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nappies and newborns – they go together like bread and butter, cheese and jatz, salt and pepper and so on. I spend a lot of time changing my little emerson’s nappies and have changed a lot of nappies in my time.I’ve even tried cloth nappies along the way but have always found them a lot of hard work. And so I love writing about products that I use everyday because they are just the easiest posts to write. So when I got the call about this post opportunity I had to say yes because this is the nappy brand I mostly use.


I started using the Coles Comfy Bot nappies when the twins were babies, we’d just moved house, our local supermarket was now Coles and they were the most affordable nappies and we were going through nappies like you wouldn’t believe with twins. But we don’t just buy nappies based on price in this house – if I get leaks or they’re  not up to scratch I switch brands. But we were happy with the Comfy Bots so just stuck with them. And it’s been 4 years now with the twins then Elodie and now Emerson.

The sizing is quite generous which I like with my larger than average babies, they are absorbent, no leaks but of course super pooplosions newborns do that get up their back will happen no matter what brand or nappy type you are using!!!! Just ask Emerson. He might look cute as a button but he can leave me some crazy nappies to change.

5 weeks tmrw
And to win a month’s supply of Coles Comfy Bots and a $100 Coles voucher for your little one just tell me what you look for in a nappy – price, brand, quality? Too easy…………………….competition closes 31st August 2012 and you must be an Australian resident to enter.

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  1. I haven’t tried the comfy bots ones just the coles dri fit ones. Will have to give them ago next time.
    I’m using cloth ones during the day so it’s just the night time nappy that is a disposable – no leaks is a key factor for me as we are trying to encourage sleeping through the night so dont want any waking up due to feeling wet if possible!

  2. I’m also a comfy bots user. I look for value, slim shape and absorbency. Find some cheap nappes are very bulky which I really don’t like.

  3. Quality is the biggest thing I look for in a nappy (price is nice – but I’m not concerned with saving a few $ if I’ve constantly got a leaking bum, or nappy’s which fall off!) I also like ones which are easily removable (especially after those poopslosions!)My little boy is in the super active stage at nearly 18mths and in nappy pants.Certain brands of nappy pants can be a bugger to get off after poos!

  4. It’s all about quality here – with two in nappies the less spillage the better! Having said that, if quality and a good price match up that’s an absolute bonus. The girls are allergic to Huggies and I’m using Aldi at the moment, so I’ll have to try the Coles brand because Coles is a little easier to get to…

  5. I look for a combination of price and quality. being on a super strict budget price comes first, but if they are going to leak or fall apart then I’ll move onto the next best priced nappy until I find the best one that suits us.
    I also look for a nappy that can last a good 12 hours over night. Often it means a more expensive nappy. So we often have day nappies and night nappies in this house

  6. Price and quality. Its great if you can get them for a reasonable price but they have to also be good quality – as few leaks as possible, and I like ones that keep baby’s bottom drier. Overnight is the key though, I hate changing all the bedding the next day because an inferior nappy has leaked everywhere. Anything that creates more work is a no no!

  7. I look for fitted slide and back so no leakage, last all night and keep bottom dry. If this was in a good priced nappy it would be great. I love coles but not tried their brand nappy yet.

  8. The main thing for me is that they don’t leak. I don’t know how many times during the night I have had to change all the bedding, clothes etc and then try and get the baby back to sleep. Nightmare!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love nappies that actually hold what they are meant too. Nothing worse then a leaking nappy. We have had our fair share of those. I haven’t tried the comfy bots nappies yet but we use the comfy bots wipes ad they are great. I would love to win this!!
    Fingers crossed.

  10. Always quality

  11. What a wonderful Prize! With my first baby and then my twins I used cloth nappies, but that became very difficult with all 3 in nappies at the same time. So I changed to disposables using Huggies and ALdi nappies or what ever was a good price to suit my budget. As long as the brand I was using didn’t leak then all was happy. Now with baby No. 4 due in 6 weeks I have purchased a box of HUggies but I think I need to make a visit to Coles and purchase some comfy bots. This would be a great competition to win !

  12. I haven’t tried the comfy bots range I would love to give them a go I will have 2 in nappies in a few months

  13. I’m all about price and fit! My little boy is on the small so a lot of nappies swim on him. Claire

  14. The right price is a must around here, with only one wage coming in that is the first thing I look at. At a very close second is the quality…if they leak they don’t get a second chance around here also if the tabs rip off when I am putting on a clean nappy they get ditched.I have tried a few brands in the last 10 years and I have chopped and changed brands with every child but some how also seem to fall back on generic or supermarket brands.

  15. What a timely post. I have just started using Coles Home Delivery – and loving it (especially having someone put all the bags on the kitchen bench). I was thinking about trying the coles brand nappies (I currently use Woolworths Select brand and go there just to buy them)… but always nervous about buying a box box of a different brand.

