffee capsules no matter who calls around I’ll always have their favourite cup!

  221. I’ve just started back at work after 8yrs home looking after my 3 young children. I need to learn to love coffee!!!! Juggling a career and being a mum/wife is hard and I’m only 2 weeks into doing it 😉 I’d love to win so I can make a lovely coffee to keep me awake- maybe id even take it into my office, Haha :)

  222. A skim cap with one sugar for me. An extra large one if its a work day. I would love to be able to have a great coffee in the comfort of my home. Cheers, ali

  223. What a great giveaway!
    Without my coffee every morning there is no way I could keep up with my toddler!

    If I am at home I have a mug…or two…of French press coffee with whole milk.
    I prefer the coffees I get at the cafe…an extra hot flat white.
    I would love to have a perfect flat white in the comfort of my own home!

  224. Skinny latte on a good day….. Short black in case of emergencies.

  225. I am a skinny latte kind of girl, a large milky coffee is my once a day sustainer. Thank goodness we have a machine at work as I no longer have one at home. This is why I would love to win one. Last summer Perth was having its usual 40+ degree couple of weeks & everyone was looking for shade & water. Unfortunately the ants agreed & I found about a 1000 of them treating my little coffee machine water resorvoir as their personal swimming pool. No trying to clean out that for me, they were everywhere & dear little coffee machine ended up in the wheely bin. I loved that $40 bargain!

  226. Skinny flat but at home it’s instant whatever. I’m the only coffee drinker so I could never justify buying a coffee machine. But I still dream of the day my house is filled with the smell of rich coffee aromas.

  227. A latte with one to go is my favourite………….. What a treat it would be to have a machine to make me one every time I had to go to take the kids somewhere in my mummy taxi. No more drive through :-) yeah!

  228. Mochachino for me please, weak latte for him thanks

  229. I’m partial to a Caramel Latte! I’d love to have a Caffitaly as I would start inviting friends and family over more for delicious coffees, while the littlies could have a playtime together. This would bring us closer together and also give me a great reason to try out some baking in my own kitchen. Everyone wins!

  230. I am a skinny latte girl, great way to start the day! I would love to win one of these for my parents, my sister recently moved out and took her machine with her so I am sure they are missing it!!

  231. Cappuccino for me!

    And I’d love to win as a reward for my calm acceptance of the ‘International Roast only’ policy in workplace tearooms over the years.

  232. I love lattes, with lots of sugar!

    I’d love to win this as a gift to my MIL for Christmas!

  233. Linda Mason says:

    Sounds like a great gift for my daughter so that I can enjoy a cappuccino when I visit her!!

  234. Hehe, I have always been a mocha kind of girl! Probably because I’m under the sad illusion that since I don’t have to add sugar to my coffee thanks to the chocolate, then I’m not consuming many calories…. 😛

    I’d love to win this to take to my workplace, because the office coffee machine is so awful I would rather drink instant. Yep, it’s that bad!

  235. wendy Morris says:

    Please win one for me to give to my dear daughter who has just moved countries and has no kitchen equipment and loves a good coffee!

  236. Being allergic to milk I drink soy latte. Trying to love soy milk with instant coffee but it is just not the same as a bought one!

  237. A skinny cap or latte depending on my mood

  238. Wow! That machine looks fantastic! I’ve always been intrigued by them but scared off by the price tag, but by the sounds of it, they are super easy to use. Thanks for such a great product review – you do a great job! I have limited bench space in my kitchen and have just moved my beloved big espresso machine to create more space, but I could eeeeasily sit this little baby on my bench and still have heaps of room. I so need this machine! My coffee of choice is definetely a half-strength skinny cap, since being pregnant I can’t seem to handle too much caffeine. But I’ll be back to my skinny caramel latte’s soon :-)

  239. With about 1/3 milk added because, as a busy mummy, I’m always in a hurry and don’t have time to sip and enjoy – just gulp and keep going.

  240. Tracy Boulter says:

    Very impressive coffee machine that would sit nicely in the kitchen not cluttering up all the benchspace. I love my coffee mild and classic with Hi-Lo milk. The price is fantastic value for money I am definately sold on it.

  241. I’m a cappuccino girl. Strong, sweet and frothy. With a Woolworths Caffitaly, I can have the perfect cup every time.

  242. I’m a skinny cap girl too. I would love one of these simply because it sounds so easy to use. My husband would be proud of me if I could actually make a coffee with the machine instead of collecting dust on the bench because it is so complicated to use.

  243. Darlene Gower says:

    I do love a Fresh FLAT WHITE with a wickedly sweet treat on the side !

