it’s a baptism not a wedding!

This has been a crazy week with sponsored posts due, a photoshoot for the twins, a baptism to organise and just my busy day to day life going on. I fell asleep on the couch last night at 8.30pm with elodie and thankfully retro daddy got everyone else to sleep. Elodie slept till 8 this morning so I’d say she’s just as tired being with her busy mummy everyday.

Organising the baptism has felt like I’m organising a wedding. With Elodie’s baptism I learnt to outsource as much as I can but rest assured it still means lots of work. Order the cake, pay the caterer (we’re only doing sandwiches and a few little finger foods), confirm with the church, get my hair done, make sure the gown is ready (I pulled it out of a box on monday and had it soaking in napisan for a day), check the gown fits (it’s a snug fit on mr emerson), order the candle from the nuns and make sure it gets here in time, find some shoes to match my new dress and order them online because david jones has sold out of all small sizes, order a white tablecloth and hope it arrives in time……..

today I need to clean up, write a shopping list for saturday, do a time plan for the day, return Tillie’s dress to country road which arrived with stains on it from the dye they’ve used……………And on sunday afternoon I’m going to put my feet up and rest……..and maybe be a little sad that the last of my babies has been baptised. But I do have first holy communions to look forward to. Plenty more sacraments ahead of us.

These are all pics from Elodie’s baptism


  1. I feel exhausted just reading this post! Make sure you get your well deserved rest on Sunday!

  2. The cake is just gorgeous, very plain but just right… yes plenty more in the yers to follow with First Holy Communion, Confirmations, Weddings……..

  3. That cake looks like a wedding cake, I can see how you could get confused!

  4. Lovely post, and yes, the First Holy Communions are just as special so something wonderful for you to look forward to!

  5. The perils of chubby babies… I am trying to gauge when my, not so little, Gia needs to be Baptised so she still fits into her big sister’s Baptism outfit!!
    Hope you guys have a beautiful day xo

  6. Yes it does get busy!! Especially when it’s time for Communion/Confirmation/Reconciliation! My son did that last year, and next year is my daughters turn, its all very busy. Our Parish had 3 separate ceremonies, Rcconciliation, Confirmation and 1st Communion – so it was a very busy 6 months! You’ll at least have a breather after Sunday for a couple of years before Keira starts her next round of sacraments, I’m not looking forward to trying to find a dress for my daughter, still tossing up if I should make it and if we have a veil.

  7. natalie mcarthur. says:

    What wonderful memories you’re creating for your children. Elodie’s Christening looked so special. I love the cake and the Christening dress is divine!

  8. Such a lot of details to think of. I am sure it will be lovely. Have you organized something for Retro Daddy to wear? I guess he has plenty of suits etc.
    Have a fabulous week-end.

  9. Beautiful! I was getting confused, as the Cake said Elodie and I was wondering then why you were worried about the gown on Emerson. Sorry. I’m a little off my game today (I am new here and thought perhaps you were getting your daughter baptised too).

    I’ve caught up now. Back to scheduled programming. Beautiful layout for Elodie’s (I adore that name! I adore Emerson even more). Is it wrong to note that I also adore the font that the comment program has me posting in? It’s gorgeous too.

    Good luck for the weekend. Hope the tablecloth gets here on time and everything goes smoothly. But as you said – it’s not a wedding. And at the end of the day, you’ll have the result you want, even if the little bits and pieces aren’t perfect.

  10. Oh it does sound like a wedding, only you have 5 children too!!
    We didn’t do christenings, actually we didn’t do the kitchen tea, engagement party thing either. I put on a great party, but i could never keep up now with 4 children, just the big events forever more.
    Have a fantastic day, love Posie

  11. I did two baptisms but with my third, because I was not a regular church goer, I could not find a priest willing to do it. This was even though I had been to catholic school, got married in the church and had my two older children baptised as well. I eventually gave up. I have felt guilty for the last nine years. My son now informs me with all of the conviction of a nine year old, that he doesn’t believe in god anyway. I am pleased I wasted all of that time feeling guilty,lol. :)

    With all of the rushing around, I hoe you have time to enjoy the day.

  12. Lots of work it sounds. Many congratulations for the baptism. May you have many more ceremonies to share your love and joy with the family.

  13. I love the traditions that surround baptisms, including the wearing of the gown even for baby boys. In my native country of France, one has to add the sugar almonds to the “to do” list…..

  14. PS: love the Eiffel Tower tablecloth you had for Elodie’s… goes with her french name I guess….

  15. Corrie you do a fantastic job as always. The cake is not plain, but beautiful . Take a deep breath and everything will flow. Details were beautiful for Elodies’baptism, i’m sure emersons’ will just as nice.

  16. Exhausting! Just wait until you actually have to help with planning your childrne’s weddings! Lol… Perhaps just think ahead to Emerson’s 1st Birthday first :)

    Sophie xo

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