    I look for a reasonable price, no leakage, no nappy rash, comfortable fit (no red marks on skin around the hips), can last a night (I hate when they wake because have wet through or having to wake them and change them because a nappy won’t last).

    With baby number 3 on the way – this would be a great way to try them out!

  16. I tried a few brands of nappies, some disappointing, some great. For us the main factor is comfort for baby (ie good fit & no nappy rash), closely followed by no leaks as our little boy sure does know how to fill a nappy (and we change him every feed or earlier if he fills it before hand)!!! A good price is a bonus, but nappy quality comes first.
    Based on your comments I think I will definitely have to try Comfy Bots!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Always used cloth nappies during the day & disposables for the night time..or if I went to work & hubby is was nappy duty – he just used the disposables.. Will have to give these a go… i love it when other people recommend different products.. especially if they work well…eg: tags don’t rip off, no leakage etc… & with a my first grandchild coming it would be great to help out or just have a supply at my house…so they don’t have to always cart so much with them when they visit.. Thanks Corrie…

  18. Cassandra says:

    Hi Corrie – Can you tell me where I might be able to find a pattern for the quilt that little Emerson is on in these photos? I notice Liberty fabrics and it’s just beautiful! Is it one of your own creations or from a quilting book?

  19. Quality above all – I’m happy to pay a little bit more providing the nappy lives up to standard: no leaks (pooplosions are an exception! lol), great absorbancy to last through the night, good fit around the legs and waist and a slim fit. I figure if they can make pads that are slim and will absorb a litre of blue fluid from a beaker, then there’s no reason a nappy shouldn’t be able to do the same!
    With bub #2 due in 12 weeks a month supply of nappies and a $100 Coles voucher would go a long way to boosting our budget 😀

  20. Price and absorbency! With a grandie in nappies and another due in 2 weeks, this would be the best prize ever!!!

  21. thanks for the advise, I look forward to trying them…did i really just say that!!! looking forward to trying nappies – oh, I need to get out more!!!!

  22. I look for a trim fit-hate the ‘duck bum’ look, affordability and most importantly-leakage-or lack of it! I used a no name brand with my daughter 90% of the time as they ticked all my boxes. I have my 2 yr old niece staying with me this week and I bought the comfy bots (never having tried them before) and I am very impressed!
    I’ve just found out I’m expecting #2 after waiting for quite some years so a months supply would be amazing!

  23. I look for a cute design and a nappy that holds lot’s of wee without soaking through the nappy.

  24. price and quality are the combination I look for. Like you, if it leaks, it’s out. Tend to go up a nappy size for the night nappy, so we don’t have to do any night-time changes.

  25. A combination of price & quality. I have always used the Woolies select nappies, but shopping there is getting a bit hard now the twins don’t fit in the twin baby trolley & and since Coles have the twin toddler trolleys (but woolies don’t) it looks like I’ll have to change! I’ve really only been sticking with Woolies because of the nappies, so this has been perfect timing, thanks! Oh and as you know twins equals scary amounts of nappies, so this would be a much appreciated prize!

  26. I look for quality, especially as with twins I am always changing nappies so I don’t want to be doing it more than I have to. I use a cheaper nappy such as comfy bots of a day and trusty old Huggies of a night. I don’t mind spending a little extra if it means I’m not changing nappies as often.

  27. Looks ace. I’m a cloth nappy girl, no matter the effort when we had our 4 it was all we could afford. I know lots of pregnant mummies out there right now who use disposables, so it’s a great giveaway. Thanks, love Posie

  28. I too have been using comfy bots since they came onto the market. We love them in this house mostly as I have two kids using the same size nappy and the price you just can’t beat.

  29. Zara Stevens says:

    Quality: If it leaks or irritates my little one’s skin, it’s out.

    Price: If it’s affordable (preferably less than 35 cents per nappy), I’m sold.

    I’ve tried Comfy Bots before and I found they work really well, especially during they day :)

    Zara x

  30. Anonymous says:

    Comfy bots are terrific as they have no leakage, go thru the night and are great value for money. Disposables are a firm decision here Coles are our grocery shop. So they go together.
    Thank you Corrie and Coles for having such a great give away for families.


  31. No leaks! Also when you put it on a wiggly baby the velcro tags don’t snap off :)

  32. What a timely post! I needed to buy nappies so have just bought the comfy bots to try on little Lucy! But like others have said no leakage and no nappy rash!! Thanks corrie!

  33. Anonymous says:

    I am pregnant with my first and trying to decide which nappies are the right ones to buy. There are so many different brands.
    I will buy some Coles nappies and let you know how they go when bub arrives.

