I am a mum of 5

and this is what it looks like when we are out and about
me and the kids
We don’t get a lot of attention or anything? Oh no!


  1. It looks more relaxed than I thought it would. Well done for getting out and about. I am sure there is no choice as you have to, but with a new baby it would make things harder.

  2. 35Gorgeous family x

  3. Katherine says:

    You are amazing!

  4. Keira is a big girl now, Corrie….and in no time she’ll be as tall as Mummy 😀

    Kisses & Hugs for your children :*

  5. A wonderful vision :)

  6. Gorgeous!

  7. I am the eldest of 5 children (My mum had the first 4 of us in 5 years) and I remember the weird looks we used to get. My mum LOVED it! She was so proud of herself! It was lovely!

  8. I have four boys Corrie….. you would think Im heading some terrorist group judging by some of the looks I get!! Just smile, they dont know what to do… BIG FAMILIES ROCK! xxxxx

  9. yes that would turn heads. Oh my what a lovely bunch.

  10. such a great pic of your gorgeous family!

  11. Beautiful family Corrie!

  12. Go Corrie!!

  13. You are a brave woman. :)

  14. Lovely family

  15. super mom.. ılove you

  16. Fantastic! Great work, I am due with our 4th this week so you are certainly inspiring
    Ren x

  17. Corrue, you all look amazing!!! I am about to become a mother of three (only!), and am reading you blog not to be scared :))) Thanks for the picture, now I see it looks not so frightening :))))
    Best wishes to your wonderful family, Elena from Russia

  18. Sorry for the misprints 😉

  19. Stirred memories of going out with my 5! It all passes so quickly enjoy every minute of it!

  20. Siete splendidi!

  21. I don’t look that relaxed as a Mum of 2! You have a beautiful family x

  22. LOVE THIS! I want 5 children too!! What a beautiful sight!!

  23. Very impressive Corrie, I can’t even handle 2 kids!

  24. You do it so well Corrie! I have several dear friends who either have 5 kids, or are from a family of 5 kids and they are the best families I know!! You are going to have such a great time with them all as they grow and they also with each other :)

  25. Oh Corrie, I’m scared for you! Lol

  26. I have just had a cousin visiting from France. A lovely mature,independent 21 year old, eldest of 5. I wish this on yours and all the “many-siblinged” children!

  27. Gorgeous photo! It’s hard enough to get out with my one baby! I can only imagine 5! Impressive! :) love your blog.

  28. WOW! Corrie, it takes a special kinda person to be able to manage a troupe like that. What a beautiful photo. Love how trendy Miss Keira is… future super model maybe!? I think you’d only be receiving looks of admiration, because you honestly look lovely xo

  29. I think you look relaxed…and what a gorgeous fam x

  30. I love it!!!

    We have 4 kids under 7 and I ALWAYS get the comment “You’ve got your hands full”

    Just becoming one your NEW regulars! XxDani

  31. Jane Mayall says:

    Just beautiful corrie :) You are doing so well – congratulations!!

  32. I love it, just gorgeous & love that nothing stands between you & sushi!! Love Posie

  33. Gorgeous x
    I know the comments that I get and I only have 3 kids, so I can imagine the looks and comments you’d receive with 5!

  34. This photo is so beautiful. You are amazing, really! Congratulations on your many blessings. They are all lucky to have you as a mama.

  35. Out and about- way to go Corrie!I hope Im that organised when our little one comes along, because we arent when we have all 7 here on holidays!

  36. Trudy Tradesman, Trinidad says:

    Thank gawd it’s not me dear!

  37. I gave birth to my second child on Saturday and am just taking some quiet time to catch-up on some blogs. I have one word for you: RESPECT.

  38. nice blog

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