  244. I love my skim caps too. I have recently moved back to Australia after many years away and I am loving the good coffee! Aussies do do coffee well :) I am staying with my parents at the moment and my dad has a fancy coffee machine that makes great coffee, but I’m not going to be buying myself something like that. (I also staunchly refuse to learn how to make coffee in a real machine like that, since I don’t want to end up being the coffee girl when people come over, spending 20 minutes in the kitchen making a cup for everyone!) So I am looking for a pod-type machine for when I move out just after Christmas and have to stock my kitchen. I’m so glad to hear that the Woolies one is a good buy! I may put it on my Christmas list :)

  245. Karen Turvey says:

    A strong latte for me thanks! Karen

  246. Karen Turvey says:

    Forgot to add that I would love one of these machines because I am not good with new technology but this one looks simple and easy to use – perfect for sleepy mornings! Thanks Karen

  247. This is it, this is what I have been looking for!
    That “hard to buy a present for” person, my Hubby, would love to find this wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning. I would love to win this for a couple of reasons.
    Firstly, present problem solved :)
    Secondly, it would mean no more late night packing of the stovetop percolator which results in “stinky coffee fingers” (which we call it).
    A coffee machine would also mean no more rushing to grab the percolator before it overflows during our morning rush. Although I must admit it entertains the 3 kids as they watch us run to save the coffee.
    Soy latte or Mocha anytime.

  248. Skinny Latte girl here, I love the creamy taste,
    knowing it wont increase my waist!
    I need to win the Caffitaly for my friend Debbie,
    Who since I’ve been unwell has been so kind to me!

  249. I am a cappucino girl. Love that sprinkle of chocolate on top. My hubby likes even more chocolate in his favourite, mochachino. At home we drink Nescafe gold though as we have just one cup a day and can’t justify the cost of an expensive coffee machine. I had no idea it was possible to buy one so inexpensively – I think this could definitely be the joint Christmas gift we are after! (my hubby and I don’t buy individual gifts for each other for Christmas, instead we buy something special to share). We could really do with some better quality coffees as next week our third baby is due to be born – a little brother to two big sisters. We are all so excited about meeting him, but not about the sleepless nights!! Oh and since I am anonymous here I can tell you his name will be Miles. Nobody but you, hubby and I know this detail 😉

  250. I love a skinny flat white, but with one sugar and extra chocolate on top, I’m wondering whether that negates the skinny part of the drink? :) I’d love to win such an easy to use machine, most others I’ve looked at seem to have as many buttons and flashing lights as the shuttle launching panel at NASA!!

  251. What a beautiful machine, what a suprise its from woolworths!! From shift working to mum of 2 under 2 coffee is my best friend. I am a Vanilla Latte girl but lets face it will have whatever is offered:)

  252. Latte all the way!! pretty sure when I give blood its at least half caffeine!

  253. Hubby is the coffee drinker in our house, along with the older two of our boys. Matthew, no 2 son, is a hospitality student and is learning all about coffee and how to make it well. Me? I make crap instant coffee sadly, so this machine would be a way to redeem myself with the lads!

  254. When I am out I love a latte. At home if I am lucky enough to have time to sit and make one as long as its hot I am not picky! This would be a luxury. Seriously. It would make me feel better about my broken dishwasher too! 😉 thanks for the opportunity.

  255. A child free zone
    No ringing phone
    Bubbles in the bath
    Skinny cappuccino – ahhhh first class!

  256. I think cafe lattes are to die for and when I need something a little more special, I just add a little hazelnut.

  257. I love a skim latte …. and sometimes I add a spoonful of drinking choc to make it a mocha! Looks like a great system to use :)

  258. I’m easy – long black, no sugar. Just pure black coffee :).

    I’ve had a few weird experiences buying coffee lately – I order my long black & get asked if I want milk with that. Well no, black coffee normally means I don’t want milk! It’s become so frequent that I’m tempted to place my order as ‘black coffee, no milk’.

  259. I’m a women who enjoys a skinny flat white when I need to create a babychino for my miss two but a good milky coffee however it comes helps me start my day. I’d love this for our little family nest.

  260. Cappuccino with 2 artificial sweeteners

  261. Forgot to mention I have to win because coffee is my one luxury I enjoy and I’m not giving it up for the world (or IBS). I don’t drink or smoke, but don’t dare take away my coffee. It’s my “comfort food” after I’ve dealt with my autistic ADHD son & I really enjoy it.

  262. I love my regular cappucino :) I am not the biggest coffee drinker as it takes so long to make a decent coffee. I have been wanting a pod machine for years now and I couldnt tell you how much it would mean to me to win one. After the year we have had it would be wonderful for my husband and I to put our feet up and relax with a beautiful cup of coffee :)

  263. Kirstin Hansch says:

    I’m a skim cap with 1 sugar and my daughter has just discovered baby cino’s:) would love to win this machine. Like you I love to offer my visitors a nice coffee when they arrive and I also couldn’t cope with my coffee hit;)

  264. I’m a double shot skim cappuccino drinker. Great giveaway!

  265. Melita Maidment says:

    Skinny latte please! We have had two coffee machines die this year and are currently back on the instant. Would love a nice one again :-)

  266. Petra Fakan says:

    I’ve ‘Bean’drinking Cappacino’s for years
    I love it in the morning before the daily ‘ Grind’
    Helps me to regroup, stops me going out of my mind.
    It’s the Caffine pick me up so frothy, sweet

  267. Julie Briddon says:

    Skinny cappacino, 1 sweetener.

  268. Tahnee jones says:

    Hi! I’ll have a mocha please!! I too am hopeless at using our coffee machine, so would love to shock my guests with a lovely coffee!

