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Ok so next Wednesday I’m going to be a little bit out of action. In preparation for those early days/weeks when I need blog posts and don’t have any cute baby photos to bombard you with, I thought it would be nice to have some blog posts up my sleeve. And since I love hearing about your family on your facebook comments and emails to me I thought you could write to tell me about your family.
A picture or two and a little bit about you and your family. Maybe you have a big family, maybe there is someone special in your family, maybe you’ve struggled to have your family, maybe you live somewhere special or maybe you’re just special full stop! Try to keep it under 500 words and be sure to include a photo too. Just email me before next Tuesday at I’ll be picking at least 12 to share on my blog and I can’t wait to read and share them……………….


  1. Sounds gorgeous, i’d love to. Yay for big families & i could feature (if chosen) as a young mummy with older children at primary & high school.
    Thinking of you Mama, so excited to meet the latest RetroBaby. Love Posie

  2. Man… Ive got stacks to say ….always… I’ll see what i can rustle up my bloggin friend xoxo

  3. What a beautiful picture of you and your children!! I can´t wait to see the new “addition” to your family!! I wish you the best next Wednesday.

  4. What a lovely idea. Good luck for next Wednesday.

  5. That is such a fantastic idea!! I cannot wait to read what you choose. Will be thinking of you next Wednesday – it has just flown!

    Allison @ Utterly Organised


  7. So excited for you! I also just emailed you about my story!

  8. What a beautiful idea Corrie. Can’t wait to read about lots of lovely families… and I might even send in a little something about my own too xo

  9. Great idea! I sent you my story! I can’t wait to hear about your new additions! Good Luck!

  10. All the best for the new arrival
    I enjoy your blog,
    Penny x

  11. Gorgeous family pic! Glad to have discovered your blog, I’m a big family lover with 8 kids of my own:) Best wishes for next Wednesday.

  12. I adore that photo Corrie! Such a beautiful, big family. xxxx

  13. I’m so delighted to see this photo of you all, Corrie – cherishing those last days as the mum-of-four. What exciting times! J x


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