I’m making a waldorf doll

Last night I went out. At night time. Something I don’t really do since I’m usually getting little people bathed and into bed. But I went out to a gorgeous little waldorf doll making class. And I loved it. We started making the head of a little doll to give to a baby and I can see I need some work in the head making department. Here is my progress so far.

But don’t worry if that doesn’t look like a doll’s head. Because you then stretch over a piece of flesh coloured knit over the top…..see, we’re starting to look a bit more like a head aren’t we?

And of course in true retro mummy style I talked too much and had emerson in a sling on me so the other ladies in the class are all ahead of me and finished their heads but I’ve got a bit of homework. And this is the kind of homework that I won’t mind doing. In fact if I had to go and sew and make dolls all day I’d be one happy content lady.

The reason I went to the class is that I’ve just discovered waldorf/steiner dolls and they are adorable. They are completely handmade and I love how the teacher told us that she makes all of her dolls by hand so that you can give them away to a child and know that they are completely made by hand. That just hits the spot with me and why I love to knit. Knowing that my hands have made something and turned a ball of wool into something special.

And these gorgeous images came from two books I picked up on etsy recently. They are actually written in french. And no I don’t speak french – I speak high school french but I figured with a doll making course behind me and pictures and google I can get there.

I know some of you share my love of these beautiful dolls so tell me what you love about them? For me it’s the sweet rosy little faces and being handmade from top to bottom. I just adore them and so do my girls…….


  1. I love Waldorf dolls! Kayscha has been busy bragging about your class this morning, so I’m off on an internet search for supplies. Rural living has it’s draw backs…

  2. Well done Corrie.
    I love them and have a Bamboletta Waldorf doll in the cupboard for Keira for Christmas. Now I am working on all Lila’s new outfits. She will hopefully have a good wardrobe by Christmas time.
    Look forward to seeing her all finished.

  3. They are gorgeous – I can see you knitting a little outfit for your doll. Elaina xo

  4. I must admit, I’d never heard of a Waldorf Doll, but I’m glad I have now. They are absolutlely gorgeous. I love those rosy cheeks, and the proportions of the faces are so right. My girls would love these! Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

    Asten x

  5. That’s a cute project. Hoping to see it finished soon.

  6. Oh I love these – I made on for my daughter – we called her Jenifer after my mum. She has long blonde hair like my girl had. We used to have a doll making group every Wednesday night – by the end of it there was lots of wine and chat and not much sewing!
    We even had a weekend away ! Only with other Steiner doll makers can you discuss how hard or tight the head is without it seeming rude!

  7. The Waldorf education curriculum is at least 80 years old. It is the most researched education curriculum in the world. Both my children had four years in this curriculum and then converted to government. My daughter is classified as gifted and talented by th education department for visual arts and music.

    The weight of a doll is supposed to be heavier than a normal shop doll to simulate the weight of a real baby for the child. There are no synthetic fibers used in the making of the dolls and the head is shaped thus to resemble a real head of a child/toddler. Some mothers put a precious stone in the doll to be the heart, like a garnet or rose quartz or the child’s birthday stone. Lilybelles one I ordered from Germany has the cutest bum sewn onto her. The doll can resemble the child, ie same hair color and eyes. I have made a miniature set of these for nativity. I will post photos when we set up for christmas this year.

    So glad you are having fun with this.

  8. I love Waldorf dolls, they’re so cute. I’ve been thinking of making one but they kind of intimidate me. I should check if there’s a class in Brisbane, that’d be a nice way to learn how to make them.
    I can’t wait to see yours all finished, maybe with a hand-knitted kina to go with it? :)

  9. Aren’t they just delightful! I can see why you would enjoy making them and the process involved. I agree…..this type of homework is they type we don’t mind doing 😉 I found the entry above very interesting as I find alternative education etc quite fascinating. I will look at your link too…x

  10. This is the first I have heard of these dolls, but they are precious. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love Waldorf dolls. I’d love to learn to make them. Can’t wait to see yours progress.

  12. I love Walldorf dolls….now I do. I had a classic one as a kid (classic ones don’t show emotions so the child can imagine them more freely, so no smiling), my mum loved it, I didn’t care for her at all. I bought a beautiful one for my daughter…she couldn’t care less. She doesn’t care for dolls per se, but if she plays with one, she’ll always choose plastic over her beautiful Walldorf one. Inspite of a smile! So I’ve given up on my idea to make one. I have the impression that only adults like them. Too bad.Sniff.

  13. Have been collecting images and tutorial and places that supply the bits and pieces to make for years but havent got around to it. Like others have said a little intimidated by it and just havent had the time. Was enrolled in a course on the Gold Coast then it never happened. And learned to sew/bought a sewing machine with these in mind as part of the appeal to me is the sweet little clothes although I have to admit to being envious of your knitting skills as I think they are topped of by a lovely little knitted cardigan. There are so many lovely ones to be seen online and as someone else posted I too love that they can be personalised ie eye and hair color/style to match your child. They are so much nicer than plastic and really do have a lovely weight and warmth to them. And I love the sweet little touches like the birthstones for hearts and little bags with cute little things inside like a mini doll or something. Beautiful work Corrie I think you have done well to get as much done as you have with a baby strapped on you the whole time (and all the talking LOL). Look fwd to seeing how you dress this little one. You do know you are going to have to make one for each of your little ones now dont you ?

  14. How sweet are these photos Corrie! Good on you for getting out there and doing a course. They are so sweet, and I love the comments others have left about the birth stones and other personal touches. gorgeous dolls thanks so much for sharing, please keep us updated on your progress :-) XO Jetts

  15. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Oh how lovely, they are the sweetest looking little dolls Corrie. I am pretty sure I’ve never heard of them before. Clever you, the girls are going to love it… no doubt you’ll have to end up making a whole family of them! xo

  16. Corrie you need to check out Little Jenny Wren – she is a tassie dollmaker and her dolls are just exquisite. There is something very special about Waldorf dolls. My little ones love theirs (and I loved making them!)

  17. Colleen D. says:

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen these dolls before! How sweet and beautiful! Thank you for bringing them to my attention. Now if only I could find a class near me…

  18. These are beautiful dolls, I love their gorgeous round-ness, reminds me of Elodie and my Matilda. I had a slightly different idea of Waldorf dolls as being gender neutral (yes fully natural & handmade) so I never pursued learning to make one. But I love these ones & will look into it more now. I love the idea of making the doll similar to the recipient. If anyone hears of an online course/sew-along etc I would love to know about it, as living in regional Vic I’m sure there won’t be a nearby course I can get to!

  19. They are really cute dolls, I would have loved to make one for my daughter, she’s a little old now, turned 18 this week! She looked like a little Waldorf doll when she was a toddler. Maybe I’ll have to make one ready for a grand-daughter!

  20. Lo que más me gusta de estas muñecas es su nariz tan pequeña.

  21. Hi, My mother used to make these and I would looove to know where you did your course as I’m trying to find somewhere in NSW that does them. I hope to hear from you soon 😊

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