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Well hi and welcome to my new blog! To say that I love this new space is an understatement. You hope for the best when you sign up with a designer, you hope they get your style even though they’ve just ‘met’ you online. You spend hours thinking about colours and font and layout and what you want and what you don’t want. There are late nights too. And you’re not the one actually designing it. But you want to get it just right.

But it is so worth it in the end. My new blog is everything I wanted and more. It’s fresh and modern while still being a little bit retro and vintage. It’s not too fussy while still being a little bit crafty and creative. I wanted an easy layout that wasn’t too tricky for my regulars. And if you’ve come to this blog and are a little confused by the new design then just click ‘blog’ up there in the top tabs and you’ll be able to read the blog the old way. Easy.

I still have a few things to tweak here and there but I just want to start blogging again now that all of my content is here! All 5 years of it! And over 33,000 comments! A huge thank you to Courtney who made all of this possible. And was so patient. I’m not the brightest blogger on the block when it comes to wordpress, self hosting or any of that stuff but no question was too stupid. And I had some questions. Thank you! And Courtney will be back designing blogs next year……after she’s had her baby.

So I hope you like it………………..


  1. I’m loving this new layout Corrie! It’s so fresh and clean and pretty :) You’ve done very well and so has Courtney… I love reading your blog regardless of the space – so I’ll follow anywhere and I’m sure many will feel the same!

    Sophie xo

  2. Well done Corrie, it looks fabulous.

  3. Love it Corrie! It’s not overstated, but simple, pretty and fresh! I never imagined that I would enjoy dropping by more than I already did, but this new website really is a delight!

  4. It looks utterly fabulous, love it: perfect!!

    I am having a giveaway you might like Corrie, it is a copy of Antonia Kidman’s new book ‘The Simple Things’. Though with 5 children of your own I am sure you could have written the book yourself…!


  5. liveseygirl says:

    Love it! So you and I love that you went modern. Love the picture of you and baby Emerson too x

  6. Love the new website!! I especially love this fancy writing when I’m commenting!!

  7. Hi Corrie, it looks wonderful. It is very pretty and easy to read, Wendy x

  8. Looks fabulous!

  9. Gorgeous Corrie! Love the new space and design xx

  10. Corrie, your new blog is beautiful. What a lovely place to share your family journey with us. Also, just like Sophie, I’d follow your blog regardless of the design because your content is always a delight to read! Thanks for sharing with us. Em xx

  11. Fantastic new look! Love Love Love it. Looking forward to some more great posts!

  12. Love the new design. It suits your blog perfectly.

  13. Pretty!!

  14. Hi Corrie – I love the font and the new layout is great – happy new blog design!!!

  15. Wow! It’s fantastic Corrie. Fresh and Bright and easy to navigate to old posts.

  16. Your new blog looks fantastic, Corrie!

  17. I love the new website Corrie. Exactly what I would have chosen for myself!

  18. What a fantabulous new design!!! Well done to both you and Courtney! (If I ever decide to revamp my own – using basic blogger atm – I’ll certainly be looking you up Courtney!!) … Looking forward to seeing what the coming years and months bring to you Corrie!! And in this new format – wow! It will be even *more* fun to come over to visit!! (Lol! Not that I needed an excuse before!!!) Hugs!

  19. Absolutely gorgeous website! Well done!

  20. This is so you Corrie, I love it, it looks great you must be super pleased.x

  21. Congratulations Corrie!! It looks beautiful, and the perfect style for you. Good luck for the next adventure!

  22. Very nice layout- fresh and breezy. Best of luck with it!

  23. This looks fantastic! I absolutely love it. Can’t wait to have a really big look around and check out all those recipes of yours that I’d forgotten about : ) Congratulations, it looks gorgeous!!

  24. Roksalanna says:

    Congratulations Corrie on the fabulous new look of your blog! Love it!

  25. Love love love the new look Corrie. i have just caught up on all the goss and just wanted to say congrats on The remarkables thing. I for one think you are pretty damn remarkable so it is very fitting. Congats again hun xx

  26. Sometimes I really have a hard time to get used to changes. That’s what I feel about your new blog at the moment. I loved the old design, the sweet pics in the header and everything… Maybe, as time goes by, I’ll also love the new design. But I appreciate your posts anyway :O)


  27. Hey corrie,

    I love your new site, congrats on pulling off the new look.

  28. Well done you! Looks fab – can’t wait to transform my own blog – It needs it!

  29. Looks great! Congratulations on moving from Blogger to WordPress. The new struture/categories work very nicely.

  30. Job well done. Simple and nice. Love it!

  31. Natalie Earl says:

    Love the new makeover Corrie, it looks lovely :)

  32. Congrats on your new blog, it looks great.However I always liked looking at the photos of your craft and kids at the top of your old blog page.

  33. lovely & neat; cannot wait to troll through old posts & also baking will be easier now! bravo!

  34. So lovely and fresh, and nice and easy to find things. Love it!

  35. Yr new blog looks great. Well done and good luck. 5 bubs in 6 years. That’s amazing! I’ve had one in 46 years :-)

  36. Congratulations Corrie on your new Blog design. It’s very “you”. Love it!
    K x

  37. Love the new look!! Well done!

  38. I didn’t see your old blog but this looks so lovely! Looking forward to reading!

  39. Oh Corrie I love this template and hope to use it when I upgrade my blog at some time in the future its so gorgeous! Congrats!

  40. Kym Potts says:

    I would love to buy fabric to finally make something for myself. I find that for the amount of fabric I need it would be cost prohibitive however I would love the challenge and satisfaction of making my own clothes not just my daughters.

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