little blondie

I am totally in love with Emerson and just can’t get over his hair! Keira, Finn and Elodie all came out with thick black hair but this little guy, fresh out of a bath is such a little blondie!!!!!

little blondie
I’m feeling a lot less uncomfortable today but the reality of a newborn has all come back to me as I feed him, try not to squirt milk into his eye from my big boobies, dodge his wee ( I forgot boys are different to girls!) and learn how he likes to be settled. I know I’ll be home soon so I’m just enjoying this very special time between the two of us. 


  1. Oh my goodness he is adorable! Congratulations and good luck getting into the swing of things again!

  2. Enjoy your special time with your darling angel. He is beautiful…and what a lovely family he will go home to. Many blessings and feel good mama.

  3. He is adorable, congratulations Corrie… I’m sure it won’t take you long to get on top of all the newborn stuff again, you’ve already proven you’re a fantastic Mummy! :) Love and best wishes xox

  4. I just want to sniff his head, he is absolutely gorgeous.

    Oh how I miss baby head smell.

  5. He is beautiful! That newborness does take a little time to get used to each time a new one comes along, we forget just how small they are! Number 5, youre a pro! Enjoy xx

  6. He is so cute he is so adorable and he looks so soft and cuddly. Congratulations and enjoy your one on one time with Emerson :) Love and best wishes to you and the family xoxo

  7. Wishing you lots of snuggles & rest Corrie. He is absolutely adorable. Xxx

  8. Corrie, he is so beautiful. I want to smell him ad touch his fluufy hair. Oh dear, that sounds creepy, doesn’t it?

  9. Corrie, I adore this photo of Emerson. He is so handsome, and looks very content. Hope you recover smoothly ~ Julia

  10. Aww, please keep the photos of your gorgeous latest angel coming! and I cant wait to see pics of his siblings meeting their little brother!

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  12. Sally in the UK says:

    What a beautiful little boy x

    Sweet little Emerson.. what a cutie..
    Enjoy the moments together, this will never come back..

    Groetjes, Suzanne

  14. I love, love sweet baby hair. It is the softest thing on earth. I practically rubbed my kids bald touching it all the time. Congratulations, he is absolutely beautiful.

  15. Ohhh just too cute…. what a precious gift…

  16. The falling in love with your new baby days are the best! He is just divine Corrie! You & J make gorgeous children xxx

  17. He is gorgeous! So peaceful!

  18. He is adorable!

  19. Sooooo cute!!!!! Tell us about the moment when the other kids met him!!

  20. He’s so perfect! Congrats y’all! <3

  21. What a beautiful baby! May God bless him and that he grow up with good health.
    That the arrival of this new life will bring more joy into this home and this beautiful family.
    God is great!
    With love,

  22. Did I saw mini Prince Harry?… :)

  23. so sweet, congratulations and I hope it all goes smoothly!

  24. He is just gorgeous and looks so settled and relaxed. Enjoy all the calmness before you get home.

  25. He’s so gorgeous. Enjoy the time with him, I really enjoyed that special one on one time in the beginning as well. I’m getting so clucky! Congrats again. p.s I’m having a giveaway on my blog!!

  26. congratulations retro mummy, he is adorable.

  27. rest a little Corrie – you’ll be home soon. x

  28. Oh he’s beautiful, look at him with that fair hair. My 4 were all fair like my husband & i, such a shock to see so many of yours with suck thick dark locks at birth, they soon lost it though & faired up. Does he have blue eyes too?? He’s so scrummy, enjoy, he’ll love being home too when the time comes, he’ll have heard ALL the noise while in your belly & know who is who. Gosh he looks like a big strong healthy baby boy. Love Posie

  29. You are very clever – he is absolutely beautiful.

  30. he’s beautiful

  31. Emerson is so handsome and adorable with his blonde hair!
    I love his name.

  32. He’s gorgeous Corrie! xx

  33. Congratulations! He he very handsome. Enjoy every moment.

  34. Corrie he is the most gorgeous newborn I’ve ever seen! He is absolutely perfect!

    Yes enjoy the time in hospital just the two of you….such a special time especially when you’ve got 4 others at home!


  35. Corrie, he has the most gorgeous ears.

  36. felicitaciones, un fuerte abrazo desde Colombia

  37. He is perfect! Enjoy!!!

  38. You beautiful family you, I can’t say anything more, you are so blessed, thank you for sharing your special moments, you are amazing

  39. Isn’t Emerson such a cute wee blondie! Enjoy these few days together, getting to know one another without the busyness of life :)

  40. oh so precious!

  41. Such a gorgeous wee boy. I always get clucky with new babies. Still don’t know if we are going to have anymore. But one more wouldn’t hurt :) Jacinta

  42. Oh enjoy!! All my kids were fair like that…and don’t you just love those big boobies lol!! Xx

  43. Oh Corrie, if only that downy skin and divine smell could be bottled! What a sweetheart. J x

  44. Oh WOW Corrie, he is too too precious. Beautiful photo. Enjoy that special time xoxo

  45. He’s so precious looking — made me tear up!

  46. Congratulations Corrie! He is adorable. Enjoy your golden haired boy. Love and kisses to your whole family. xoxo

  47. He’s just darling and I hope his siblings will soon give him some big smooches to welcome him.


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