  269. Elisabeth Crocker says:

    Coffee has to be fresh and hot and I love it served up with a little piece of cake and a huge peace of quiet!

  270. Freshly brewed coffee aromas floating through the house would be a perfect way to start my morning. It looks so easy to use that even my husband would be able to master it and bring me a coffee in bed!
    I’m a full fat flat white girl!! :)

  271. Give me a skinny latte & no one gets hurt!…..please & no sugar, I’m sweet enough…thanks. x

  272. I am a flat white double shot skinny kind of a girl
    strong and feisty that is me

  273. Megan Imber says:

    Latte with one sugar. The coffee machine would be a great addition to my kitchen oh and my wallet would be happy as well…all that money I would save not having to buy takeaway coffees.

  274. I’m definitely a skim mocha girl!
    Omg Corrie! I would absolutely love to win! I tried the Woolworth’s coffee the other day and it was divine!!!! I get cranky when I pay for coffees now that don’t have the right crema or strength and when it’s done by a bad barista and its all watery. I was impressed with this one and would be excited to win one!!! Thanks Corrie!!

  275. Jennifer B. says:

    Powdered coffee? So disgusting,
    Real macchiato? I’m always lusting.
    Need it at home: rich, strong caffeine…
    SO achievable in a CAFFITALY COFFEE MACHINE!!!

  276. I don’t drink coffee. But every visitor to my house does! I’d love to surprise them with a really good coffee. Fingers crossed… Thanks Corrie

  277. I’m a skinny cap with half a raw sugar.

    And that woul look great on my desk at work and make all my colleagues well jel!

  278. I’m a skim latte gal and it HAS to be in a mug lol
    Would love to have a capsule coffee machine as we have the fancy one too and I just can not use it to save my life :( only my hubby can and as he’s away a lot I need a good coffee fix to survive while he’s not home lol

  279. I detoxed from caffeine, dairy and sugar some time ago for health reasons so I’m a decaf latte with almond milk & stevia sweetener kinda gal! :-)

  280. Debra Marr says:

    Morning it’s usually beans;
    cravings satisfied,on with my day.
    Caffitaly system would ring in change;
    many flavors to suit the mood.
    A winning combo I must say!

  281. A skim milk latte to start my day, is what I love to get me on my way! Anything quick and easy, I love in my life, coffee on the run without any strife!

  282. I am a skinny cap girl. Everyone morning as my eyes open, my darling husband makes me one while I sit and watch the morning news! Would love a new machine to add to my morning ritual. Xo

  283. Love a mugachino, but even better is a mug of mocha.

    I have to win to stop my husband from drinking instant. Unless we are out he only drinks instant because it is quick and easy. Please help!!!

  284. I take my coffee however my husband makes it with the good old instant moccona. I make coffee that tastes like dirt so o go without when he is not around and only offer cold beverages to guests. No hostess with the mostess here. Help me master coffee making pleeeaase!!!

  285. sharron smith says:

    I love a large classic and would dearly love to win recntly retired want to finally meet my neighbours will be fun and delicious to invite them all over

  286. Hayley Edwards says:

    I love a skinny latte in the morning to get me going. I used to need to have 2 sugars, then cut down to 1 sugar, but since June this year I have cut all sugar out! I now love my coffe with no sugar – I’m quite proud that I’ve managed to remain sugar free. So I’d love this machine to try out some new flavours – sugar free of course!

  287. Rebecca Wilkin says:

    I love a skinny cap, but most of all I love a coffee that is quick and easy, yet as good as a coffee shop coffee!

  288. Dana Schneider says:

    C- coffee a drink that lets me get the day started
    O- oh how I love a skinny latte or cino
    F-flat whites will also to the job
    F-flavours are nice but prefer it straight :)
    E- especially as am still trying loose baby weight (5 kids doesn’t leave me skinny like my coffee I am afraid)
    E-especially when I can’t stand instant

  289. Rise from slumber, Greeted by coffee,
    My Skim Cappuccino with Toast,
    Read the morning paper, Start my busy day,
    Savour last drops EVERYDAY.

  290. With the hot weather here now, I love an affogato, espresso over a scoop of vanilla ice cream, yummo!

  291. I only started drinking coffee in my late 20s. My boyfriend at the time was a complete addict and the smell of his coffee was always wonderful! He said to me one day “I’ll make you a coffee you’ll love!” He cooked me up a little expresso shot in his machine and whisked the milk (with the sugar in it) on the stove top until it was rich and frothy. Well, after that coffee, I was hooked! Time has passed and I’ve had a lot of bad coffees since that first one Trust me, it’s hard to find a decent coffee in Perth! I just know a good old cap made with full fat milk and sugar would taste just perfect if I simply had to push a button to get it in the comfort of my own kitchen!!!!!!!

  292. Karen Sadler says:

    Decaf skinny latte for me! Would love a machine like this as I hate instant decaf so I get my coffee fix only at the coffee shop. The benefits of this machine is that I can make hubby a real coffee and me a decaf in one sitting without wasting coffee!

  293. The chocolate cat says:

    Im a long black girl and hubby loves a flat white! We would love one of these machines, a nice treat after a rough few weeks! Thanks for the chance to win!

