bringing emerson home

today was a very exciting day……..leaving the hospital and bringing our emerson home. Eventhough I hadn’t had an ounce of sleep the night before I was so excited to be heading home.


And you’d think he was our first baby the way I was telling retro daddy to drive carefully, go slow and keep checking on emerson. Somethings never change.

home in the driveway

but we made it home safe and sound. And there is no place like home. We took emerson out of the car, put him on the floor and it was like……now what? So I let him sleep in the capsule for a little while and then spent the rest of the day feeding, changing and putting him to sleep. And repeat. And repeat again.

going home outfit
We’ve got the basinette and changetable down in our living room, the heaters are on, I grab any free time I can to run around and grab a drink, something to eat, cuddle elodie and just enjoy being at home.
peace and quiet
it is just so good to be home!  5 nights in the hospital, as lovely as the food and having everything done was for me, was my limit. I had the most beautiful midwives and did make the most of the rest time but was going a little stir crazy in the room and just missed being surrounded by my little family all day!
first sleep at home
And how lovely that I came home to a brand new laptop courtesy of retro daddy. He’s bought me a little something for each baby and a new laptop is just what I needed since my old one is missing 2 keys!
my other new baby
So all in all it’s been a great day but a big reality check too. I have retro daddy and his lovely mum doing meals, dishes, bathing, playtime with the big kids, groceries and laundry………next week is not going to be so luxurious but I’ve already decided what is essential and what I can let slide…………
this is emerson and his daddy tonight having a little stare! We just love having another little man in the house……………………………


  1. Sigh…..he’s so adorable!! Such an exciting feeling bringing home a little newborn again and he looks so sweet in your lovely knitting :) Enjoy these special days together!

  2. absolutely adorable….I was wondering how little Elodie was coping with it all. It is rather overwhelming as you get used to the new addition. I like how you have already decided what is essential next week and what is not. Here’s to some sleep to cope with the others at home…such a cutie!

  3. lovely baby!

  4. Aww so gorgeous. Makes me want another but 2 is definitely all that the Livesey boy and I can handle. Enjoy every second x

  5. He is such a cutie!

  6. Ohhh so beautiful retro mummy, enjoy your little man. Look after you too.

  7. What a cutie!! He is already changing so much!

  8. Bawwwww almost makes me clucky…I said ALMOST!

  9. He is just the sweetest little boy!! So happy you are all safe and well and loving life (so far) as a family of 7. So did you find a dishwasher in your kitchen as well??

  10. love that last photo, so gorgeous!

  11. Look into online grocery shopping. My youngest is three and I love it

  12. Gorgeous!

  13. congratulations again Corrie, he is really gorgeous!

  14. Emerson is just so sweet and darling! I love the picture of him gazing at retro daddy.

  15. awww love that photo 4 up from the end of the post. what a gorgeous little man (love the name too). Congrats and enjoy settling back into the rhythm of home

  16. A very BIG day for you all! Enjoy your family being all together! A child is a blessing to any household and you’ve been blessed with 5 Angels :)

  17. Oh he is just so sweet. Enjoy every minute now you are home. melx

  18. Just gorgeous, there is nothing better then bringing your baby home!

  19. How nice to be home and to have such a great and adorable addition to your family! Lots of love all the way from the Netherlands.

    XXX Wendy

  20. he is gorgeous! Enjoy this precious moment! xx

  21. Welcome Home Emerson and Mummy! It is a joy to share your news Corrie. Such a beautiful boy too. I can see a little of Elodie in his face in one photo. All of those lovely hand-made knits! You are wonderful. Retro daddy you are amazing too.. New laptop .. What a nice surprise. Love Denyse xx

  22. Aww, he is so gorgeous. Nothing like a newborn to bring a family joy. Jacinta

  23. just so precious!! xxx

  24. He’s absolutely beautiful. Almost makes me wish my kids would get busy and give me a grandbaby. Note – I said ALMOST!

  25. Little prince coming back to his home castle :)))

  26. Oh Corrie, what a beautiful post. Just warmed my heart reading your words and seeing those delightful first shots of your little boy at home. You’re such a gorgeous Mama xo

  27. How magical Corrie for you and your family, enjoy your time together with that little man. love the knits Emerson is wearing.

  28. he is beautiful! Well done Mummy xx

  29. Anonymous says:

    What an exciting day for everyone! Warmest wishes, Kim

  30. He looks handsome in his handmade goodies. And what a wonderful thought to buy Mum something new with every birth.

  31. Congratulations to all of your beautiful family! Im a one of those who have prayed for you.
    What a lovely baby boy!

    Tuija from Finland

  32. enjoy every moment. I think he will match Elodie for plump thighs before long.

    what an exciting (exhausting) time for all of you.

  33. So adorably cute.

  34. So lovely! Congratulations! :)

  35. YOu bring back such beautiful special memories… we had a 9 year gap between number 2 & 3 (not through lack of trying!), and it was such a gift to experience the newborn baby again. You’ve helped to bring it back to the front of my mind. thankyou. and, he really is adorable xxx (looooove the name!)

  36. He is delicious, enjoy these special days :)

  37. So beautiful! Love the description of your trip home. Enjoy every moment.

  38. always good to be home. let the fun begin and enjoy!!!
    congratulations again

  39. I had to blink away the tears that welled up as I read this post! I am so appreciative of the way in which you share all that is dear to you. I love that I can relate to almost all of your posts. The photos of Emerson are just beautiful – particularly the one with his daddy.

  40. Welcome home; hope you all continue to enjoy each other and what a darl your hubby is, giving you a brand new laptop! Enjoy!

  41. *Sigh*. Thanks for sharing this intimate time in your lives with us so candidly, Corrie. What a treasure he is. J x

  42. awwwww… *big sigh* he is beautiful. Congrats. x

  43. Yay, you’re home!! I just find it so wonderful to be back in my own surroundings & your toddlers always seem to be even better behaved than you remember too!! Kisses to all of your babies, loving that last photo of Emerson looking at RetroDaddy, gorgeous, father & son. Love Posie

  44. congratulations! enjoy having your beautiful baby home and make the most of the helping hands this week. Precious times xx

  45. what a lovely little blue beanie hat on Emerson – do you mind me asking if you have the pattern on your blog site

  46. Congratulations, he is wonderful. Enjoy these precious days x x

  47. Just wanted to say – online grocery shopping is the absolute best way to shop, especially with a baby plus others in tow! It has saved my sanity!!


  49. Congratulations! He is absolutely adorable! Enjoy every moment! May he have a healthy and happy life, as we wish in Greece. I wish that for all your family!

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