less craft, more shopping

Oh dear. I haven’t managed to touch any craft since I got home from hospital. Emerson is a non stop feeder confirmed by his 500g + weight gain in 11 days! But don’t feel too sorry for me because feeding time is often internet time and internet time is often shoping time. First up were a few outfits for emerson’s baptism and christmas. I like to buy in the summer sales in the states. I’ve gone off gymboree a bit and moved on to janie & jack but ouch the shipping is expensive so share an order with a friend if you’re going to order. And wait till the range is on sale – with so many little ones to dress I avoid paying full price!

been shopping for the kids

and then of course I’ve been freshening up my own wardrobe now that I’m no longer pregnant but not back in my regular size. This may look like a lot of green but I’ve got a lot of navy and white in my wardrobe so I know these will all go well. Can I just say though that the black shoes with the green dress are not a good look. I’m thinking silver sandals! All of these came from Sussan.

recent purchases

but shhhhhhh don’t tell retro daddy!


  1. Corrie, I think you have created another beautiful baby so that probably excuses you for a while.

    Love the kiddies clothes and yours too.

    Brown sandals take you right through the seasons and look great with green.

  2. I wish there were more colourful clothes like that around here. I am so over grey and black and beige – urgh! I love navy for versatility.

  3. I love, love, love all the new clothes you’ve got for yourself. Considering my youngest is about to turn 1 maybe I need to follow your lead and update my wardrobe. I’m still getting around in my maternity jeans from my first born!

  4. hahaha I won’t tell him but I bet he’ll read this post!! But surely after five babies he knows not to mess with a sleep deprived Mummy with a newborn : ) Love love love the white dress with navy trim. I think I may have to take a peak at that website!! I still love Obaibi/Okaidi, sooooo gorgeous!

  5. Oh I just adore the green and blue combo!! You definitely deserve a shapping treat x

    Allison @ Utterly Organised Blogspot

  6. The Green dress in Susans is DIVINE! I held it up to myself this morning and thought do I add a splash of colour to my BLACK wardrobe! It felt so soft and smooth but I didn’t try it on as I was shivering away on a foggy winter morning shop! Beautiful!

  7. Loo…I just bought that sussans green dress today for a party tonight…:-))))))

  8. Lol…I mean not loo….:-))))

  9. Oh I bought that green dress too! Love it!

    Hope you are feeling well and are recovering with zeal pace, lovely to hear the little man is thriving.

    PS those black shoes are shockers!!

  10. I love the kiddies’ clothes, especially the white dress! and the black shoes…. not only the colour is so un-summery but the style …. I am on the “good side ” of 50 and wouldnt be caught wearing those!

  11. Love your haul. I agree about those black shoes… I think they are just weird in general…

  12. Love Janie and Jack. Their clothes are beautiful styles and good quality. I am lucky my sis will stock up for me as she lives in the States. Those items you picked out from Sussan are pretty too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Corrie, with my 6 I would be more than happy to combine shipping. Love Janie and Jack.


  14. Love the kids clothes, especially the little white dress. Totally agree about the black shoes! Love the green dress, it will look great on you, there’s nothing better than buying a few new outfits after months of maternity clothes!

  15. The green dress is gorgeous. I agree though, black shoes are a no-no. I remember reading all my fav blogs while I breastfed my last baby, getting all sorts of inspiration from crafty and cooking blogs like this one!

  16. Have you tried Frugi from UK, organic cotton and cut for cloth nappies, they go up to size 8
    My daughter Kate discovered them when she was in UK and now imports them into Australia her site is http://www.squishyboo.com/shop and on facebook and this is there UK website http://www.welovefrugi.com/.

  17. Great purchases! I think online shopping is the best. Especially when you can’t get out of the house easily. Great outfits. Great colours.

  18. I didn’t know that emerald green is the new colour and now I do! Shall put the knowledge to good use! Enjoy your web surfing and your little man!

  19. I went and looked at Sussans pages and I think they are channeling the period around 1988 when I wore mint green 3/4 tight pants and stripped shirts. And the blazers are definitely from that period too. Everything old is new again.

  20. Oooo I love that green colour Corrie, gorgeous choice. I agree, the black doesn’t do it any justice, silver will be lovely or even white/beige xo

  21. You can never go wrong with emerald green or a breton striped top – perfect!

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