  294. “Don’t talk to her,” my kids will say
    “She cannot function for the day
    “Until shes drunk that first latte”
    Perfect coffee, a perfect day.

  295. I’m another freak of nature who doesnt drink coffee, but am married to a coffee lover at least 5 cups a day. he loves his espresso and with his birthday coming up (Christmas Day) all his Christmas & birthday would come at once with this perfect gift.

  296. Yvette Moon says:

    I love my coffee any way I can get it. From chewing the fresh roasted coffee beans or the chocolate coated coffee bean to that first cup of coffee in the morning made the traditional French way. I also love a good shot of expresso or a short black to keep me going through the day. After dinner a nice cup of cappuccino with friends or in front of the tv. And if I am a little restless at night a cup of coffee with cream soothes all the days worries and I am off to sleep in no time.

    Having been brought up French I started drinking coffee as young as one year old with a mix of half milk half coffee and sugar to start my day which has continued throughout my life. I am thankful for my European roots. And the tradition has been passed on to my daughter.

    I would love to win a Woolworths Caffitaly Coffeemaker to continue to explore the wonderful world of coffee.

    The only other reason would be that my birthday is on 24 November. What a wonderful Birthday surprise that would be!!

    Thank you for listening!

  297. Skinny Cap here! Would love to have the Caffitaly just to make my coffees extra special – EVERY time.

  298. I love a long black with a dash of milk but every now and again a cap or a mocha as a treat does the trick. I would love one of these machines for my Mum who offers instant coffee or on a special occasion drags out the percolator which is now antiquated :)

  299. nicole larsen says:

    long strong and black early in the morning on the balcony so I can start the day just right

  300. I’m a caramel latte lover, and my hubby lives on cappuccinos! So one of these lovely looking machines would save us a ton of money and we could indulge a little more regularly 😉

  301. I love my coffee every morning with chocolate 😉
    I’d love to win, so I’ve got something to wake up to every morning

  302. Every morning without fail I start my day with a Mocha. Warm milk in the cup with a teaspoon of drinking chocolate, coffee and one mocha ready to enjoy!
    It’s downhill once I get to work … a quick instant just doesn’t seem the same.
    I might have to take the Caffitaly to work with me … a coffee or 2 or 3 from this would make the day so much better!!

  303. Tracy Martens says:

    I’m a Skinny Flat White kind of girl, who is very grumpy in the mornings until I have that first sip of real coffee. I need to win the Caffitaly, so I can have my coffee first thing in the morningand then my kidlets will no longer have a grumpy Mum and won’t have walk on eggshells around me……

  304. roberto colombi says:

    Double shot espresso first thing in the morning… the ideal Cuppa as the perfect Wakeruppa!

  305. Marie Pohnetalova says:

    After a morning surf, a latte to celebrate… I love ‘Ruling the Waves’ and ‘Waiving the Rules’ to normal conventions!

  306. At the moment Im an instant coffee girl at home but Id love to join the skinny cap club and indulge in an incredibly good coffee each morning!

  307. Karen Turner says:

    I love a nice cappuccino, there so smooth and creamy.

  308. A cappuccino is my favourite. A good shot of espresso with lovely warm, frothy milk. Divine! It is my favourite way to start my day.

  309. My friends and husband call me double backflip why bother when it comes to coffee! My one and only is a 1/2 strength skim flat white in a cup extra hot. BTW just want to say I’m a new reader and love your advice, knowledge and stories you share!

  310. just the perfect thing i need to start my busy days awesome skinny latte mmmmm

  311. S-kinny latte;
    W-ith mates for taste;
    E-ither at home or away;
    E-xcept I’m distraught;
    T-he machine that I bought;
    E-xited on our divorce day;
    N-ow coffee packets and cans;
    E-ven flavoured are pants;
    R-educing me to frowns;
    S-o please send me this jug, put a smile on my mug… and make my coffee the talk of the town!

  312. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these coffee machines. I am always at Woolworths & have noticed them popping up. I would love to win one not for myself but for my husband. I don’t drink coffee (I know!) but he started drinking it when our kids were little. He likes his coffee strong, with milk & one sugar. Thanks again for the opportunity to win!

  313. At home Im one scoop of instant coffee with milk. When out, Im a large cafe latte with normal milk.
    I would love to win the coffee machine so I could enjoy a good consistent coffee every morning and ditch the instant.

  314. Morning Coffee – Espresso Hit
    Lunch Coffee – Cappuccino
    Afternoon Coffee – Affogato
    Night Cap Coffee – Coffee with Balieys and a dash of caramel!


  315. colleen kirkby says:

    I am a make it up as I go kinda girl it normally involves milo coffee sugar and milk, but the quantities change depending on the morning and how much time have and I really want to win because after reading your blog I went to buy one at my local (northam WA) and they didn’t have any

  316. A skinny cap girl who needs to win because the nearest coffee shop is 20 mins away. We don’t yet many visitors yet but I’d love to reward anyone who dares venture across the cattle grid and creek with a good coffee.

