the baptism is over

Well tonight our feet are up and we are resting after Emerson’s gorgeous baptism today. Us catholics are funny people. We’re not particularly evangelical in our faith, we are mostly born into it and often take it for granted. It’s just there and a part of our lives. But we love our traditions and we love our sacraments. It’s something that our parents chose for us and their parents chose for them and so on. I love that. And when we baptise our babies we welcome them into our church and give them something for life. Whatever happens in your life, however hard it gets, to have faith and believe in God is something very special.

And didn’t we look like the good catholic family when we trotted into church with our 5th baby to be baptised. There were 2 other families with their first child being baptised and I was so proud of my gorgeous babies. We had the youngest priest in our parish who is from South Korea and he had the little ones come out and help him bless the water.

And at the end of the ceremony he took us all by surprise to come out and do a little gangnam style! Everyone thought it was a classic and the great thing is that no one will forget emerson’s baptism anytime soon.

I couldn’t decide which dress I was going to wear as I’d bought the same dress in different colours but settled on the coral one with a pair of new red shoes. There will be no more shopping for clothes until Christmas as it was just a little extravagent to buy the same 2 dresses but it’s such a gorgeous dress to wear and I just knew I’d get a lot of wear out of them. It’s a far cry from previous baptisms where my babies have all been 6 weeks old and I’ve had to dig something out from my maternity wardrobe.

And I discovered spanx and decided there is no turning back now. I asked my gorgeous readers on facebook (who know everything) what to get and spanx from target was the winner. They are my new magic pants – very unattractive beige pants to look at and very uncomfortable to put on but once they’re on they work miracles. Miracles! I got the high waisted pair and did avoid using the bathroom purely because there is some serious squirming and wriggling to get into them. And that got me thinking that if you like to have a few drinks then you’re not going to want to be pulling those babies up towards the end of the evening. But for a daytime baptism they did the trick and sucked everything in.

The food was amazing! I found the caterer on the internet and everything was delicious. I love to cook but a new baby, a baptism and hosting at your own house makes cooking for a crowd hard work. It all looked great and in all the rush I didn’t put one of the dishes in the oven and forgot to take it out of it’s foil but that’s ok. It all got eaten.

The kids had their own fun in the uptairs lounge room and were happy with food, a craft table and a huge jar of lollies and chocolate. There were about 14 little ones and they had a ball. And when they all left my little ones continued the party upstairs without them.

And after a lot of running around, organising, outsourcing and worrying – I can happily say that it all ran smoothly. Unfortunately lots of photos are on my camera which isn’t co-operating but as soon as I’ve got it looked at, I’ll be sharing the nice fancy pics. Thank you for all of your wishes. It was just a perfect day and emerson was the perfect baby.


  1. Happy baptism Emmerson. Corrie you look amazing! It sounds like a wonderful day with many special memories made. Take care Fee xx

  2. Corrie you look GORGEOUS! Where did you buy your beautiful dress – I would have bought two as well! Spandex huh – never heard of it – must check it out!
    Congratulations on a smooth Baptism day – top idea to out-source! Emerson looks super cute!

  3. Hi Corrie – looks like you had a great time – and I just adore the last piccie of Emerson asleep.

  4. Oh, it all looks so lovely. Your dress is perfect for the occasion and what a good idea to have the children upstairs for there own little reception party.
    Emerson looks adorable and I see Elodie had a dress to match yours. Were Tillie and Kiera dressed alike?
    Put your feet up and relax now.

  5. Thanks for sharing a beautiful celebration! Sounds like it was a perfect day!

  6. Happy Christening Emmerson. He’s such a sweetie. You look fabulous as ever Corrie. What a cool priest you have! I could never imagine anything like that when I used to go to church. (I’m Catholic but have fallen off the wagon) I have images as a child of hell, fire and brimstone from my parish priest :( It’s so nice to see a Catholic priest celebrating rather than mourning our religion.

