preparing for my 4th c/section

I will never forget when I was pregnant with keira and we were attending our antenatal classes at the hospital. They showed a video on a c/section and I was just sitting there thinking why would anyone want this, oh this is terrible, not me, so glad I won’t be having one. But anyone who has had a baby will tell you that delivery can end up very differently to how you planned or expected. And here I am just a week out from my 4th c/section. And each of the c/sections I’ve had have been a very different experience.
finn arrives in the world
With my first we decided on a c/section upon the dr’s advice. Keira was a week overdue and her head kept hitting my pelvis and moving up again. She was shaping up to be a big baby and ended up coming out at 3.9kgs, 54cms long and a 37cm head. We breed ’em big here (and I know some of you make them bigger!). My OB was happy to induce me and let me try labour but it was unlikely baby was going to come out herself. I was quite calm on the day of the c/section but as soon as I was in the little waiting bay outside the OR I was having a total panic. I could hear all the instruments being lined up and clanking together, there seemed to be so many people in there (my OB, his assistant, anaesthetist and an assistant and 2 midwifes) and I was starting to get scared of the big needle for the spinal block. And the bright lights, it was all so bright and out of my comfort zone. My first operation.
bathing the babies
Something else I was totally unprepared for was the pulling and tugging as they tried to get keira out. I thought a c/section and spinal block meant you felt nothing but I was letting out a few groans and as they finally got keira out I let out the biggest groan ever because she must have been tucked up under my ribs. Ouch. Of course all is forgotten when you see your baby but it was a total shock. The next hardest part was being wheeled to recovery while my beautiful baby was in the nursery with her daddy, This is probably the hardest part of a c/section for me but time flies and I generally doze off. I lost a lot of blood with keira so they monitored me while I slept and before I knew it I was back up in my room with retro daddy and our new baby.
Little Miss Tillie
Fast forward 2 years and 2 months and I was back in the same OR but with twins. I was 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Another c/section since I had a history of a c/section and was delivering twins. This time there were more people in the room mainly because I was having 2 babies. The delivery was very smooth. I was worried the babies might need special care but they were great. I recovered well and it was so much easier 2nd time around
tillie arrives
Fast forward another 2 years and 2 months (I swear these dates aren’t planned just worked out that way), and I was in there with Elodie. Slightly different feelings since I was having some pretty painful (ok, really painful) contractions as they were trying to do an epidural. It took 5 or 6 goes for the epidural to go in and I had a sore back and was a bit over it. I was also in shock that I’d gone into labour so I wasn’t as relaxed as I had been before but it was soon over. Unfortunately little elodie had an erratic heartrate as we didn’t realise she had a little heart condition so after a quick cuddle they needed to take her to the nursery to monitor her. I then spent the next hour in recovery terrified there was something really wrong with her. She was fine. My uterus which had housed 4 babies by this stage was causing the nurses in recovery a little bit of worry as it wasn’t shrinking as fast as they would have liked but my Dr wasn’t too worried and everything was fine. I recovered well but thought that was my last c/section.
labour with elodie! I always get my hair done before each baby btw.
Fast forward 21 months (I know, we broke the 2 year 2 month rule) and I’m getting ready for my 4th. I don’t have nerves about the operation or recovery. Just the usual worry that baby arrives safely and everything goes smoothly. People are often surprised that I’m allowed to have a 4th c/section and my dr has always checked my scar tissue and everything ‘down there’ after each c/section. There is a part of me that wishes I’d been able to deliver my babies the good old fashioned way but then I’d probably be hassling retro daddy to have baby 6 (or more). But seriously, it’s not how I expected I’d have my family but they are here, this is how things turned out and I’m so lucky to have a large and growing family.
first family photo

So my top tips if you’re having a c/section – just try to relax. Tell the anaesthetist and your OB of any fears, squeeze your partner’s hand really really tight when they do the needle in your back and trust me it doesn’t hurt too much (I’m a huge sook when it comes to needles), make sure your partner has the camera charged and ready for the moment baby appears, wear your support stockings after the operation like the nurses tell you to, don’t overdo it after your operation, don’t bring too many nighties to the hospital because you’ll be wearing your support stockings and it’s not a good look, if you can watch a c/section before the day it might make it a bit easier and remind your partner to take lots of pics in the nursery when you’re not there.  
8 sleeps and counting……………………and I still don’t have the basinette up!


  1. I love your “don’t bring too many nighties to the hospital, because you will be wearing your stockings, and it isn’t a good look.” Hilarious!=) I always paint my toe nails before each birth. With number four, someone else had to do it, but at least they looked nice.=)

  2. 8 sleeps and counting…..amazing how fast the time comes. Your a pro at this. Squeeze DH’s hand and dream about all love and fun this little guy is going to bring into your wonderful family.