  317. I wake up with a medium roast flat white and it helps me get ready for the day. I’m sure one of my four little ones would start pressing all the buttons or the lever thinking hey mum’s got us a new toy but I would really really really love to have this machine at home just for me.

  318. I love either a cappuccino or latte with full cream milk and no sugar. i’d love to win so i can make myself a coffee and sit down and read blogs while my little one is asleep! 😉

  319. I love a Mochachino, very frothy and chocolatey. It’s hard to make at home so hopefully this would help me out.

  320. would love, love one of these machines….. Then I could sit down & just have some me time with a coffee (& feel a bit spoilt because it’s just a bit special!) :) Thank you

  321. Kirsten McKenzie says:

    i love a long black first thing in the morning.
    i really like how easy it is to make coffee using this machine. when guests drop in how much simpler it is to make them a decent cup of coffee. i also like how conveient it is to buy the coffee from your local woolies store.

  322. Before kids, I was a “skinny latte” kinda girl. Now I’m an “instant coffee in a chipped lighting mcqueen mug skulled cold while hiding from my toddler so I don’t have to share” kinda girl. I’d love to win a machine like this so I can inject some cafe class into my day and help ressurect the coffee snob in me!

  323. I am addicted to Gloria Jeans Caramel Latte’s with Skim milk. I would love to be able to make my own and not have to buy them as I lost my job in July and and can’t afford to go and buy them. :)

  324. My husband and I have been trying to restrict our cappuccino intake to 2 a week, but that is just not possible!! He started me on cappuccinos a few years ago, and now I am addicted, and with a 3 year old and a 1 year old, and me only working a pathetic 6 hours a week, these coffees are adding up. Especially when I had 2 today (shhhhhhhh!!)…
    I love a normal cappuccino with half a sugar. And I go to safeway (sorry, Woolworths) almost every day of the week (because there are 2 within walking distance of my house. :)

  325. I’m a mocha girl. Love a bit of chocolate with my coffee

  326. I hope a Caffitaly at home can help us to reduce the fight between me and my wife. As we both are working and we badly need a coffee when we are back home and it’s a question who’s gonna make the coffee. It seems Caffitaly is so easy to operate by seeing the video ( ) and hence can’t wait long until the Santa comes!!!!

  327. I love a good skinny cap.

    Very proud of myself as I have reduced my sugar from 2, to half a teaspoon thanks to a half hearted 12WBT attempt. Think of all the money I save on sugar..LOL. Well that is what I tell my husband.

  328. Alice Beswick says:

    Strong white and 1 sugar!! I recently broke the glass jug of my perculator so i’ve had to be clever and balance the filter holder over my cup to make my coffee!!!

  329. Skinny Cap no Sugar! We’ve had a manual machine for years, for hubbys birthday I sent him on a barista course. It was his baby and I loved waking up to a fresh coffee in the mornings. Confession…I never learnt to use the machine deliberately cause then I would have to make them! Our machine ‘died’ earlier this year and for financial reasons we haven’t been able to replace. I would love a new easy to use machine so I could return the favour and make coffee for hubby :)

  330. I have my coffee with a big grin, wearing my dressing gown, with usually a small person trying to scale up my leg! I take it as a long macciato (nearly 2 years with limited diet while I nursed my youngest meant I got used to it black, and as they say: won’t go back).

  331. I have often wondered what these coffee makers are like, I had always thought I would like a nespresso one, but maybe this is a better option. It is going on the Christmas wish list for sure! I am a skinny latte kind of girl :)

  332. Vanilla latte…sometimes on skim…depends if im feeling norti or not. I need to win because I cant get enough of coffee and with this prize the machine would be at my beck and call 24/7

  333. Lee Marsden says:

    I’m a skinny latte chic, my brother has a machine like this and its fantastic! I just love the smell of coffee in the morning…it makes you feel awake and happy to be alive…what a great way to start the day!

  334. Misty Kellaway says:

    I like my coffee strong, white with two sugars but when I’m feeling blah I will head out and get a cappuccino so to be able to do that at home with a machine would be awesome and save time and money :)

  335. Jasmine1485 says:

    I don’t have coffee at all! I really want to win this as a thank you for my best friend and her family (all big coffee lovers) for being so generous with their time, energy and food. :) They’ve recently moved to a new house, this would be a fantastic housewarming present for them!

    kate1485 at hotmail dot com

  336. Short macchiato, I love my coffee quick and dirty!

  337. Hi Corrie
    Thanks for the possibility of winning one! Am a latte girl since coming here- full cream.
    Love reading your blog.

  338. I have mine with lots of frothy milk and lots of sugar…(I’m more of a hot chocolate girl!) but I would love to win this for my long suffering husband who loves a good coffee! He uses all his energy working hard at work and then coming home to our 3 busy little kids, and I have no idea how to make him a good coffee so he has to make his own instant coffee. He would love this!

  339. My drink would actually be a hot chocolate, as I don’t drink coffee. But My husband does, as do all my friends and I swear, they avoid coming over my hose for mothers group and visits as they know I don;t drink it and I probably make a really bad cup so this machine could enhance my social life beyond belief. I really need it. Also t compound things, my baby has a thing for teaspoons so all coffee is meaured out with a dessertspoon, no one wonder they all drink water when they come over.