    So happy you all had a wonderful day x

  7. What a lovely celebration!!! I have to say, when I got my daughter baptised (she was 10 months old, and it was on the weekend between my grandmother’s funeral & memorial service) we certainly didn’t go all out like this – though, we did have the bishop (we’re Anglican) perform the ceremony!! Advantages of knowing him from way back when he was the pastor of our little church, and him being a family friend, lol!!
    Your after-party looks absolutely fantabulous! The food, the cake, the dress – yes, the dress!!! And the upstairs party for the littlies – genius!! What a lovely way to celebrate the baptism of your little wonder!! Hoping your camera decides to behave and hand over your photos from this obviously wonderful day!!

  8. What a beautiful description of a beautiful celebration Corrie. Congratulations to you all on the baptism of Emmerson. I loved reading the bit about the priest dancing gangnam style – classic! :)

  9. Mama of 2 boys says:

    Looks absolutely lovely Corrie, well done on getting through your 5th baptism, so special. You look gorgeous in your new dress and it even looked like Elodie had a mini version of Mama’s dress too, cute! Hope you can relax a bit now xo

  10. So glad this special day went smoothly for you all. Lovely red dress & of course sleeping babies are always wonerful!

  11. Oops…should be wonderful.

  12. Such special moment for you and your family. Many congratulations and all my good wishes for all of you.

  13. It looks like it really was a perfect day. I would have paid for front row seats to see the Gangnam style dance! Great idea for the craft table with the jar of treats. Hope your week is a little more relaxing this week. Elaina x

  14. So happy that everything went well for the baptism. Emerson looks so adorable. You look great in your dress too, and the spandex sounds like it works well – must have a look at that one day soon. I would have bought 2 dresses too if they looked that great on me as well.

  15. Congratulations Emerson and well
    Done Corrie looks like you did an amazing job!

  16. cecily maher says:

    oh congratulations what a beautiful day for you all. The food , the dress, and the bubba all looked fantastico! We have a lovely phillipino priest at our parish Father Terry – kids love him, he is always cracking jokes and has the biggest smile and eyes and a great laugh ! Glad you all had a great day

  17. Congrats on the baptism, funnily enough you do manage to get used to those pants and I have hit the town with them on, many drinks, many toilet stops, but no worries.

  18. Rebecca Simunic says:

    It all looks wonderful. Congratulations. I love love love those shoes!!! Bec xx

  19. Just beautiful

  20. Oh, what a beautiful day! You look gorgeous in that dress, the food looks yummo and Emerson is just too darn cute! Making me clucky like you wouldn’t believe! Sounds like a very precious day!

  21. Congratulations to your family with the baptism of Emerson Charles. Corrie, looking good for a mum of 5. What a special day…..God Bless you always!

  22. Thanks for sharing. First communion and Holy communiion are also sacraments to celebrate, I bcame even prouder with my chidren.

  23. Don’t we love being Catholic. All those wonderful sacraments to share with our families & friends. A real sense of community that so many people need today. I encourage anyone like, moleymake, who has “fallen off the wagon”to try and go to mass again soon. It’s just like riding a bike, you never forget.

  24. Congratulations Emerson on your baptism!
    I’m really so glad there is an Australian blog like yours Corrie that is so open and proud to be Catholic and shares the journey.
    Had a laugh at your comment about looking like the “good Catholic family” with your 5 kids walking into church… and I agree that a lot of us are born into it and it’s just a part of our lives but I’m grateful to my parents and I hope my children will be grateful to, for having that direction in our lives. :)

  25. Theresa V says:

    I loved this post & it made me dig out my daughters Baptism photos from 5 yrs ago where my sister & I had both our 6month olds baptized together with a feast to follow and even a layer of my wedding cake served! -I think you are an awesome Catholic Corrie as you live your Faith & go to mass with your kids regularly, what an example & as you say, a Gift to give them. My parents used to celebrate our Baptism Anniversarys each year (for 4 kids) with a cake, a spiritual gift/book & light the candle…now I do the same.I think the ‘funny Catholics’ really are the ones who do the fancy Baptism but don’t rock up to mass again until their babies start school! Your parish must love your big family & smile alot when they see you.

  26. Thanks for sharing the photos. He looks so adorable. I love baptisms. Congrats to Emerson on his special day. Good job on outsourcing. Spanx hey, I have something like that from Target too. Good to know I can get the Spanx version. I hear a lot of good stuff about it. Anyway, may God continue to bless your family always.


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