Power shopping

Things are a little quiet here on the blog as we are taking some time out and enjoying our holiday. That and the fact my internet isn’t working up here. But we are having a relaxing time and nothing relaxes me more than shopping. Minus little ones. I love to shop! Retro daddy not so much but when he first met me we were in Europe on a Contiki tour (yes, that is the very romantic way that we met). And he knew what he was getting in for. I shopped my way through that tour. But these days I have more people to shop for but less time to shop. And so I have perfected the art of trying things on quickly. Some people power walk. I power shop.
Give me 30 minutes minus kids on Hastings st! 2 dresses!
Take yesterday morning. In half an hour I visited 4 small dress shops, tried on 4 dresses and came home with 2. There is an art to that! I was on a mission for some bright summery dresses and wasn’t interested in anything else. Focused.
 New dress! Photo by Keira age 6
And retro daddy might have taken pity on me and the fact it’s hard to get out shopping as he even offered me his credit card. That only happens at Christmas and birthdays so he knew how much I was looking forward to a little shopping time! 


  1. Well done Corrie!! Some time out for you.. Enjoy your break. (I like the navy dress, gorgeous)
    The shopping I enjoy, but even more is being able to sit down and drink my coffee before it goes cold, without any little ones whining ‘Mummeeeee’!

  2. Im glad you are having a great holiday and hope you get to squeeze in one more shop before the end :-)

  3. You’re on holidays!! Enjoy!! Shop to your little hearts content…

  4. I do admire a women on a Mission. Enjoy! May this be the first of MANY shopping trips on your holiday :-)

  5. I love shopping with a purpose and your summer dress is beautiful. Just wish you had been able to pick up one for me too!

    Have fun.


  6. That dress looks beautiful on you! :)Hopefully you’ll get some more shopping time for yourself, have heaps of fun!!

  7. I love that dress! It looks so cool and comfy, I want one!!
    Enjoy your holiday :-)

  8. I bought a floaty dress at Laila last year & I wore it so much last summer. Might have to get a new one these holidays. Enjoy Noosa!

  9. Estas preciosa, después de tener a tu bebe, tienes un brillo de oños que dice lo feliz que eres.
    un beso

  10. That’s lovely! I want to see the red and white one too. Shopping (and holidaying) through someone else’s blog is fun, and very inexpensive. I wonder if that could catch on? Virtual shopping tours, so you could feel like you’d shopped, you’d seen everything in store, but your feet weren’t tired, the kids weren’t grumpy, and the budget was intact (that last point pertains esp to me – I like shopping altogether too much…). Enjoy your holiday!

  11. Love that dress!
    And I like the look of that red and white one with the pom poms that is peeking out of the bag!

    I never used to be a browser before I had Toddler C…I have always been into power shopping! But now I would love to waste an afternoon just looking in shops, trying things on and maybe buying something special!

  12. Lovely dress Corrie, great choice for Summer. And yes, I power shop too…I can do so much damage in such a short time. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday xo

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  14. Absolutely true shopping is one of the best time pass or most enjoyable time to spend the holidays. Your dress is really beautiful. Have fun on your holidays!

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