big babies and apple porridge

I’m a bit of an over achiever in a few parts of my life – let’s take babies. I like to have lots of them and I breed them big. Big babies ‘r’ us. Here is Emerson at just 7 weeks – he’s wearing a 00 (size 3-6 months) jumpsuit and not leaving much room to grow into it lengthwise. I’m only 5ft so I think it’s fair to say he’s taking after his big daddy.  
7 weeks
And I love him so much. I mean he is a seriously cute reason to not get much sleep but I’m hoping he starts to sleep a bit more at night. I now find myself falling asleep before 9pm on the couch when he naps a little and then waking up realising I haven’t put the dishes away or brushed my teeth or packed keira’s bag or one of my other jobs before bed. But that’s babies for you.
7 weeks
And feeding a big baby means I’m always hungry! My thermomix has been a little neglected as we’ve been eating meals from the freezer or given to us or takeaway. But I’m using it again and falling in love with it all over again. Awwwww, so romantic. She’s in love with an appliance. I’ve been converting most of my recipes from 12WBT to it and then adapting them if I need to for the rest of the family. This morning was apple porridge – just cut an apple into quarters and chuck in your Thermomix, process for about 4 seconds on speed 6. Weigh in 140-160g rolled oats (not the quick oats), and process for a couple of seconds on speed 6. Weigh in 650g cold water or milk or a milk/water combo and cook for 8-9 minutes at 90 degrees on reverse and speed soft.
I had to top it with brown sugar because you can’t have porridge without some sugar on top. I enjoyed this before 5am with retro daddy who was working downstairs from 4am, elodie who had woken up crying after retro daddy left the bed and Finn who had slept on the couch all night! Well you didn’t think everyone sleeps in their own bed every night, did you?


  1. Hi Retro Mummy!,
    Just wanted to say how much i am LOVING your blog.After a night of musical beds with my WildThings i am very glad to hear i am not alone. Your family is just gorgeous :)

  2. He’s so gorgeous, almost makes me want another one…almost! I feel your pain with the hunger, i too breed big babies. I had an insatiable appetite for the whole time I fed my baby girl.

  3. That porridge looks so yummy,,,,,think I might make up some for lunch (porridge for lunch???? thats not too weird is it lol)
    Your little man is so darn cute. I can’t believe he is 7 weeks old already though, gee that time has flown by hasn’t it!!

  4. Emerson is gorgeous. You must be so happy.

  5. Beautiful baby boy, and yes I understand your hunger. I’m only 5′ and my 5 depleted me as I fed them, great way to lose some weight though. Love apple porridge with brown sugar, sometimes with cinnamon as well

  6. Oh I’m so glad I’m not alone in the bed swapping department! Such a hard habit to break! I tell myself every night that Sunny will snap out of it soon and want nothing to do with me when she hits 16! (She’s only just turned 4 but I’m preparing myself!)

    Emerson’s cheeks are so kissable!

  7. Loved reading this! He is so cute! I too, had one big baby (9 pound 4) and in the early days of breastfeeding I ate constantly. I loved all that guilt-free eating lol. My husband is a big solid man and Mr. T takes after him too :-)

  8. Aha! What a great idea to whizz the rolled oats to break them up a bit before cooking. Thank you Retromummy. I am still in love with my Thermomix after a whole year now. Oh yes, and the kids… my biggest is 15 and so very not cute any more, but still lovable. Luckily!

  9. Lovely happy family post :)

  10. Yes, the musical beds, don’t I know it.

  11. Hi Corrie, u should try the porridge with ‘pie’ apples, they r much sweeter so u won’t need the sugar on top. Plus add lashings of cinnamon. Cheers Natalie

  12. No porridge is complete without lashings of brown sugar :)

  13. What a gorgeous baby boy…almost as cute as my Baby C!
    Speaking of Baby C, he was a giant too…and he ate all the time. Which meant that I ate all the time!

    And I know you must hear this all the time but I just don’t know how you manage with five kids! You are a rock star of a mother!

  14. He is the image of you in these photos!!

  15. Oh what a delightful big boy Corrie. I LOVE the big bubbies, I’ve had two just like that, good little eaters xo

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