my top tips for blogging

So earlier in the week I gave a little talk on blogging to a lovely group of ladies here. And here are my top tips which I think make a great blog and a great blogger! Even if you’re starting out you can adopt these and even if you don’t blog these are really important to think about your online presence.

find your niche

I think this is one of the most important things to set you and your blog apart. Is it your love of fashion, your obsession for cleaning/organisation or something in particular. Now if you’re running your business you can still have your blog sharing bits and pieces of your personal life. It gives readers out there a peek behind the scenes which they love, it lets them ask you questions/get to know you and makes your business more personal.

read blogs, comment on blogs and make friends online

people need to find your blog and to do that you need to read similar blogs to yours. This is the most common question I get asked – how do people find my blog because no one is reading it. think about joining up with the link ins which lots of bloggers have each week. Join forums especially digital parents, look for bloggers starting out, run a giveaway, attend events and network – there are some great blog conferences with lots of new bloggers.

blog regularly

you will become a better blogger and your readers will know when to come and read your posts. If you blog all over the place and wonder why you’re losing readers it could be that they’re coming back and there are no recent posts so they stop reading. Let them know when you’ve posted by a simple link on facebook or twitter.

be a real person

no point trying to be someone else or what you think people want to read. it will be a hard act to keep up, be yourself, be honest – if you’re having a tough day share it – they are often my most popular posts!

don’t go too hard too fast

we’ve all seen it, blogger burnout! bloggers who need to step back or wind up their blog. You’ve focused on your blog so much and tweeted yourself to death and tried everything and now you’re burnt out, you didn’t get the results you wanted or followers you wanted and you’ve lost your mojo. If you go at a steady rate, with achievable goals then you’re more likely to stick with it.

use your own photos

I really truly believe in this. Now of course if you’re a fashion blogger or style blogger or say an interiors blogger then you’re going to have inspiration shots. But you want your pictures to be part of your style and if it’s person then why aren’t you using your own pictures. You can use your iphone or little cameras now have great caabilities.

use the same name across all social media

your blog name is your twitter name and your facebook page and your pinterest and your flickr ID and so on. Get it? Make it easy for everyone to find you.This is also good for the search engines because it will be easy for you on google. When people search for your business you want to be on that first page of their search – if you’re using the same name across everything you could found faster for facebook or twitter than your blog. And actually youtube is often the first place you might be found.

watch your language

I read and re-read my blog posts to make sure I don’t have any spelling or grammar mistakes. It’s messy and also not very professional if you’ve got mistakes. Mind you I’m sure in the early weeks after having a baby I haven’t been perfect but really try to watch what you write.

don’t just blog for the $$$$’s

I love that the money came to me when I was least expecting it and has always been a sweetener. If it all dried up tomorrow you’d still find me here blogging and doing what I do. Because I love it. So make sure you are blogging because you love it – it will show and the good things will come to you

don’t be a slave to your traffic

For years I just didn’t even know how many people were coming to my blog. Every monday my stats come in and I check them and that’s it. Don’t obsess over them!

develop a thick skin

just because you’re nice doesn’t mean everyone who reads your blog is. I’m not sure why people need to go out of their way to express their opinions with the purpose of putting me down. So my strategy? Delete and move on. And my new motto is that they need to get on pinterest because they have too much time on their hands.

know your readers

This takes time but look at your readers comments on your blog and questions they ask you. What are people pinning and repinning of yours. Why not have a survey if you need it to find out why readers are coming to your blog.

you can’t please everyone

Knowing that not everyone will like your blog will make it easy to deal with any criticism. I know I won’t win everyone over.

remember your priorities at home

As a stay at home mum your number one priority is caring for your children. Don’t become so obsessed with blogging and being online that no one is getting dinner or baths. I blog at night time or when baby is feeding or super early in the morning when I have an unsettled baby trying to sleep. I do my pinterest and facebook while feeding emerson with the other hand. I make sure my children know I’m there for them.

