my best friend’s birthday

today is my best friend’s birthday. That would be retro daddy, of course! 37 years young and yes his birthday is today and not 4 days later – for some reason even after we were married I kept thinking his birthday was a few days later. I don’t know why. It’s a running joke in the house.

daddy takes over
Retro daddy’s birthdays are close to a few here – his 33rd birthday was just 2 weeks after our twins were born – I’m not even sure he got a birthday cake that year? I’m sure we did one but I don’t even remember how we celebrated his birthday and now his 37th birthday is almost 6 weeks after emerson was born. Poor guy. I made him go to the shops to buy dinner and pick a cake out as I was feeding emerson after our busy day out.
happy birthday time
But he did good going to a french patisserie for a delicious cake – let me describe it to you – two thin layers of chocolate sponge filled with a layer of rich chocolate ganache then the cake is topped with white chocolate mousse and topped with white chocolate curls. So good. And not as rich and heavy as it sounds. He also picked up an expensive bottle of red wine – I had a quarter of a glass and he fell asleep at 8pm getting elodie to bed. Party animals we are not.
mmmmmm cake
As for presents it’s hard to think of what to buy when I did the iPad last year. Finn suggested another iPad but I think that would be for himself. So I bought the perfect gift for that indecisive person in your life who can’t decide what they want – a DJs voucher so he can buy as many ralph lauren shirts as he wants!
cutting the cake
And how does he want to spend his special day – a sleep in, a run and lunch in Manly with us.
We love you retro daddy and appreciate how hard you work for us both at home and in the office. And one day, one day we’ll get that holiday house in the South of France that you’re after xxxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Retro Daddy. Have a terrific day.

    Corrie I think this is one of the most beautiful posts you have written. Full of love and appreciation of the lives you have chosen to live. Well done to both of you!

  2. Happy birthday J! <3 You are a great bloke not to mention retrodaddy xxx

  3. happy Birthday retrodaddy, hope you all enjoy a great family day… and the cake looks divine!

  4. Happy Birthday Retro Daddy! x

  5. Parabéns e muitas Bençãos ,SR.PAPAI.

  6. Happy Birthday RetroDaddy, that is so lovely, how you talk about him, he’s one special guy that’s for sure!! Oh the cake looks amazing, i bet you all enjoyed it. Have a beautiful weekend together. Love Posie

  7. Happy birthday to him. And the post is beautiful

  8. Happy birthday Retrodaddy. Mine’s tomorrow but I have a son your age!

  9. Happy Birthday Retro Daddy…and what a Beautiful pictures…Oh, I love your family so much, Corrie :*

  10. Happy birthday to your hubby, that’s one awesome cake! We’ve got a trifecta of birthdays here…mine on 15th, son’s on 16th and daughter born last year on 17th November…..I almost wish mine was on 18th now so I can relax and not make any cakes!

  11. I hope that retro daddy had a wonderful day! That cake looks divine! :) I am happy that I am not the only wife who doesn’t know what to buy their hubby for their birthday every year!!

  12. Happy Birthday Retrodaddy! The cake looks delish x

  13. What a lovely post. It’s so nice to see true love in action broadcast. Retro Daddy is the same vintage as me, just a couple of months older! I’m loving being in my 30’s. Young enough to be active, old enough to have a bit of wisdom and having kids gives everything perspective and fun.

  14. Happy birthday to Retrodaddy and he did well with his choice of cake!!! I love the happy family photos celebrating his day :)20

  15. Happy Birthday to Retro Daddy. So much has happened in the last 37 years. And 5 children. Sometimes I have been glad to have all the birthdays close together – except mine of course. I have two born the same day March 10 (3 years apart) and one 17 days before that. All done at once. I was licking the computer screen but couldn’t taste that cake. He made a scrumptious choice.

  16. Awww what a lovely hubby and daddy, Happy belated birthday to RetroDaddy! Sounds like a lovely weekend with his beautiful family.
    And that cake… Oh, that cake! Good job French patisserie xo

  17. We can remember how we celebrate each of the kids birthdays but if it wasn’t for photographs we wouldn’t remember our own celebrations. Happy Birthday to your husband, provider and best friend.

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