3 sleeps

Phew, it’s been a busy few days here and keira was still throwing up at midnight last night………….juuuuuuust as I thought we were getting over our illnesses! The washer and dryer have been running overtime and I won’t miss laundry when I’m in hospital. Amongst other things like tantrums, dishes and picking up toys.
On Friday it looked like we would never get through our list of jobs before baby arrives………….but Sunday afternoon is here and we have done good. The changetable is fully stocked and ready for a baby, oh how tiny are newborn Huggies! And the basinette is up – thankfully I found the mattress which I had temporarily lost during the week.

basinette ready

wardrobes are organised and I still need to give retro daddy ‘the talk’ about outfits while I’m in hopsital.  I don’t know how it goes at your house but everytime I’m in hospital retro daddy takes it upon himself to become extreme fashion stylist. We’re talking skirts over jeans, 3 pony tails and summer dresses with woollen tights. Or last week he dressed Tillie for swimming in her very best french dress and white tights!?!?!?!
The reality that little elodie won’t be the baby here anymore has hit and she still screams when I leave a room or the house so we’re hoping for the best and out of sight is out of mind next week. I’m going to miss her so much and smother her in kisses and cuddles at any opportunity.
little miss elodie
but she is walking all over the house so I am loving that!
she's walking
and just to keep me on my toes I realised I only had one blue basinette blanket and decided to start a quick and chunky small blanket for our new little bubba. I’m using luxury 10 ply in ghost and rustic 12 ply  in graphite and it’s working up quickly and evenly. This is one night’s work and I’m on a roll. And what a departure from my normal colour palette! I’m loving the greys!
last minute baby blanket in progress
so with just 3 sleeps to go I better get back to my jobs!


  1. 3 sleeps and you are thinking of starting a new blanket for your new bubba? OMG you are a role model to role models.

    Your new little peep will be here soon. It is ok to sit back, relax, eat bon-bons and enjoy your current peeps.

    Sending positive thoughts & wishes your way.


  2. Loving the blanket Corrie. The color palette looks great. Maybe we will see more boy knits on your blog now since you will have 2 little men in your life. Glad to hear that your to do list is getting done and I am sure you will miss all your little ones but enjoy the rest, you will be super busy when you come home.

  3. When Daddy is incharge here I lay out outfits. in different spots for each boy. Or else I come home to a 3 year in baby clothes or as I did today after a lady lunch, a 10 month old in a size 3 shirt.

    Me a control freak much?

  4. So exciting, I am excited for you! September for me seems so far away right now, even though I know it will go fast.

  5. Oh Corrie, you must have so many mixed feelings. You are so family centred that being away will be strange, although you have done it before.

    Dear little Elodie will still be the youngest princess in the family which makes her pretty special.

    It is good to see her walking – just in time too.

    hugs, Dian x

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  7. It gives me goosebumps for you! How exciting!!
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your new little man :)

    Wishing you all the best Corrie xxx

    (and i have to say i am so jealous-i’d love number 5!)

  8. I’m so excited an patiently waiting for photos. Big love sweetheart. X

  9. Well done Elodie! You do leave things to the last minute. I mean Elodie, not you, Corrie. That blanket looks lovely.

    Prayers and good wishes for the new one.

  10. Wow! Time has flown by….all the best with the birth of bubba number 5! Looking forward to meeting him xx

  11. I hear you! 11 sleeps to go here and there is so much I wanted to do that I’m not sure will get done. I almost feel like the 4 night hospital stay will be a little holiday! I can totally relate to the extreme fasion styling… the girls end up all kinds of wrong when I’m not here to supervise! I’ll be thinking of you… can’t wait to hear the good news and baby name :) Kate x

  12. too funny about the hospital outfits. I look back at photos of my kids visiting me in hospital and think, man, who dressed you???? crazy messy hair, odd clothes …

    (would it be too OTT to put complete outfits together in plastic shopping bags knotted and labelled with names? enough for each of the days you are in hospital?) xx

    all the best for the new baby x

  13. Your to do list is going well and thankfully the kids will all be well by the time bub comes home from hospital.
    It was always fun checking out my littlests outfit and hair when hubby would bring her to the hospital to visit, he tried and none of it was anything she needed to be embarrassed about.
    Good luck and the next 3 days will fly by :)

  14. What yarn are you using for the blanket Corrrie? It looks lovely! Good luck for the next few days!

  15. Lots of prayers and thoughts as another very important date approaches…thinking of you and hope all goes well xxx

  16. Loving the colour combo for the blanket :) and Elodie walking all over the house is wonderful news! 3 sleeps….I think we all are just as excited as you are!! You make us all feel like family :) x

  17. Haha – yes I recall some funny, mismatched outfits when I was in hospital with Amélie too. It won’t harm them though. I love the blanket. So beautiful. Newborn babies, so addictive! Good to see Elodie walking too, she looks pretty pleased with herself :)

  18. Oh Corrie, you make me laugh. The nurses must have seen it all by now as when i was in hospital with my 4th, the clothes my girls were wearing were insane. I’m like you, only have nice clothes, so there is little room for error, yet the pyjamas as day wear (because Daddy didn’t know the difference) was a truly bizarre eye opener, along with tights at any opportunity, just for that extra layer of bizarre colour?? He does so well with uniforms now, thank goodness, he’s military after all. Love Posie

  19. Oh Corrie, that kind of just broke my heart a little about Elodie not being the baby anymore, I can understand that totally.
    I am so excited for you, I hope you have a lovely couple of days leading up to the big day and enjoy all that lovely newborn goodness. Can’t wait to see the news! xoxo

  20. So happy to see that Elodie is walking. She is just the sweetest, cutest little girl. Love the new blanket you are crocheting, I’m sure it will be finished in time. Take care of yourself, you need a little rest now before the big event.

  21. Squeeee….not long now! When did ELodie start walking? Lex is just taking first steps ( well we are up to 10 on his own, but will walk anywhere holding one finger!)

    Have a wonderful, relaxing time in hospital ( I stayed 4 days last time and it was lovely, but the mess I came home to was not….) Looking forward to baby pics

  22. I adore the blanket!! Wish I was as creative as you Corrie. It is now 2 SLEEPS TO GO!


  23. I love the colours of that blanket! All the best for the next few weeks.

  24. Wishing you all the best – enjoy your new few days. I am in awe of your blanket and that you had time to make it! So wonderful :)

  25. It’s all very exciting retromummy. I wish you all the best while in hospital. I look forward to seeing the newest member of your family soon. Love the blanket, such great colours. Chelle x

  26. Love it Corrie! I also LOVE how quickly you whip gorgeous knits up! Especially with your busy four little ones. Best of luck with new baby. Can’t wait to see some pics. Also a question for you – where do you source most of your knitting patterns from? Is it ravelry? I’ve just written a post on buying knitting/crochet patterns online, along with my frustration at lack of images from within pattern books! Here it is: http://ohsewrosy.wordpress.com/2012/07/09/show-me-the-knitting-patterns/. Would love your feedback…when/if you have time! Cheers, Amy

  27. sunsmide.blogspot.in

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