I get so many invites to launches and events. I have a blanket rule that I don’t go to anything on a weekday because I’m here with all my little ones. And to be honest they are often events in the city when I have 4 little people and there is no way I could do it. I do however go to meetings or grab a coffee if it is to do with my sponsors. But it’s always in my time and when it suits me.

keep your blog layout and design simple

White is best, lots of white. It’s nice to have bright colours for your background and flashing ads but it detracts from your writing so think about your design and what impression it gives to your readers. Make it easy for them to read and think about how your blog looks on mobile phones. Make sure you include social media icons near the top of your blog so people can find you and follow you on facebook, twitter, pinterest and so on. A search button so people can find things in your archives. Your email address, your top posts, a bit of information on you and archives are the basics for me.

social media
Is really important for my blog and just look at traditonal media and how they are using it now. Facebook is where I hang out to share more with you my lovely readers and answer your questions. I love facebook…..perhaps a little too much. Twitter goes way too fast for me and I can’t keep my conversations to a sentence or two. But my FB posts go to twitter automatically.

If you find you can’t do work with social media because you spend so much time doing personal stuff once you’re on there then set times and limits when you’re going to be on there! really important if you have work to do!

And make sure you keep your business and personal pages separate – I make everything on my personal page private. I avoid accepting friendship requests from readers on that page as it’s really for family and school friends etc but the truth is I spend more time on my retro mummy page anyway so that is where my readers want to be.

run your own race
Blogging can be competitive but learnt a long time ago to run my own race and good things would come my way. And they sure did. I really do run my own race. My style is my own. I love the mix of family, craft, food, sponsored posts and the rest of what I write about and I’m happy that way. I love that I know lots of lovely bloggers when I go to events and blog conferences but I also love that I do my own thing and don’t compare myself to anyone else or what they are doing or achieving. It can really take the joy of your successes and achievements and where you are going.

be nice

I don’t think my readers need this because they are all so nice……..but some people like to be controversial, that’s ok. Maybe it will get you more traffic…..for a while. But don’t be controversial at the expense of others. Always be nice and treat other bloggers and your readers as you’d like to be treated. It’s important. Word travels fast….even on the net. And that means no leaving nasty comments or worse – anonymous comments on other blogs you don’t like. If you don’t like it then don’t read it. And make sure you have that mentality.

don’t overshare

No one wants to know everything! Have I ever shared my sex life on here? No. It’s pretty obvious if I have 5 kids under 7 anyway. Know what you will and won’t talk about. And it’s also important for the safety of your family and home that you don’t share too much. Didn’t I learn that the hard way this year? I don’t give out my address, I have a silent number, had the listing for our house changed so it didn’t reveal our address or purchase price and I don’t do school uniforms or logos either. Just little things I always do to keep my family safe. Think about your husband too, show him respect as its not his choice, don’t let off steam about him. Trust me retro daddy can drive me nuts sometimes but you won’t read about it here.

know the etiquette

sometimes as a new blogger it might be hard to know correct etiquette like how do I get on someone’s blog roll or how do I know if I can use that blogger’s photo. My rule is ask nicely first. Don’t copy other people’s blog template or photos. If you want to use a photo of another blogger go and read their policy or ask them first.

And don’t spam your blog posts all over facebook and twitter all day long. Oh that bores me to tears and I almost want to unfollow. Once or twice is enough. And don’t ask for too much info from another blogger. Make it a two way street if you want something from a blogger so that you offer something in return. Try to work with bloggers at your level or a bit higher than you so that you can help each other!

and my last tips I’ll leave you with….
ask questions to enourage a reply from your readers
inspire, motivate, educate with your posts
get your readers coming back from more – so this could be a post in a few parts, giveaways etc
do it because you love it
pace yourself and set yourself realistic goals
monitor your traffic but don’t become obsessed with it – focus on your writing instead

And that is that! Some of it is common sense and some of it you’ve heard before but the ladies enjoyed my talk so I knew I had to share it with my lovely ladies out there………………..


