life is getting a teensy bit easier

Keira went off to school this morning with one of the fanciest – ok it’s the fanciest – hairstyle I can do on her. A little braid going from one side to the other that goes into a big ponytail. This is a big deal because it means I actually had a little time on my side before the school run this morning.
Fancy Hair
I’m starting to get a bit more on top of things. The floor gets vacced everyday, washing is going out on the line and coming in and it’s just getting a teensy bit easier. It’s still crazy at times – trust me – but I’m starting to feel that I’m going to be on top of this and that we will get back to the kind of routine we had before Emerson came along. That and the chocolate is really working wonders on my moods……


  1. Now why did you have to mention the word chocolate?! lol I am amazed at how fast you get back on top of things. Cherrie

  2. Great to hear you are feeling better Corrie. Gorgeous plait for Keira – I’d love to be able to do this for Sophie, any tips?

    Christine xo

  3. Gorgeous hairstyle

  4. Looks great!
    I tried the knotted braid that you posted on fb, on my eldest, not as hard as it looks! It was good incentive for her to be ready extra early for school, so I had time to do it.
    But, we only have 3 kids here, and no newborns – so well done to you!!

  5. Love the fancy hair do! You will find your rhythm soon.


  6. Nice hair. Luckily my two girls have curls so I don’t have to worry about fancy stuff yet! hehe.
    Well done getting five kids out the door in the mornings, seriously amazing.

  7. Oh Corrie, good for you. How you are managing to blog so regularly as well is astounding. J x

  8. Love it, i only recently learned to French plait, braid & fish tail hair, the shame (my daughters are 10-13) i just love doing it, sitting together & seeing all the glorious colours in their hair come through. Always looks fancy. When my twins were on camp this year, the teachers took turns doing their hair at night, they were desperate to get hold of my waist length platinum blonde’s hair & play.
    OF course you’re getting into a fabulous rhythm, you have an excellent attitude!! Love Posie

  9. It’s tough with little ones. Can’t wait til i feel i’m on top of it. Could be a few years yet for me i fear! Maybe when they are all at school! 😉

  10. Oh I LOVE Keira’s hair. That is exactly the kind of do I was always trying to achieve as a little girl. We had a family friend who was great with the hair styles (as my Mama only did plaits or pony tails), so she used to braid my hair and I thought it was just the best. I bet Keira felt very pretty and special trotting off to school with that one… and her lovely new earrings!
    You’re amazing Corrie, finding your feet again after only a month, that is quite incredible xo

  11. well done for taking it all in your stride… but don’t put too much pressure on yourself. you don’t need to hoover everyday etc. and i love the braid. i am currently doing a kind of twisted plait around the side of my head to keep my hair tidy – slightly heidi-looking.

  12. Haha! I just ate my last square of Cadbury and I’m quietly panicking inside. It’s only 11:20 here in The West, Tilly’s down for her lunchtime nap and I won’t be out of the house until school run time!!! That cooking chocolate will start to look good in about an hour!!! Absolutely LOVE Keira’s hair, she looks so grown up with it and her gorgeous ears!! : )

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