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Yesterday I went to one of the most beautiful and heartfelt weddings I’ve ever been to. One of my younger cousins, Matt, married the love of his life, Jade. They are a young married couple by today’s standards and the love that they have for each other is something to be seen. It was beautiful.

Everything was in place for a beautiful wedding. The setting in the Hunter Valley was beautiful.An outdoor wedding with the service said by their pastor, Pastor Dan. You’d never know it was his first wedding. And from the first words of the service I knew it was going to be full of reverence and reflecting their strong faith.


And what a lovely surprise that I knew the photographer, the very gorgeous Fe Lumsdaine! I can’t wait to see all the stunning pictures of the day!

And although I totally missed the vows because tillie had managed to run through a big puddle of mud and was howling, I did get to enjoy most of the service. Retro daddy on the other hand sat right back here with most of the little ones.

still with the kids

Emerson has a bit of a comb over going on right now! It’s pretty cute, though!

chubba chops emerson

After the service it was champagne, photos and catching up with family before heading back to where we were staying for a quick freshen up – well I’m sure some people freshened up! I changed nappies, got little people into pj’s, fed them and got them ready to be good for their daddy for a night of pizza and Despicable Me on tv. Meanwhile, retro daddy did a quick run down to the Brokenwood cellar door and made sure we were leaving the Hunter Valley with a bit of wine. You can’t visit wine country without bringing some home with you.

totally forgot to take any home

cute touch

the cake

So I got back to the reception in time and as soon as I walked in I knew that Jade had been on pinterest! The reception venue was full of handmade touches, flowers in jars, buntings, a wooden handmade sign with their married name on it – all so beautiful in the old sandstone restaurant. Perfection.

the stunning venue

flowers in jars

We enjoyed a gorgeous meal, wonderful speeches, lots of laughs and lots of lemonade for me and nana who I was sitting opposite.  Emerson was my hot date who slept almost the entire reception on me. Good boy

the married couple

 cousin nick and nana shirley

my table

And Matt’s speech blew us all away. I’ve always known Matt was wiser beyond his years but the passion in his speech and the love for Jade was just something I’ve never seen before at a wedding. We were all in tears and we wish them nothing but love and joy and lots of babies (well apparently Jade wants lots of babies) in their new life together.


first dance

I loved getting together with family and celebrating and there is something just so special in that. The sense of belonging and being a part of an extended family. And Matt is the youngest of 4 but first to get married so there may or may not have been a little speculating on the next wedding in the family……..

p.s tomorrow I’ll be back with some of my instagram photos of the day!


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love weddings. Lovely to see a young couple who have a strong faith, so rare these days. Congrats to the newly weds.

  2. Wheres the photos of the lovely Retro Mummy

  3. Beautiful photos. What an amazing setting for a wedding. Love photos of all the little details.

  4. love that you picked up some brokenwood wine!!! it’s the best- although i’m a bit biased :)

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous!

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos of a very special day Corrie.

    So sweet of Retro Daddy to “take a back seat” for the occasion and see to the little ones.

    I have been meaning to say how much I think Finn looks like his daddy. Both very easy on the eye (if you don’t mind me saying so).

    The venue for the wedding an reception look amazing.

  7. Oh I LOVE a wedding Corrie and this one looks absolutely gorgeous. Everything so romantic and traditional, perfect! Beautiful couple and it sounds like they’re on the right track for a lovely lifetime together. Your photos are stunning Corrie, the children look adorable in their nice clothes… was hoping to see a pic of you in there though! I was wondering how you juggled five littlies at a reception, I’m relieved to know you managed to go along ‘almost’ sans kids :)

  8. What a lovely wedding! Congratulations to the Bride and Groom!

  9. It sounds like the most perfect, romantic wedding! Gorgeous setting, and so much thought had obviously gone into all the little details. What a lovely family you have Corrie :)

  10. This was so beautiful Corrie. Young love rocks, it really does!! They are such a stunning couple, wishing them many years of happiness together. Love Posie

  11. Oh Corrie, what a gorgeous post. The wedding did look truely magical. I just love all the little touches, especially the flowers in jars. I always think it is sad when the ‘event’ takes over the true meaning, and this lovely young couple have not done this. Their love is very evident in every photo. Ahhh… what a lovely start to the week. thankyou xx

  12. I adore weddings! That wedding was so beautiful. The backdrop at the service was beautiful and the wedding reception was just stunning!!

    What a totally beautiful day…..beautiful children too, just too cute for words!!

  13. oh my! The wedding looks amazing! Good thing the weather was great. It’s the weather than can make or break a garden wedding.

  14. Emerson is charming!!!

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