  1. Thanks Corrie! I admire how your family values shine through everything that you do…that simply inspires me. xo

  2. Fantastic advice Corrie, thanks for being a beautiful blogger. Happy days to you Chris x

  3. I’m not a blogger (yet) but I really enjoyed your post and think all your points are valid, informative and interesting.
    Oh and I love reading your blog (which proves your points LOL) :-)

  4. Thanks so much Corrie for sharing this…I really enjoy reading your blog!

  5. Corrie thankyou for the valuable tips I’ve only been blogging since march this year and it takes time to find your way. I appreciate the advice, sharing and truth to your blogposts.

  6. Corrie, thanks for the tips. Very helpful and informative.

  7. Wise..and concise (thankyou!) advice…a very worthwhile read.

  8. very informative, thanks corrie!i needed these tips!:)

  9. Wonderful post Corrie, as I’ve just started blogging not long ago it was great to read your post to get the do’s and dont’s brilliant advice thank you so much – your blog is always so interesting

  10. Great tips!!! Thankyou so much for sharing :)

  11. Thanks for posting this, they are all very interesting, relevant and helpful tips. The one about using your own photos is important…not sure if I should post a link on here but I read a very interesting article on Blogher recently about a woman who was sued for using photos without permission. Linking back to original source isn’t enough. Scary stuff.

    Also, I had someone turn up randomly on my doorstep recently after the ‘found me’ on google. Thankfully they seemed normal although I later found out the husband was snooping all my paint colours because next thing I know she starts using a very distinct green that I use. Because they asked to see my workshop and I let them, what a dummy. I am too trusting! I eventually worked out how they found me and I don’t want to say here in case that makes more people try and find out how! Can I email you?

    xx Karen

  12. Great advice Corrie!

  13. Great post Corrie!

  14. Great tips.

  15. Corrie, Thanks so much for sharing your blogging advice. Your approach to blogging is one of the things that helped me to get started and even though it is early days for me, I am loving this new journey. You have such a beautiful family! As one of your regular readers, I really appreciate the glimpses you give us into your lives and your online friendship. You are an inspiration!!

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your tips! I’m a very new blogger (first week in!) and I was finding it all a little overwhelming… Your post is a huge help! :)

  17. Thanks Corrie! Loved the “be nice” section, but all your tips are timely and the explanations help to make it all so clear.

  18. thanks Corrie. Great tips and it’s also cool to see what your values are too re: blogging. I do enjoy reading your blog. :)

  19. That is all wonderful advice, thank you. I don’t know what I was expecting when I started my blog, but it certainly isn’t what has happened. I still have no subscribers and no comments but I know at least that people are reading my blog thanks to the stats. I would have loved to be world famous by now, but I realised after a while I was just having fun telling my story and I don’t really mind if no one reads it.

  20. Some excellent advice here –
    you’ve covered everything!

  21. Thank you for a great post Corrie. Besides your love of family,craft and food one of the things I love the most from your blog (and one of the reasons I read it regularly) is that you don’t do too many sponsored posts. so thank you. I did love a previous blogger but then it was every second post as a sponsored one and it wasn’t what I was after. Thanks again. You have the perfect mix.

  22. Brilliant Corrie – thanks for sharing! Tracee xx

  23. Gracias por todos los consejos para los blogs. ¿Sería conveniente un gadget para traducir? Creo que es interesante para las personas de habla no inglesa. Un beso.

  24. Hi Corrie, Thanks for your insights. I love sewing and now blogging is my next step. Baby steps… :)

  25. Really great advice, Corrie. Thank you. I am new to this game too and I am pleased to get any advice. I love reading your blog – so nice to hear such an honest voice.

  26. Great advice. I started my blog not that long ago and started worrying about how many people where coming by. I spent so much time checking the numbers I didn’t blog. Once I relaxed about it all, I started to really enjoy the writing and it is slowly growing every day. I love reading your blog.

