the night before a baby is born

If someone could bottle up and sell the excitement and anticipation just before you have a baby – well it would sell like hotcakes. I can’t describe my feelings. I’m so overcome with emotions and have been getting teary a few times today as I think about tomorrow and what it means. In some ways I’m a little sad because something I’ve loved doing with all my heart is coming to an end. This is my last baby and I don’t want it to be.

39 Weeks And 2 Days And Ready

I’ve been so blessed so far but my heart will always want more. But I go into hospital tomorrow so grateful, so blessed, so full of love and joy and so lucky to be bringing another life into our family. I never could have imagined I’d be raising a family of 7 and I’ll remind myself of that every single day.

Thank you for all of your sweet wishes, thoughts and prayers. There is no greater gift than a new baby and keep an eye out late tomorrow afternoon when I share our news with you……….



p.s I know some of you have trouble commenting so I’ll be opening up comments tomorrow for everyone:)

p.p.s I’m so excited to share the name with you all too! I don’t know how I’ve kept it under wraps for this long

p.p.s this is me tonight at 39 weeks + 2 days in front of the largest mirror in the house! Excuse the daggy bathroom.


  1. yay! you look so lovely :)
    Enjoy your last night as a family of 6. Can’t wait to hear all about your new little boy.
    lots of love xx

  2. All the best for tomorrow as you welcome your newest little one!
    Can’t wait to read about it :)

  3. I Cannot wait to hear your news and the name – how will I be able to sleep tonight as well?!

    Allison @ Utterly Organised

  4. All the best for tomorrow, Corrie. I hope it all goes well. looking forward to seeing your new little one.

  5. You are looking so radiant and lovely. I will be praying for a speedy c-section and for it all to go well. Look forward to seeing your little boy! x

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  7. woweee !! i absolutely love that feeling !! you are looking amazing & i am sure you will look even more amazing when bub #5 arrives !


  8. Enjoy the day Corrie xxx Makes me very excited for our 5th coming in December! x

  9. All the very best for tomorrow Corrie. I’ve loved finding your blog in recent months and following your delightful journey(s) with your family, and as it extends. You bring such light to the blog space, warmth and fun – it is really special. Thanks for sharing it so willingly with us all. Can’t wait to hear your news. Best wishes, Liz

  10. All the best Corrie! Thinking of you tomorrow.

  11. All the very best Corrie – such a wonderful exciting 24 hours ahead not forgetting the rest of your life raising your beautiful family 😉

    Looking forward to hearing all about it x

  12. I had my last baby 31 years ago and I remember having such strong feelings that are so like yours. It feels like just a breath away! I’ll be thinking of you and your family tomorrow, Corrie. God bless you and your precious family.

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  14. Best wishes and good luck!

  15. You’ve brought back all those happy memories of the night before my youngest was born. Wishing you a very safe delivery tomorrow and hope to see a pic of Mum and new bub soon.

  16. You look amazing! And you’re right about that feeling, we’re thinking about having ‘just one more’ for that very reason :-)

  17. There is only one thing more beautiful than a woman about to have a bub, that is a woman with the bub in her arms.

  18. I totally know how you feel, it’s electric!! Large families are brilliant, there is always someone to play with or talk to, congratulations & good luck!! Love Posie

  19. Best of luck Corrie!!
    You never cease to amaze me how well you get it ‘all together’ with 4 littlies and another arriving very soon!
    I’m due for my 2nd in 4 weeks and your blog is so inspiring to help me prepare for another member of the family!!
    Can’t wait to see the new little guy xo

  20. You look fantastic. I can relate to the mixed emotions. I adored being pregnant and still have moments where I think about what it would be like to do it again!

  21. So over joyed for you all. Tomorrow is going to be a fabulous day and I am not even part of your family. I love also that you mentioned your Bathroom cause I was going to say beautiful photo and beautiful Mumma and baby belly and LOVE that bathroom. Great Brady Bunch house you have filled with love and joy. Blessing to you all.