  340. Flat white with 2 equal please!

  341. n. brigden says:

    LOVE a good skinny capp!! but instant is what keeps me going with my little ones at the moment. Having coffee out is certainly a luxury for me and boy do i enjoy it when i get the opportunity, so to have my own at home would be fantastic!!

  342. Robyne Nagel says:

    I love a cappacino but really am happy with just getting a coffee. I would love one of these machines as most mornings I dont have time for a coffee in between feeds, getting myself and my 3 gorgeous kids ready for school drop off. As I am breast feeding when I do have a coffee it is an instant decafe :( and I try to convince myself its real but the taste is not quite there. It would be great to be able to make a coffee quickly and have a nice tasting decaf which would help me convince my body its getting caffeine.

  343. Great giveaway Corrie :)
    I’m not a coffee drinker but the rest of the household is! This machine would be perfect for xmas entertaining :)

  344. I have 4 children 7yo and under and my two boys have Aspergers. So coffee became medicinal around child #3. I have never ever been a morning person anyway. My body clock simply does not function until the clock has double digits at the start. Coffee helps mightily though. Two coffees. Full strength.

  345. I’m really slow at waking up in the mornings. A short black helps considerably. After that I like skinny caps. I’d love to win this fantastic coffee machine to boost my energy and creativity.

  346. Im a skinny latte girl normally but at the moment Im a skinny decaf latte due to being pregnant. 12 months ago I was just a plain old latte girl, seems Ive changed my ways and taken all the fun out of it 😉 LOL I would love to win this for my mum. I have a lovely coffee machine which Im the only one who can use it unfortunately. I have to pack up my semi-industrial machine every time we have a family do at my mums and Id so love for her to have her own machine (she is a long black gal) and for me to be able to sit and enjoy my family rather than making coffee the whole time Im there. I love that every body can make their own coffee’s. Will be great for the upcoming Christmas season as well.

  347. I’m a skinny cap girl. My husband is the coffee maker in our house as I can’t figure out the old machine we have which. This would be perfect for me to use when he is at work. My dad lives with us, this would be perfect for him too who has become quite partial to a cappucino since living with us. Thanks for the competition.

  348. Oh how I love a skinny mocha!! A coffee AND a chocolate fix in one, how can you lose?! I desperately need to win one of these beautiful looking machines – running around with 4 littlies, whilst trying to be somewhat social with my friends means lots of Home playdates, and this would be great to indulge us with a coffee fix AND a chat in one, without costing the earth (because we all know how expensive it is to take kiddies out to the cafe!).

  349. Nadine maher says:

    I love a flat white, and with 2 boisterous boys under 3 I need a few of them to make it through the day!

  350. Renee Ballantyne says:

    Skinny cap is my preference to!

  351. My birthday is in a couple of weeks and it would be great to do away with instant coffee forever!! I love a skinny cap with one sugar (trying to cut back).!!
    Love your blog Corrie!

  352. I am a Caramel Latte kinda girl but don’t get to drink it that often as with two kids coffee dates are few and far between. I would love to make yummy cafe style coffee at home, especially as bubba number three is due at the end of March. I think that coffee drinking will soon become a huge part of my life!

  353. Hi Corrie
    I normally have a skinny cap, but I’m still breastfeeding my 3.5 month baby girl so unfortunately having to have skinny decafs at the moment… yet to find a good one out there yet and it’s been over a year!!!… anyway, I would love this as tomorrow is my birthday and it would be a lovely surprise.

  354. DEBORAH NEILL says:

    Im a Latte Girl, with full fat milk, I cant skimp on that! I would love a decent coffee machine thats quick and easy to use as with 3 kids and a 5 month old time is a luxury that i could use more of to enjoy a decent coffee! thanks

  355. Vanilla latte! Not quite the same done with instant coffee, so would love to win a machine! It might even make my husband get out of bed at a reasonable time if there is a REAL coffee ready in an instant!

  356. Scream! We would love one of these at our place to replace instant coffee. My husband likes his coffee hot with milk but I actually like my coffee milky then poured over crushed ice. Yumo! Thanks retromum.

  357. My goodness Corrie! What an amazing competition! I’m a full cream latte in the morning cappuccino in the afternoon kinds girl. We have a fancy pants machine that the Mr loves but it takes *forever* to warm up and is just too much fuss for me with the three small people always at my legs.

  358. Skinny latte girl here! My two eldest girls are at Uni and a good coffee helps them with assignment deadlines – this would make it super speedy and convenient for all 3 of us to get our coffee fixes! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  359. Melissa Barber says:

    I love a flat white with 2 sugars when I am home and love a capaccino when I go out. I need a new coffee machine cause hubby keeps breaking ours. It’s been in repairs three times and hubby broke the milk jug just the other day. He has been super gluing on the handle!

  360. Can’t start my day without a coffee and a slice of spelt toast with banana & honey. Followed by a second coffee to drink whilst I read my blogs and maybe write a little too.

  361. I’m a skinny cap too :) I desperately need a good coffee machine as my PhD thesis submission date is the 21/12/12 and with two little ones attached at my hip during the day, I am writing into the wee hours of the morning at the moment and will probably be pulling all-nighters by the end. Thanks!!!