  27. Great tips Corrie, I agree with them all. I love especially the run your own race is so true!x

  28. Thank you for this post!
    I am relatively new to this blogging caper and I love to hear what more experienced bloggers have to say!
    Thanks for sharing some of your wisdom!

  29. Fabulous tips from one of the very best, in my humble opinion. Your blog is absolutely beautiful Corrie, a work of art in itself that you should feel very proud of xo

  30. Thank’s, Corrie! I’m a new blogger so your recommendations will be useful for me. I like the manner you write and follow your blog for more than a year. Thank you for sharing with us!

  31. Great post.. Excellent tips. Thanks :) x

  32. Thanks for sharing! Such a well thought out and honest blog post. I enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed your talk the other evening. You’re really helped me to figure out what I want to do!

  33. Thank You Corrie for a great blog post, very timely as I have just taken the plunge into the blogosphere 2 weeks ago!!! I will certainly keep referring back to your wonderful advice.
    Heidi xoxo

  34. Thank you Corrie, I am an older blogger,blogging for 1 year and appreciate your help. I so enjoy your family’s journey in life. I never miss a post.

  35. Thank you for the wonderful tips! I also enjoy your blog greatly!


  36. Thank you for your tips, the are very interesting.
    Emerson is so a nice baby, and the ‘big fours’ too.
    I love your blog so much.

  37. Great tips, Corrie. After the events of the past week, when I resume my blog, I think there are several new things to bear in mind from what you’ve said. As you say, mostly common sense, but so helpful to say it just the same. Xx

  38. thanks for this tips! i’m. a new blogger and i’m really doing it becaouseni wnat to practice english.. i’m from venezuela

  39. Thanks for sharing! Really helpful tips!

  40. Thanks for sharing! Some really great tips in there that I really need to take on board for my own blog! Love reading your blog!

  41. Thanks for your post, Corrie! I happened upon blogging, almost by accident, as my husband was going through an intensive Army combat school and I used it as a means of keeping others informed as to what/how he was doing throughout the process. My blog took off, and now that my hubby is back from Ranger School, I really have no idea what I’m doing. I’ve started reading popular blogs that I’ve come across along the way, yours being one of them. All of that to say, this has been one of the most helpful posts I’ve read to date! Thank you for sharing your blogging wisdom!

  42. I heart ya, girl xx

  43. I have been blogging since 2004 and had never thought of it as a business, just something I love. I have always been very careful about letting my blog be known to people I know but recently I have been thinking about letting her free. The current blog is only a year old. My first blog was very personal with spelling mistakes and the occasional rant. I cringe when I re-read it now. These days I try to be more self aware. Thanks for the tips and I love your blog the way it is. I can’t wait for you to renovate. I loved your last kitchen. What a dream that was.

  44. Hi Corrie, I’m new to blogging so this entry was perfect timing for me. I love your blog and really appreciate your advice.

  45. Hi Corrie, I really enjoyed your talk last Tuesday night. So many great tips on blogging – thank you.

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  47. Well.. you had me from the first untill the last word. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Thank you Corrie! It was great to read, as being a relatively new blogger I often wonder how I’m ‘doing’! I know I do it cause I love writing and I’m passionate about the subject; and sometimes I also find I get bogged down with worry! So it was nice to have it reiterated that I’m blogging for the right reasons. Kel x

  49. Thanks Corrie! I’ve just started out (this week!) as a baby blogger and this is such helpful advice. I appreciate the philosophy behind it as well. I’ve only just discovered your blog, but I’m a big fan already!

  50. Thanks for the tips! I read this atthe time and shared it and now i have revisited as i have just started my own blog after getting made redundant. I always read your blog and think you do a great job.

  51. This is the best advice! Thanks heaps for sharing! I have 4 little ones so I have so so much to blog about. I love blogging though im really new at it, im still a bit scared of it to be honest. I have alot to learn but this is just so much help! Thankyou! Xx


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