  3. You sound so calm about it!! I guess by now you know pretty well what’s ahead of you, although of course we will always be nervous for our babies until they come meet us! After a quick stroke on his forehead, not even a cuddle, my boy was taken to the nursery for 3 hours. Longest 3 hrs of my life! Your photos of the births are just amazing. Good luck finishing everything up during this next week. We’re looking forward to meeting” your newest little addition!

  4. I am glad you wrote this. I suffer post tramatic stress after first baby (after an emergency c section) and had a hard time deciding on a natural birth or c section.
    I am at 26 weeks so a little way to go.
    The birth of a baby is always something wonderful no matter how they come into the world.

  5. best wishes for a safe delivery and a healthy baby.

  6. I think we’re all counting the days with you. Hope everything goes well. Looking forward to seeing the new baby boy. I guess Retro Daddy will have his hands full for a few days, but he looks like he can handle most things. Take care, try to get some rest before the big event.

  7. My sister had to have 4 c-section deliveries also. Small pelvic measurements, which was discovered after the first baby wouldn’t come out.

    Healthy baby wins the day, either way.

    Great, matter of fact post about it.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  8. Best of luck xxx

  9. I’m counting too! I just love OTHER people having babies 😉 Glad you are so relaxed, best thing to be for you and your bub – no matter how they actually get out! xx

  10. I had my first 4 children 21 months apart and then a seven year break to number 5. I was always very thankful that I didn’t have to have a c-section with any of them. But I am most thankful that 4of my babies were healthy and the one that wasn’t (our only girl) has been able to live a normal life like her brothers. And yes I would do it all again!!!

  11. Aaah memories!

    I’m due for my 6th caesar in less than 10 weeks, the time will fly.
    I can’t wait!

    Your post brought it all flooding back!

    I paint my toe nails too before birth, and get my hair done! Just a tiny luxury for mumma.

    Good luck for the birth Corrie!

  12. This is so exciting!! I had my little one by caesar last December, not how I had planned either, but it was the safest for our little bub. I cannot wait to have #2 just reading your post makes me want one NOW! x


  13. wishing you a happy birthing experience. The most important thing is to keep yourself and your baby safe – if a c/section is necessary then it is the right way.

  14. Ohh I am getting so excited for you. I would love number 5…… Good luck with everything and enjoy it. I had 4 c/sections and My best advise for anyone is just relax and go with the flow and enjoy that the work is being done for you. Good Luck with everything.

  15. Good luck.

  16. My 4th was a c section and never again! Sadly I am one of the ones that sufferred to much spinal fluid loss with the spinal and now suffer headaches every day. I wish you a safe delivery and a happy healthy little boy. Looking forward to meeting him :o) xx

  17. I’ve had three c-sections due to a heart shaped uterus and breech babies. All three of my babies came to recovery with me. <3 I was devestated when told I would have to have a c-section with Liam and kind of secretly wished for a natural birth for the others too. I am always pretty nervous during the procedure, and for Amélie I had a massive panic attack when my blood pressure dropped and I thought I was going to die, haha!

  18. Best wishes for a safe delivery. My mother had 5 c-sections starting 50+ years ago and was always told it was OK.

  19. :-)… Ive had 5 c-sections and the thought of giving birth terrifies me lol… I guess theres comfort in the familiar xx
    I just heard about Elodie… I hope she gets better quickly xoxoxo

  20. Can’t wait to share the photos and stories of your new little one. Babies are a blessing no matter how they arrive! Wishing you luck and a speedy recovery.

  21. I had both of mine via c/a, too. James was taken to the SCN for a few hours to be monitored, though I was too out of it to really notice or miss him at the time. But I requested Eleanor stay with me as much as possible, and following the weighing etc, she was tucked it wiith me, and stayed with me (and even fed) right through recovery.

  22. … and obviously by c/a I meant c/s!

  23. i had a emergency caesar with my first and upon 3Vacs asked while having my second will it impact large family size if i need all ceasar… dr promptly told me that guiness records for ceasars was 15… do i want that many kids?? umm no and he laughed.

    my mother had four ceasar and I know quiet a few women who have had 6. Im sure there are many people who have real medical reason for only having two caesar but I think many people just make up that you can’t have more than two or three and tell others that they are surprised. I think it is large family that is on the decline in general ( cant tell how many people are surprised that I have four kids – which isnt even a big number)and dr’s have to tell you all the risks that can ever happen so they dont get sued so people assume you are going to have problems if you do 4 caesar

  24. Oh Corrie, its so close, how exciting! I still have 16 weeks to go, but its going soooo quickly

  25. I’m tightening up all over just reading your post. You are very brave but then having babies is brave anyway you have them isn’t it. It takes a woman to do it after all. I’ve just been reading a book about a woman who took her knitting in and did it in between contractions. I think there could be a little bit of artistic license there. All the best. Cherrie

