emerson’s big day

This morning I’m feeling a bit more like myself and so glad to be up and about, out of the hospital gown and disconnnected from tubes and things. Yesterday was such a special day and the most relaxed and easiest of my births. I’m going to write about it when I’ve had a bit more sleep and my brain is working. Until then I think these pictures tell the story…….

happy mummy
outside the OR
cutting the cord
family pic

and here is my gorgeous Emerson today…… I just stare at him all day in amazement that he is ours and my 5th precious baby and also thinking that I’d do it all over again.
little emerson
He is just perfect!
Thank you for all of your sweet messages too.


  1. Congratulations :) He is just beautiful.

  2. He is gorgeous and you look great pre and post surgery!! Enjoy…

  3. He is beautiful Corrie. I had a great caesar with my son and I would do it all over again.

  4. Mesmerizing. May congratulations

  5. Corrie he’s adorable – even the little frown! LOL that you would think straight away of doing it all again…maybe I would have too if not for the excruciating labours! And I even had epidurals for both mine!! Enjoy these early days of getting to know your beautiful, adorable little fella. I bet the girls will be beside themselves :)

  6. Looking at these takes me back… I can understand why you would do it all over again Corrie. Beautiful photos. You look so relaxed and gorgeous. Well done, Emerson is perfect. Amazing times xoxo

  7. Congratulations!!!! xxxxx So gorgeous and I love his name :)

  8. The magic of new babies is something that nothing else in the world can beat!

  9. Congratulations Corrie and family – you are right, he is just perfect! An adorable little boy! I am due to have my second c-section (third baby) in November. Not feeling as nervous as I was for the first c-section. Your comment about it being the most relaxed of all your births makes it sound as though c-sections get easier… (that’s what I’m hoping!)
    Enjoy your stay in hospital and this very precious time with your new little boy. I love his name too.

  10. Corrie Congratulations! He is so beautiful, just like all of your babies. Emerson is such a handsome name, I am so very happy for you xxx

  11. Congratulations, Corrie! He is gorgeous, but that’s no surprise at all – you and retro daddy make the sweetest babies! xxx

  12. Congrats Corrie! Emerson is a gem x

  13. Congratulations Corrie! He’s beautiful!! Welcome to the mummy of five club!! xx

  14. Emerson is absolutely gorgeous Corrie. I love Justin’s big smile too! He looks so proud. You might be able to convince him, lol

  15. Emerson is adorable!
    You look wonderful too Corrie and so happy.

  16. Oh gosh he’s cute with those pouty little lips.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful! There is nothing as sweet or as precious as a gorgeous newborn, congratulations! Retrodaddy looks beside himself with happiness :-)


  18. I love that Retrodaddy has a label saying ‘Dad’ – you know, just in case you can’t tell from that big, proud smile!

    Well done, Corrie. You both look adorable x

  19. you did it…it’s not easy having so many c-sections ( i know ;-)) but girl..ya did it!!
    congratulations and Im so very happy for you and Justin… :-)

  20. Congratulations Corrie. He is just beautiful :)

  21. He is just gorgeous and you look fantastic.

  22. Retromummy you and Retrodaddy produce such beautiful babies. Another gorgeous boy for you to love.

    I have been thinking that in some ways your own mummy will be in your thoughts right now and I know that she would be so proud of you.

  23. He is beautiful Corrie….congratulations to all of you xxx

  24. Congrats Corrie … he is gorgeous xoxoxoxo

  25. Congratulations again. He is beyond gorgeous.
    I love a photo diary. Xx

  26. congratulations,He is soo beutiful…

  27. Gorgeous photo’s xxx

  28. He is so beautiful, It makes impatient to meet mine in 3 months time. Also aren’t c-sect babies so clean after delivery.

  29. He’s so gorgeous. What a great name. Congratulations Corrie and may you have many more blessings from God in your family.

  30. Congratulations :) He is just beautiful.

  31. Congrats and love the name. Enjoy that new baby smell and the peace and serenity of the hotel, whoops I mean hospital! melx

  32. Congratulations to all of you. He is gorgeous!

  33. Oh Corrie, a big and warm congratulation from Germany, too! What a sweet and precious babyboy! You have such a lovely family! Thank you for sharing this amazing moments with us! You are a Supermom! Take care and enjoy!

  34. Congratulations! He is just adorable. It’s making me clucky!!

  35. He is beautiful xx

  36. oh Wow! He is adorable! Congratulations to you all!!

  37. Oh honey, you look fantastic, so ready & dare i say zen & determined. I know you’ll be thinking of your mummy & what she’d say about your forehead – just like she commented last time (like anyone can have a flat forehead when looking up from that angle??!!)
    So so excited for you all, check out RetroDaddy, could not be prouder of you & your family, love Posie

  38. Emerson is adorable Corrie and you look great.

  39. Love those little puckered lips. Enjoy every moment (as I’m sure you are)

  40. He is just lovely Corrie. Congratulation to you and your lovely family.

  41. Wow!!! What a perfect boy!
    Congrats Corrie!. You are such a lucky person and mom :).
    All the best for you and for your whole family !


  42. Aww, he certainly is a gorgeous baby Corrie!

  43. He is just perfect….such a wonderful gift!

  44. Congratulations Corrie. He is beautiful and I love his name!

  45. Congratulations, he is beautiful!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Dear Corrie,

    I have never read a blog before but somehow started reading yours. I think you are the most amazing, special and very gifted Mummy. I have been blessed to have one amazing little girl who is now 6. I can only imagine how life could be with 5 beautiful little ones to share your life and just want to say you are doing an amazing job and I love your blogs and although I do not know you – I feel you are so special and wish you all the joy and happiness that life can bring !

    You are truly special !
    Louise xxx

  47. Corrie you are so beautiful and happy . Emerson is so funny with his plump lips. Take care

  48. Wow, he is gorgeous! Well done you. Just looking at those tiny newborn fingers makes me want to consider doing it all over again. Congratulations.

  49. Congratulations to You and All Your Family Emerson is just Beautiful.

  50. He is a beautiful baby,Try and make the most of your stay in hospital and get as much rest as you can.

  51. Muitas e muitas felicidades…..beijos do Brasil

  52. Congratulations! He’s just perfect. Makes me feel I little broody :) xxx

  53. Congratulations, and Welcome Emerson!
    Blessings upon you and your family… Karen

  54. He’s perfect! Congratulations to you and your family!

  55. Congrats! He’s adorable and you’re one lucky family!

  56. Congratulations. I love his name!

  57. Congratulations Corrie – to you and your lovely family. What a beautiful name for a beautiful boy.

  58. Corrie I just noticed the label on Retro Daddy’s scrubs!! Sweet : )) Is that so he doesn’t get mixed up at the wrong end of the business!!!! Emerson is just absolutely perfect, makes me want to do it all again and Tilly’s only 4 weeks old!!! You look so calm and relaxed as well. Hope you’re recovering well and getting some much needed rest in hospital. xx

  59. Congratulations :)

  60. Congrats loved reading your blog…he is a cutie

  61. He is gorgeous. COngrats xx

  62. He’s gorgeous! Congratulations!!!!!

  63. Congrats on your beautiful boy, what a lovely lad he is.

    Julie Q

  64. YEAH!
    Glóry to the Lord….he is perfect.
    God bless…

  65. Corrie he is just BEAUTIFUL!!
    What a perfect baby boy.
    Congratulations gorgeous mama xxx

  66. Such a wonderful day for Emerson and your family.

  67. Congratulations again – I love Retro Daddy’s smile. It says it all really.

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