  22. Dear Corrie,
    have been thinking of you a lot today – best wishes for a safe delivery – can’t wait to “meet” your new little man – what a wonderful mum you are and so inspirational to your readers too.

    Christine xo

  23. Have a lovely last night as a family of 6 :) Hope Elodie adjusts well to the big change, I found it worked best when I gave my older kids jobs to do, they liked feeling like they were helping care for the baby. You look amazing by the way!! Just glowing :)

  24. Hi Corrie, wishing you a safe and pain free delivery 😉

    Take care xx

  25. Best wishes Corrie!

  26. All the very best to you and your family Corrie, in welcoming your new little one :) Big hugs JettsXOX

  27. Wishing you all the very best for tomorrow. You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to “meet” your baby boy tomorrow.

  28. As I sit here in our dimly lit bedroom giving Mathilde her bedtime feed (she’s 3 weeks 6 days old already!) the tears are welling in my eyes as I read your post. A mixture of excitement for you, knowing you will be holding your newborn in your arms tomorrow and some empathy too. Tilly is only our second little one but I know that she will be our last. I treasure every second of that tiny baby stage because it flashes by all too quickly. I’ll be thinking if you tomorrow and wish you a safe delivery. Enjoy every second Corrie. Blessings xx

  29. Hope all goes very well for you tomorrow!

  30. Praying for a safe delivery for you & baby :)

  31. So excited for you! Will say a prayer for you and baby. Look forward to seeing tomorrow’s blog post.

  32. You are not only bringing a new life to your family, but to the human race, god bless you Corrie, you are an inspiration to us all. xxx

  33. Take care, hope it all goes well tomorrow.

  34. Thinking of you Corrie and that magical feeling you have tonight.

    Can’t wait to hear your news…. this will be me in 7 short weeks!

    Enjoy your baby bliss xx

  35. Will be thinking of you Corrie. Looking forward to reading your news and finding out the name tomorrow.

  36. WOW Corrie, I am so very excited for you. I think you look beautiful and I think you’re so generous to share so much of your lovely experience with us. I can tell you it really lifts the spirits to pop in here each day and see what you’re up to. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ your newest little addition and hear all about his arrival… because you always give the most wonderful recounts of the things that happen in your life.
    Good luck and rest up for the next few days, you so richly deserve it! xoxo

  37. All the best to you Corrie. May God bless you with a safe and smooth delivery of your baby. I have seven children myself and feel your sadness of knowing that this has to be it. Your family is beautiful. Enjoy your moment :-)

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  39. Thinking of you tonight and tomorrow xx looking forward to seeing some newborn pics when you are ready xx it does go too fast my third and last baby hit 9 months in the blink of an eye x

  40. Good luck tomorrow, wishing you a smooth delivery and will be thinking of you. Thanks for sharing and I know that you will enjoy holding your precious bundle in your arms.

  41. You are so lovely Corrie! Looking forward to hearing of your wonderful news tomorrow.

  42. All my best to you and your sweet family.

  43. Can’t wait to get the good news tomorrow. Good luck to you as well as you family. xx

  44. All the best and a fantastic very first time with your 5th child! I’m having four kids and would love to have a 5th…

    I am so curious about the name of your new baby boy.

    You are looking soooo lovely and lucky. Great!

  45. all the best to you!!!
    kind regards from vienna, austria ♥

  46. You are truly amazing!!!! Best wishes for tomorrow I’m so excited for you and your family!

  47. Hoping all goes well tomorrow as you welcome the newest member of your family.

  48. All the best

  49. all the best Corrie, we’re waiting with baited breathe!

  50. All the best to you and yours

  51. hope everything goes wonderfully for you ……look forward to your news and more blog loveliness from you……..

  52. I’ve had 4 babies by c/section as well and during the last the ob said it should be my last. It drives me insane that that was my last baby when I am not “done”. I hear you lady! Good luck today! I am hanging to hear your baby boy’s name.