  26. Oh Corrie, I always love your stories about how your babies came to be. I found this one extremely interesting, as I’ve had two c-sections, so it’s a topic close to my heart.
    I would NEVER have chosen to have them, but with babe number 1, he went breech and weighed in at 4.6kg, so being a big bub I’m so glad they didn’t try to turn him.
    Because I “had form” as my Ob so eloquently put it, I was also given a c-section second time around too. And babe weighed in at 4.4kg, so again, I was thankful. I was quite terrified both times actually, so even though I wasn’t going natural, I still don’t think I got out of it lightly. Oh and with both births I made hubby leave the prep room, so he didn’t have to see the needle go in. It would have stressed me more thinking that he might faint, haha!
    Also, not sure if your dr and hospital go for this, but with both bubs, they have let me take them to recovery, to start with the breast feeding. I actually liked this as it meant I wasn’t separated from them. But I know a lot of hospitals don’t do it that way. Just a thought.
    I’m so excited for you and can’t wait for the lovely news next week xoxo

  27. After reading your blog for many years I find it absolutely incredible that I’m going in for my first c section on the same day you are!! (you’re not going to the mater by any chance are you??) I was only told I’d be having a Caesar last week when they saw bubs was a bit big. I’ve been on a bit of an emotional roller coaster with it as I initially felt ‘cheated’ out of giving birth. Im not worried about the op- I’ve had my gallbladder removed which was major surgery, but I was mainly worried about not being able to hold and bond with bubs straight away. Thanks so much for this post- its definitely alleviated some of my worries :) best of luck with your birth!! Bec x

  28. Hi my sister in law has had seven c sections and with each one it’s all about the baby, not how they get here. With the first few there were complications and once you have had a certain number of c sections then that is all you can have. And yes she still gets her hair done before each birth!

  29. Ahhhhh!! Congratulations, I’m glad that everything went great … I wish you and your big family all the best … kisses from Spain


  30. All the best for this one corrie – you know you will be fine. After 4 c-sections myself my OB has already told me I’d be fine for a 5th. (my hubby made sure it wouldn’t be with him!). Can’t wait to see pic’s of the new man in your life!

  31. Hey Corrie, thanks for his post of your beautiful bub’s births. I also found it interesting reading about C section, as I’ve had “the other way” with mine, so thanks for sharing your experience. It sounds like hospitals need a person there to support a new Mum pre C section delivery, as I can imagine how scary it would have been and your blood pressure must sky rocket sitting there waiting! Looking forward to reading all the details of your new baby boy very soon XOX

  32. I have had three c sections and all went well. You will be great. How exciting!!!!!!

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  34. I’ve had 3 c-sections. For two of the births we had two cameras, just the point and shoot type and gave one to a midwife or theatre nurse. We got the most amazing photos of our boys being born since my husband was up my end of the screen. My husband took photos as well from a different angle.

    Good luck and hope all goes well with baby #5.

  35. Oh wow, it goes to show Caesareans are major surgery & i’m so very glad & lucky i managed to avoid them with my babies & twins. Have to say, EVERYONE assumes my twins were Caesareans & i realise how few ladies are offered the chance to deliver twins vaginally, i even had a breach one, but such calm deliveries & the 4th baby delivered himself, so smooth.
    Wishing you a great delivery & best of all, safe recovery. I can’t imagine not having babies delivered straight to my chest & kept with me, forever, i think ladies are so brave to hang in there waiting to have a proper cuddle. Love Posie

  36. Not long to go. I recall being told that it would feel like the Dr was doing the dishes inside me. I thought that was a great way to describe it.
    Good luck. I had my two in two different hospitals and two completely different experiences.

  37. 100% with you on the stockings – do wear them, but without the nighties!

  38. hi im due for a 4th ceasar. can you tell me at how many weeks you had each of your ceasars and especially the 4th ?

    • Hi there, good question! 40 weeks and 5 days with my first as went overdue, 36 weeks and 5 days for the twins, and 38 and 4 for Elodie and 39 something for Emerson. Hope that helps 😉

  39. Thanks for this post, Corrie. I’ve read it a couple of times over the last few days. I am booked for my fourth c/s in June and for the first time out of all my surgeries feel really scared this time round (this pregnancy comes on the back of a stillbirth, so lots of mixed feelings). I know it’s safe, trust my brilliant obstetrician and internally everything looks great, yet I still worry about falling apart like an old patchwork quilt or theatre complications! So it’s reassuring to read this and know that you, and so many of the commenters here, have done it multiple times and lived to tell the tale! I really need to work on my paranoia levels (and stop googling!!) ….. so, so good to read this and it just goes to show it’s not only a reassuring post for someone who may be having their first but someone who has been there a few times already. I know you sometimes ask for post ideas, so if you felt inclined (and it’s not too personal), I’d love to read a “sequel” to this post of Emerson’s birth. xx

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