8 weeks

tomorrow this super cute munchkin will be 8 weeks old! Yes really. He is getting cuter by the day. I look at this picture and realise why I keep having babies……………because they are just so cute.

There are plenty of times when it gets crazy especially when I think he’s off to sleep and I start doing something with one of the other little ones and he wakes up screaming. Or just getting Keira off to school in the morning. I’ll ask her to get her reader into her bag or find her water bottle – her favourite response – I’m not your slave! Oops, she heard that one from me and now it’s coming back to bite me.
But you should see how I can make a ham sandwich with one hand, or do up a button wth a baby on my shoulder or feed emerson on one side and get elodie to sleep on my other leg while holding her hand. I’m taking multi-tasking to a whole new personal high! But it’s all good and the weeks are flying by. I’m sure he’ll be on solids and crawling in no time.


  1. Emerson is absolutely adorable! Very handsome with a handsome name to match.xo

  2. It is amazing how much multi-tasking we can do when needed.

    My preppy packs his own bag most mornings. It is his responsibility to make sure everything is in there. I do run through it with him, but if it’s not there he has to find it himself.

  3. I did a laminated little picture list for my Kindergartener…ie reader, fruit break fruit,water bottle, hat, lunch box. This way she could ‘tick’ off the list herself. Worth doing when you have the time/brainspace…as it helps especially when you have three (or more) kids to get off to school when they are responsible for some things themselves.
    Emerson is such a cutie…

  4. So cute. I have that IWAN thing that Shawni from 71 Toes talks about. Seeing pics like this doesn’t help at all.

  5. Sooooo gorgeous. Just hearing your routine makes me tired! x

  6. Wow 8 weeks already that has flown! He is very very cute :)

    xx Karen

  7. So very cute.

  8. What a gorgeous little boy! Looking at that photo makes me clucky! Haha. It’s amazing all the things we find ourselves doing all at once when we’re mums! Keep up the great work! xx

  9. Emerson is such a gorgeous little baby! I enjoy reading your blog daily and can’t believe he is 8 weeks already, they grow up so fast!!

  10. Emerson does look sweet! Keira will learn that getting her own stuff out of her bag is not slaving for you..but for herself..hehe!

  11. 8 weeks already! Wow that has gone so quickly!!

  12. You’re a terrific Mama Corrie. Emerson is an absolute gem, gorgeous! Had to laugh at Keira, love how they come out with the classics we often say to them. Cheeky! xo

  13. Corrie, you are so amazing! I just had this visual of you feeding Emerson and soothing Elodie at the same time – wow, what a feat! He is looking so cute, and so big!

  14. Такой милый мальчик! Представляю как Вам тяжело!
    У моих детей разница всего два года и мне знакома ситуация – когда один у груди а второго укладываю спать…
    Наш метод – глажу старшему пальчики на ножке, и тихонько пою – так и засыпает :)

  15. Yes Emerson is just beautiful.You manage so well with all the little cuties. We love seeing them all.

  16. yep i did the fridge list too, i took the first one down but re did it when Amber started prep, they love it although they go back each time to check off instead of doing a few things consequtively (cant spell today). Its just who knows who will throw a tanty or want a weird plait but usually we get there on time (just)

  17. He looks so much like his brother!

  18. Agree with the independence part – making the kids responsible for their bag is essential and Keira is reasonable age… Go for it. I like the laminated page. and yes I would run through it with her. Mine also began packing trip suitcases at 5 or 6. Seems young but I failed to pack the clothes they liked to wear and I got tired of hissy fits. The only thing I would buy if it was forgotten was a toothbrush for obvious reasons.

  19. Corrie, Emerson is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing these gorgeous photos. I hope Elodie recovers quickly from her op, and is back to herself better than ever:) Big hugs JettsXOX

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