  34. Lulita Thana says:

    Thinking about trying Comfy Bots many times, but didn’t want to be stuck with unused nappies. I have been using BabyLove all these years.

  35. I’ve just started using Comfy Bots :) Quality and price are even factors for me. No – leaks, good fit and at a reasonable price – I agree with you, Comfy Bots tick all of those boxes :)

    girllovestosew at yahoo dot com dot au

  36. Quality– no scratchiness and no leaks. Sometimes you can’t help the leaks but they do need to be comfy.
    Thanks :-)

  37. Anonymous says:

    I am a foster mum and have used many brands of nappies over the years. I like Huggies for night time, as the current little one sleeps 12 hours every night. During the day I use the Woolworths Select brand or Aldi. This one is toilet training so we are trying some nappy pants but he hates them.
    I want nappies that keep the kid dry and are as cheap as possible. I will give Comfy Bots a go. The allowance paid for a foster child is less than $20 dollars a day!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Must be leakproof! Have always used Huggies even though they seem to be on the expensive side, maybe I’ll give the Comfy Bots a try.

  39. Comfort, for sleeping through the night .
    quality, so I dont have worrys in sight.
    Price, so the husband looking at the credit card , doesnt have a fright!!!!!!!!!

  40. Quality and price are top of the list for me. Having triplets we go through A LOT of nappies – and wipes. Oh my goodness the wipes… a whole different story. If the nappies leak. Forget it. I have to change enough nappies without extra leaky ones. To tell you the truth, I hadn’t tried comfy bots. Don’t know why, but thanks for the recomendation, I certainly will now. It would be so helpful winning this prize, although I hazard a guess that supplying our house with a month’s worth of nappies, might be a bit more than Cole’s bargained for! (In which any one of the triplets would accept the comfy bots with pleasure! Wink, wink!)

  41. Kelly Arndt says:

    Kindness to sensitive skin is non-negotiable,
    A cute design is a plus,
    Keeping Junior dry through the night,
    Is what matters most to us!
    Leaking-through causes rashes,
    In a child with eczema that can flair and become sore…
    The expense is considered briefly,
    But his comfort matters more…
    That and the absorbancy rate highest,
    ‘Stay dry’ material is needed to draw that wetness away,
    A reasonable price, quality, but value,
    Is what matters at the end of the day…
    With four children we’ve used nappies,
    Almost seven years straight,
    We kind of think we’re ‘Nappy Connoisseurs’
    And ‘Coles Comfy Bots’ are great!

  42. Anonymous says:

    I have always gone for quality first then price but since we are now a one income household, it has been based on price first. My closest Coles is over an hour away so therefore I have never tried the Comfy Bots but will be next time I’m near a store. Thanks for the recommendation.

  43. I look for quality above price as sometimes a nappy might be slightly more expensive but is more absorbent and needs to be changed less often, so it can work out cheaper.
    I like nappies to not be too bulky either.

  44. Same as you! Doesn’t matter the price if they don’t hold what they need to.

  45. Jodie Mills says:

    Wow Corrie – I never would have thought that they would be this good. I haven’t tried them. I confess to being a nappy snob so would have thought that the quality wouldn’t have been there. If they keep bub (and clothing/bedding) dry then I’m happy too. Will have to look out for them….or win your giveaway 😉

  46. I like value for money. I don’t believe there is any point in using more expensive nappies than you have too and more $$$ doesn’t always mean better nappies. I used to buy the Aldi ones, but they changed them and now they leak all the time, so I’ve gone with some different ones.

    Something that I do dislike in a nappy is bold prints as they show through the clothes.

    I also think it is clever marketing to have really good store brand nappies as it can keep customers loyal.

  47. Price is definitely a consideration for me as I have two in nappies they also most importantly have to not leak, especially through the night !!!

  48. Price is definitely a factor ….. But more importantly it’s that they hold everything in and my babes and their clothes, sheets are nice and dry when they wake up :)

  49. I Definately am a nappy snob 😉 I need to have an elastic back, a few leg guards, and of course cute prints! I use comfy bots on my 3 year old at night, and so far, no issues, and she’s a heavy wetter. I haven’t yet been game to try them on my 10 week old. I’m loving the price of the comfy bots!

  50. I haven’t tried Comfy Bots as I haven’t had to buy nappies for a while, but with bub due early next year I sure will be looking for a quality nappy that’s at a good price. These Comfy Bots I will be checking out for sure :)

  51. Price, leakage/quality, comfort.

    I have used at least 5 different brands of nappies and I do have my two favourites (Woolies Homebrand + Babylove). What matters is my children’s comfort as one was on the smaller side and the other on the bigger side. Our second boy has skin sensitivites. So there was alot of trials for us.