  362. Emma mapley says:

    Skinny latte girl here, but sadly I can’t make a decent coffee to save myself! Help this busy Mumma, a simple coffee machine is just the answer!

  363. Sonia El-Sheikh says:

    I love skinny cappacino! I have to have this because i need a wake me up every morning to get through the crazy day ahead! :)

  364. Catrina Murray says:

    Cappuccino with a dash of caramel syrup is simply divine and the mix of caffeine and sweetness that I love so much! I would actually take this machine to work and use it in my office as they only supply (awful tasting & awfully cheap) instant coffee and I really need at least one great coffee to help me through the working day!

  365. Hot, frothy and with a mate,
    Coffee is a must for any date!

    A lattè at a par-tay,
    A mocha in the rocker,
    Anytime, anywhere,
    Mention coffee and I’ll be there!

  366. Ohhhh I so have to win this! I don’t drink coffee buuuuut my hubby and mummy girlfriends do so when they are in need of a coffee all I can offer is terrible instant coffee as I have NO IDEA how to use a coffee machine – the ease of this beauty would help ALLOT!! Oh and hubby likes a Flat White to start his day, thanks 😉

  367. wow, what a lot of hopeful entries. I was so lucky to have won the Twinings Tea box that I hope someone else will enjoy the coffee machines.

  368. I’m a flat white kinda girl…two a day…maybe three if i’m lucky enough to fit it in…

  369. Now, don’t laugh, but I am a skinny decaf latte girl. My husband detests ordering my “coffee” when we are out.
    We have a new caravan and I’m thinking that gorgeous little machine is the perfect size for our caravan! Because I like to still have the little luxuries with me so we can truely go “glamping”.
    Thanks Corrie :-)

  370. Hi Retromummy

    I drink cappucinos but I dont want to win this machine for me. My sister gave birth to twin girls a month ago that were born at 24 weeks. They are currently living in the NICU and that is where I would love the machine to go to the wonderful NICU nurses that take such good care of my neices. I am sure a freshly made coffee would be appreciated during their long shifts

  371. I actually like my coffee as a hot chocolate!
    About to have 1st bub and love reading your blog. Have your list of what to take to hospital and am all ready to go.
    Would use the coffee machine to provide coffee all the visitors who will be coming to see new bub- including in laws from NYC (i need to show them REAL coffee!!)

  372. I am a skinny flat white! And I’d love that coffee machine!!!!

  373. I love my coffee the way my hubby makes it!!

  374. I love a Skinny Mocha Corrie, to achieve this at home I just add a teaspoon of Cadbury Drinking Chocolate before I add the milk YUM! I would love this for my brother, as he & his wife are expecting their first baby and I think a GOOD coffee (not instant) would be fabulous for a bit more ‘get up n go’ that you need with a newborn bub :-)

  375. Sue Hoskin says:

    Would love a coffee machine, we are a small unit with a hospital but our elderly patients are with us for a couple of hours so it would be WONDERFUL to offer them a carpaccio as many of them have mobility difficulties and rarely leave their homes so they could become yuppies

  376. Love Mocha and Cappuccino, Chocolate and coffee my two loves!

  377. I have 6 kids, you can relate I am sure why this is needed.

  378. I love a Cappucino with lots of froth on top … It keeps me going, just like the bunny in the battery ads.

  379. STRONG! Is how I like my coffee.
    And why must I have this machine? Cos I NEED it 😉
    Call me Anna Caffitaly – that machine has got to be mine! LOL 😀
    I have ‘made do’ with the instant for long enough. And as for the visitors and the offering of coffee – the sound of that one word response when I say ‘I’ve only got instant…’
    I’m keen to have that stop!
    Pretty Please!

  380. I’m a soy latte girl,
    and coffee is my world.
    My soy latte is the only way,
    For me to start every day.

  381. Rebecca Scarinci says:

    I am a vanilla latte girl because I have a very sweet tooth…caramel latte’s are also yummy

  382. Michelle Gray says:

    I’m a latte with full cream milk, no sugar girl :)

    I should come with a warning, “do not touch before her coffee in the morning!!!!!”

  383. I love a small skinny latte with 1 Stevia. 😉 My girls at Muffin Break know my order off by heart, and they make it so creamy too! Would love to have a go at making one at home! Thanks heaps for such a great giveaway! 😀

  384. Joselle Griffin says:

    Hot….. hot hot hot! As long as it scorchesI love it. Generally a frothy cuppacinno will do, add two sugars and i’m in heaven!

  385. I like my coffee hot and sweet, just how I like my… Channing Tatum!

  386. I’m a soy flat white kinda gal but this machine, if I was so lucky enough to win would be delivered straight to my father. I bought him an ok coffee machine 2 years ago for his birthday and it wasn’t basic enough for the cappuccino lover to use so it sat in the darkest spot in the cupboard and after only one use, (me showing him how to use it) it was given to my brother. Being a coffee lover myself I want my dad to experience the taste of good coffee too and I feel this machine is just what he needs. So I would love my dad to win this and help him to convert from instant to amazing coffee.

