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You know if I’ve learnt anything in the 6 years I’ve been a mummy, well it’s that little people get sick with a click of the fingers. You can put them down to bed perfectly happy and next thing you know you’re dealing with vomit, croup or some other sickness. And I’ve also learnt that when they need to go to hospital you are generally wearing some pretty daggy clothes or pj’s minus your bra. Always happens to me.

patient 1

And so last night I packed elodie’s bag for her ear op and fell asleep getting her to sleep. We had some great cuddles. About 11.30 I woke up to find emerson awake, time for a feed except he was gasping for air and coughing. He didn’t want any milk so I put him on my shoulder and he was wheezing and really struggling to breathe.  I raced upstairs to get retro daddy up and we agreed to call the hospital who told us to call the ambulance. He was wheezing so heavily and crying and holding his breath and basically freaking us out. And we’ve dealt with croup and asthma with Finn but I’d never seen Finn in such a state. So Emerson got his first ride in an ambulance at midnight.
patient 2
And what timing since retro daddy was due to the leave the house at 6.45am on the dot for elodie’s ear op. So I asked retro daddy to text our super nanny and see if she was free and thankfully she answered her mobile at a crazy hour in the morning. You see in all the rush I forgot my mobile! Sweet little Emerson was admitted to the hospital for observation but then did really well on the steroid. So they let me go home just as retro daddy was driving in the opposite direction up to the day surgery with Elodie in the back. And the big kids were waking up to our lovely nanny. And so I’m on strict instructions to bring emerson back if he gets worse as they are not sure if he has croup or bronchiolitis. But right now I’m just glad to have both of my babies with me. Elodie on the couch next to me soaking up all the attention from her big sisters and emerson in front of me in his bouncer trying to keep him elevated.
And to top off a super start to the day retro daddy went out to the car after Elodie’s op to find a parking ticket despite the machine not taking his money in the morning. It can only get better from here…………………………


  1. Oh my gosh what a scary night for you. I am so glad little Emerson is alright! Rest up with your little cuties and enjoy the cuddle time that you get when they are ill. Hopefully the weekend sees everyone on the improve and returning to their normal gorgeous little selves!

  2. Record the number of the parking machine, they’ll usually waive the fine when the machine isn’t working. Babies :-(, get better soon possums.

  3. oh wow. If it doesn’t rain it pours huh!
    My boy had bronchiolitis at 10 weeks old and it was truly terrifying. I hope little Emerson is much better this afternoon and tonight – poor little tike.
    And I hope you all get some much needed rest!

  4. So glad they both look happy now! And that super nanny was available – boy *that* must’ve been a relief!! Take care of yourself and your cuties Corrie!!! Praying!

  5. Oh what a stressful 24 hours – hope everyone is on the mend and things settle down a little bit for you :)

  6. Wow I hope they improve soon! I haven’t had to deal with illness yet in my short 6 months as a mum. Not sure how ill deal.

  7. get well soon to all your bubs. Hope you have a quiet weekend Corrie

  8. Take care, Corrie! Hope things will be well over the weekend.

  9. Oh Corrie, what a twenty four hours you have had, you poor thing :( Must say though, they are the sweetest photos of your babies, little cuties. I’m sure they’ll both get better real soon with all that love and care around them. Hope tonight is a less dramatic one for you all xo

  10. oh dear – it HAS to get better… I know of another bub hospitalised with bronchiolitis at 8 weeks. Apparently its not unusual. All the very very best in recovery for everyone. So lucky you have a super nanny nearby.

  11. Poor little munchkins! There have been some nasty bugs getting around this winter. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

  12. Oh how awful for you. I hope little Emmerson and miss Elodie are feeling better soon.
    Peaceful weekend on the couch sounds in order.

  13. You must be glad that day’s more repeats please!

  14. You are so lucky to have a super nanny on hand!!! Fantastic to hear the steroid worked. Good luck Elodie with her Op!! xxx

  15. oh dear what a night/morning. Hope your 2 little patients recover stat. PS that baby photo is oh so sweet, making me clucky.
    Hope they are on the mend and you are getting sufficient sleep/coping with your little ones being unwell. Never much fun.

  16. Corrie, I totally understand. Our third daughter stopped breathing at 12 days old due to bronchiolitis, scariest thing ever. After 6 weeks in hospital on oxygen and tube fed for 4.5 weeks she came good. Touch wood she has survived this winter so fingers crossed little Emerson will get better soon.

  17. Oh Corrie, I was following the events on FB. What a shocker for you all. You’ll be so pleased to sleep tonight. J x

  18. Wow Corrie, when it rains it pours for you on the sickness front! I think you’ve had your fair share for sure. Great to see they are improving and hopefully now you can (deep breath) rest a bit :) Lots of big hugs, Jetts XOX PS; Elodie is just such a sweetie with her ‘babies’ tucked up with her, give her lots of kisses.

  19. Wishing a speedy recovery to both of them.

  20. I only have one child, but everytime she was sick I would become extremely STRESSED OUT! My hat is off to you and your hubby for your team efforts. I hope both of your kiddies recover quickly and smoothly.

  21. Oh what a day!!! glad you’ve got your babies back home with you! if retrodaddy signs a stat dec stating the machine wouldn’t take his money, you should have the parking ticket waived. (if your council is like ours that is)hope your little ones continue to improve!

  22. What a day! I am so glad that both your babies are home and doing well. xx

  23. Wow! That was very full on! I hope everything has gone smoothly since then!

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