  52. I currently use Huggies, as I have found them the only ones to not leak. I don’t mind paying the extra for piece of mind, but have never tried Coles Comfy Bots… maybe they are better..

  53. Deb Booker says:

    I have only ever used Huggies on my fist baby as I was told they are the best, but with twins on the way I would like to try more affordable brands which are high quality, And if you Corrie have used them for 4 babies they must be good, at least worth a try!

  54. I am still trying out different brands here. Surprisingly, Huggies have not been great for me at all so I’m onto various other brands but haven’t tried the Coles ones yet. They’ll be next on my list!

    And I LOVE the Liberty quilt your beautiful boy is lying on in these photos. Did you make it? All the lovely fabrics work so well with the neutral. I might need to put something like this on my to-make list!

  55. I’m honestly a nappy virgin. My little boy is 6-weeks today and I’m slowly starting to see what is important in a nappy. A good snug fit, a bit higher up the back (yes, I’ve had the odd explosion), and not too bulky. I’m really keen to give the Coles brand a go after your recommendation !!

  56. Quality for sure…it has to do the job well! Price is the next by buying up when on sale!

  57. We have tried many brands over the years, and the most important for us is quality!

  58. Anonymous says:

    Whether baby’s skin is fine with the nappy is number one, Then it’s the price. Quality is there, but only to the degree that it absorbs, seals well and there’s no leakage.

  59. Quality all the way in our house, they need to do the job well, as there isn’t any point using nappies that leak!

  60. Firstly absorbency…nothing worse than leaks! Secondly value for money since being a large family any money saved is a bonus AND lastly shape.. a bulky nappy caused clothing fitting problems.

  61. Letisha Palmer says:

    I look for quality and value for money. Coles has always been a brand that has proven to be reliable and value for money. I will try this product when I have my 2nd baby in Decemember.

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. For me its all about quality and how well they can control leakage!!

  64. Definitely the best absorbancy for the best price!

  65. Quality is the most important thing of course- no point buying nappies that leak or can’t hold a full night’s ‘load’! But price is a close second. I have a few favourite brands and will buy whichever is on sale at the time.

  66. Quality for me-having a nappy leak at night waking up bubs-learnt my lesson there didnt i?

  67. Definitely quality first and then price. I think the Coles brand is doing well to provide good value for money. Their ‘home brand’ has certainly improved over the years. Cloth nappies are also better for the environment so a combination of both cloth and plastic is best!

  68. Quality is a must
    Quality, Quality, Quality

  69. When it comes to nappies I chose quality over price as there is nothing worse than having leakages especially when out and about.
    As a mother of 4 I have found that there is a difference between brands and I usually wait for the quality nappies to be on special and buy in bulk to save.

  70. Price always sucks me in … if they’re cheap, I’ll buy them! And just hope they work!

  71. I am definately a quality girl – but on a tight budget; so we use the cheaper brands during the day and Huggies at night as I’ve found them to be the only ones that don’t leak (and SLEEP is my best friend)….I haven’t tried Comfy Bots though – thanks for the insightful review. I will def be trying.

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. I have six children under seven and 3 of them are still in nappies. I regularly buy huggies because the quality is better but have recently discovered some cheaper brand nappies like woolworths brand actually are holding up at half the price. I would like to try the comfy bots because i have noticed on many occasions that many other brands leave rashes and marks on my babys.


  74. Gold medals for all his twists and turns,
    Bedroom gymnastics, he’s getting carpet burns.
    This little champ doesnt like to be changed,
    So I needed to try a different range,
    I looked for value, price and absorbent core,
    To my surprise I found them at the Coles store,
    These Comfy Bots nappies, he loved right away,
    I love Coles – these nappies are here to stay!

  75. I generally look for quality. I have tried cheaper brands but find the tabs often rip off when you’re putting the nappy on (waste of a nappy), or it gets ‘full’ after a small wee. With three young boys, I’d love to try a cheaper brand like comfy bots. Thanks :)

  76. I like soft nappies like baby love and sorbies. I find huggies way to hard like cardboard. Also as long as it lasts the night and isn’t sopping like some brands in the mornign it’s a winner :)

  77. I love quality!

  78. Definitely quality as there is nothing worse than a leaky nappy!

  79. no leaks and cute pictures on them

  80. (A) and (C)! Price and quality. I don’t give two hoots about the brand if the nappy is a good price and is good quality!

  81. Staying power. I absolutely hate nappies that during the night get over used and fall apart. I like to think my child will be comfortable all night if they happen to sleep through. I do have to have an element of price in there too though as babies are expensive!

  82. The quality and leakage control – I hate nappies that leak onto the clothes or bedsheets

  83. Quality and price are important… also, our little one has sensitive skin so we are ‘fussy’ with the nappies we buy.

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