I’m redesigning my blog

Next month I’m finally getting a total overhaul of my blog and moving to wordpress. It is so exciting and I’ve been talking about it for a year BUT it’s scary too. What if I don’t get it right? What if I get sick of the new design? What if you my lovely readers get confused and hate it?
new pants

And it’s the little stuff like what font do I want my headings for? What is my colour scheme (it involves pink, of course)? Where do I want my social media icons placed. I’m giving myself a case of serious performance anxiety!
orange maple scrolls
But it’s exciting. Really exciting. I have chosen the lovely Courtney Kirkland to do my blog design. I love her style and I’d been waiting way too long (like a year) for another designer so decided it was time to find a new one. And Courtney’s having a baby soon so I’m pretty sure I’m in the last month of her bookings. Hope she doesn’t have the baby early!
fancier rocky road
The great thing though about this whole design process is going back through my archives and finding my favourite posts and pictures. And what do I want to be known for – hopefully for more than just having lots of babies in a short period of time. It’s been inspiring me to get back into my craft room and kitchen and start makin’ and bakin’ again. Because I won’t be making any more babies..
cooking - chicken curry
So any tips or advice you’d like to give me or what you’d like to see improved on my blog – fire away…………..let me know what you’re thinking……


  1. Stay away from the cursive fonts, they are so hard to read!! I also removed who wrote the post (as i’m the only author of my blog) & things like the minute a post or comment was left, all the excess unnecessary junk. Changing fonts is fun, gives a little personality but still legible. I changed from orange to greys, enlarged my images & reduced the quantity. I also split my side bar into two, so i have personal down one side, business achievements down the other. Getting great feedback.
    I just redid my blog (the free way on Blogger with a new template) & thought i was playing around with preview but saved the whole thing (new & ugly) promptly losing the original. Oh well, i left it for a couple of days, took some deep breaths, then found a template i liked, new colour scheme, even changed the title from Posie Patchwork to Posie Blogs, it feels great. I am happier now, it’s clear, more concise & helped me clear out & get rid of so many things on my blog i didn’t need (side bar & post related.) I know it will be amazing, go girl, love Posie

  2. It’s funny you posted this as I was thinking you would have to change yiur photis soon to include little Emerson. Looking forward to seeing it x

  3. Pls don’t make it too ‘busy’? There was another Australian blog I used to love but she went and got too fancy and now there is links to about 6? Of her posts on one page And you get a small image and a few lines of each one and it’s soooo busy now I don’t even visit. Sad. I did like it.

    Simple clear beautiful. Let your cute images and yummy food speak for themselves x

  4. Why don’t you make a list of the things that YOU already like about the current layout, so those features stay in place? As for me, having arrived late to this blog-party, what I like best are the “you might also like” links, as I can go like Alice down the rabbit hole to interesting posts from the past.

  5. How exciting! I’m sure it will look fabulous!

    I love the clean white look you have now. But you could add some little pops of colour – maybe headings, or sidebar buttons, or post dividers?

    I agree with, Jennie – you could get rid of the author and the times – we know its you :o)

    Oh and make sure you keep sharing buttons so I can easily stumble and pin your posts!

  6. I really like the fact that you have a few days worth of full posts on the “front”/main page of the blog.

    Every time I visit I have to reload the page if I want to get your fancy fonts to load, so I don’t always see them.

    I love the pics in your blog header, but it means a lot of scrolling down to get to the post, if I’m reading on something like an iphone which has a little screen.

    Did you previously have a rotating blog header? ie 3 or 4 “headers” and you’d get a random one each time you visited. I really enjoyed that.

    When all’s said and done, it’s not how a blog looks that keeps me reading, it’s the regular posts, so don’t stress too much about the design!

  7. I have always enjoyed your blog as it is – I find it easy to navigate. Sometimes we need a change for our own enjoyment – just stay true to yourself and your reasons for your blog and I am sure whatever you choose will be great!!

  8. I love reading all the topics you blog about. Looking forward to seeing how wordpress works out. Make sure you have help on hand!

  9. That is all very exciting Corrie. What a big job redesigning such a popular blog too. I think whatever you decide on will be lovely, as I always say, you have beautiful taste. And regardless of the design, I’ll come back time and time again for the fabulous content xo

  10. Website redesign is always exciting and in the same breath a concern. You are worried that all the articles, design and new look and feel will convey what you want and look great.

    I am sure it will look wonderful and as another comment mentioned, stay away from cursive fonts, they are very hard to read. You need to make sure you have ample white space to read the posts, and info.
    Space for images, advertising and things for the future. Who knows what you might be doing.

    One good thing to do is to test in all types of browsers and pick a theme that is easily to update. You can just add different colours to pages etc to show the difference between each section.

    Keep it stylish, simple and playful. This will of course show your personality through the brand of your site.

    As a website designer and producer of sites I can understand what is involved. Good luck and keen to see the new look site.
    Suzanne – Mummy to Twins Blog, http://www.mummytotwins.com

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  12. I can’t wait to see your new blog design! I’ve been following your blog for just over a year now, since I became a first-time mummy and it has inspired me to bake and create. Thanks for sharing! x

  13. How exciting! I’ve always loved the clean and freshness of your blog. It’s easy on the eyes and and as others have said, easy to navigate. Maybe a little more splash of colour? You seem to have great style, and after looking at Courtney’s page, it looks like you’re in good hands! As also said before, we come back to read for the content. Have fun creating, and can’t wait to see what you come up with!! xx
    Kim – http://www.happymummyinspired.blogspot.com

  14. I love it just the way it is, just love hearing about your beautful children and your crafts. Thank you

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