  53. Anonymous says:

    UUUMMMM… excuse me but if this is you at 39 weeks just where is the double chin and kind of bloated look I got with my kiddies!!! Corrie you look FAB… Best of luck for today am very excited for you guys… God Bless xoxo Lou

  54. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for ages, but never been able to comment…thanks for letting that happen now :)
    All the best for today – I’m so excited for you! Our baby #3 is due in just under 2 weeks, so I’ve joined you in your pregnancy journey this time around! I have 2 boys, aged 4.5 & 7 and don’t know what sex this baby is….and I really don’t mind what we have!!
    Enough about me!!!
    Hope you day is full of excitement! Can’t wait to hear the name

  55. So excited for you Corrie! All the best for today and I can’t wait to see some beautiful baby photos xx

  56. All the best and goodluck for today. Can’t wait to read about your newest member to your lovely family. Big hugs xxx

  57. Prayers to you and your family.

  58. So exciting. All the very best. I too know that ‘last baby feeling’ but bottle up the feeling of having your newborn in your arms rather than the ‘last baby’ feeling. As my ob said ” you only have two hands and need to stop somewhere”. Enjoy!!

  59. All the best for the birth and your recovery… and take time to rest as much as you can.. how exciting for you all!!!

  60. Best of luck!

  61. Good luck for today Corrie,
    I’m a midwife with 3 children and that feeling of wanting more babies never leaves some of us!! I’m so blessed to be able to give other people’s brand new babies a little cuddle every day.

  62. All the best for the birth and hope you take the time to get lots of rest over the next few weeks as you enjoy your new baby with your family… congratulations!!

  63. It seems like only yesterday that sweet Elodie arrived and now it’s time for her baby brother. I trust that all will go smoothly today. I can’t wait to hear the good news. Thank you for opening up your heart and home to us all. Joanne

  64. GOD BLESS!

  65. All the best Corrie! Cant wait, I think this blog is going to be checked so many times today and tomorrow. It is so gorgeous to keep reading you, and your wonderful approach to motherhood and children as blessings to be enjoyed. Gosh I’m getting teary too already!

  66. Minhas orações e muitas bençãos para você e seu bebe 5.Muitos beijos para todos.

  67. Oh, how wonderfully excited! You look so serene. Good luck, and we’re all looking forward to hearing your news. x

  68. Wish you a smooth delivery and all the best!!!!, hope to see the pics as soon as you can and know the name of your sweet angel

  69. Wish you a smooth delivery and all the best!!!!, hope to see the pics as soon as you can and know the name of your sweet angel

  70. Good luck gorgeous!

  71. Beverley Green, Peckham, Sth London says:

    Cor blimey!

  72. All the best – can’t wait to meet the new little!

  73. So excited for you!!! Praying all goes smoothly and safely for you & bub, though knowing my timing, but has already arrived by now, lol! … And only one day before my 30th! Well, you’ve got good timing, lol! Congratulations!!!

  74. so looking forward to hearing news and seeing photos.

    You look absolutely gorgeous!

  75. I must admit, I felt the same as you when I had my third and for quite a few months after, as I also would have liked more but for reasons beyond my control was unable to, I felt a little sad but this soon passed as I realised that without new babies in the house, new opportunities presented themselves.

    Good luck

  76. I have been busy all day and haven’t looked to see if you have posted news but I am excited to read/hear it. I really enjoyed chatting with you on Twitter last night (@momentbymoment1) and I hope everything has gone well today. I know just what you mean about being a bit sad as I feel the same way. We are having our 4th baby and I really enjoy being pregnant (yes even the hard parts) after Airlie was born at 27weeks gestation I learnt to really appreciate the true blessing that pregnancy is. My husband is pretty adamant on not having anymore but I am going to try, me on the other hand I’d love to even consider another. It just feels so final to say NO MORE! I am off now to find what exciting news you have to share. Lots of love to you and your family. xxxx


  77. How exciting! Will be keeping an eye out for the news. Praying for safe delivery for you and retro baby xxx

  78. And you still have cheekbones???? All the very best for tomorrow.

  79. I saw all went well for you and baby Emerson but just had to say how beautiful you look tonight.

  80. Oh I wish that bottle were true. You really did look good on your last night :)


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