  387. Kevin Kelly says:

    With just a little milk putting it off till as long as I can so I can enjoy it more soaking up the aroma of the fresh ground beans, it makes going to work all worth while. I would bounce off the ceiling with joy if I won this coffee machine

  388. Rosslyn T. says:

    Full strength, full cream and full sweetness cappuccino’s for me!!!!
    Life’s too short for compromises!!!!

  389. Cappuccino, no sugars please and a babycino for my little one…and then perhaps a quiet moment so I can drink it, hot, no interruptions!!

  390. Love a not too strong cappucino…with lots of sugar!
    Also one pot cooking, one step anything! Caffitaly won me at ‘one’ touch!!

  391. Penny George says:

    Coffee is yummy, coffee is neat, strong black with two, by far the ultimate treat. One of these can go a long way, to making me smile when starting the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share – Caffitaly – nothing else will compare!

  392. Sarah Klopp says:

    Years ago i tried a Latte, and I haven’t turned back since! The local bakery know exactly how I have it!! My kids are wanting to make me a coffee in the morning – maybe they know Mum is much nicer after a coffee! A Caffitaly would be so simple and safe for them to use!!

  393. Oh Corrie!
    I have a funny coffee story for you!
    Up until three months ago -I had never had coffee. I decided to grow up and give it a go – so 4pm one afternoon I went to my local yummy deli and ordered a soy latte – with lots of sugar, so that I couldn’t actually taste the bitterness of the coffee.! mmmmm. The taste was delish – as good as the smell! I was still awake a 3:00am the next morning!
    Over the course of the next couple of weeks, I would have had about 5 cups of coffee. I have never slept so badly! I decided I didn’t need to grow up, and ‘went off’ coffee.

    Last week, I thought I’d give it another go – so I decaf’d it – BEFORE 11:00am. I have had a couple since then – and I think I am doing OK in the sleep department – not sure if that is because I am so so tired that I am sleeping standing up!

    Anyway – my fabulous husband is a bit of a coffee man, and I think both he and I would love one to add to our kitchen. Then maybe I can serve our guest something other than dodgy moccona!


  394. Oh, it’s definitely a cappucino for me!! With two sugars!

  395. Tess Howard says:

    So tired from work, I could cry
    Boss has me begging “Why, why, why?”
    Bra’s on backwards (sadly, fits better that way)
    Every morning, ESPRESSO saves my day!

  396. ESPRESSO – dark and rich, what more could a girl nees and want to start the day

  397. You’ve sold it to me- enough to make me post on your blog! I have been eyeing this machine in my local Woollies for the past week but was skeptical about the end product. Your review was thorough and inviting, and this Caffitaly coffee machine sounds like just what I want, something reliable to make me my Strong Flat White in the morning!

  398. I love a strong rich expresso first thing in the morning… it gives me the get up and go I need for that early morning jog… I am loving the Caffitaly System… seriously cannot look at my sad bottle of coffee the same anymore:-)

  399. Erica Vince says:

    I have my coffee black normally because I don’t have a Caffitaly Coffee machine that could make me a yummy, creamy, cappuccino with lots of chocolate on it and that’s why I need to win.

  400. I’m usually a long black girl with a dash of milk. Occasionally, I’ll splurge and enjoy a decadent mocha. I’d love this machine, my husband hates the idea of spending money on something as frivolous as coffee. So speakth the man who has a coffee machine at work!

  401. White or black, either way it’s straight down the hatch!

  402. Lani Kennedy says:

    I love a Soy Latte with a touch of honey…….and I live and work on a property far from town. This machine would improve my “work coffee” experience, and set me up for the day ahead !!

  403. Nicole Taylor says:

    I have to win because we only have boring instant coffee, so that is all i have, and i love and need my coffee with three little sleepless active kiddies to run around after, i can only imagine how nice it would be to sit down to a proper coffee!!

  404. Sally (aka: Sirmo) Hanzikourti says:

    I am a latte girl through and through. I was born and raised in Melbourne- the heart of Australia’s coffee culture. It wasn’t unusual for Mum and/or friends to drive for over an hour on the weekend and have a fantastic coffee or latte or two. Life’s too short to drink bland instant coffee!

  405. Kelly Ryan says:

    Now I’m pregnant, I only have coffee a couple times a week, but my favourite is a skinny caramel latte with lots of froth on top!

  406. Judith Senese says:

    Skinny Late is for me, and with this I would not have to do a drive every morning to my local cafe.

  407. Hot and strong just like my men! I have to win so i can walk out of the house without being mistaken for a zombie!

  408. On the way to work I get a skinny cap every day. I would love to win one of these great machines because we do not have one but also because my sister in law is coming to stay at Christmas and she is Italian and coffee mad. It would be fantastic!

  409. Kay Gerritsen - Blaney says:

    I can’t go past a skinny Latte….

  410. allison olsen says:

    I have to win because Im a tea drinker, hubby is a coffee drinker, complains about the way I make it, time to make him a FLASH coffee…no more complaining.

  411. Liz Dreves says:

    I jsut want to say thanks for my new coffee machine that I won… arrived last night…… very appreciative.

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