first facecloth done!

Just one night of crochet and ta da I have a facecloth to show for it. I used a super easy pattern from ravelry called Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths (find it here) and also learnt a new stitch – the reverse single crochet – to finish the edging. I used about 1/2  a ball of cotton and the little ones were fascinated with it this morning. Only thing is that keira wants me to make another 7 or so for her.

super easy facewasher
I think having a good stash of them would be perfect. This morning having a good stash of little tissue holders came in very handy when I realised we didn’t have a gift for her student teacher who has been with keira’s class all term. You have to love making things and not needing to run to the shops to buy a present!!! A little bit of ric rac to tie it all together with a note tag made from cardstock and we were done!
present for keira's teacher
Hopefully I’m also teaching keira a little lesson in giving handmade too! 


  1. Super sweet cloth Corrie. Gorgeous colours xxx

  2. I’m loving the colours in the wash cloth. My girls want me to make them some too but I can’t crochet :(.

  3. Washcloths look like the best way for me to practise some crochet. I’ve knitted some dishclothes, but they get so grubby…

  4. I like the variegated colors of the facecloth. Handmade is heartmade and always the perfect gift. So much nicer than anything storebought. Have a great day. Tammy

  5. wow, you whipped that one up quick and yes love, love the colours!

  6. Gorgeous facecloth and you are super quick! Love the colours of this one!

  7. I love washcloths but I had to educate the recievers what they were,lol dont do it now i can bear to part with them…Im hoping to make a moss st bath set for myself one day out of white cotton,a handtowel and washer hmm yum!

  8. Very sweet!

  9. You are like the sweetest person ever Corrie, what a beautiful gesture for the student teacher, she would have been beaming when Keira gave her that.
    And I love the facecloth too, lovely! xo

  10. nice item :) very cozy feeling

  11. Two children later and I didn’t know that face/washcloths came in knits. I thought they only came in the terry cloth/towelling variety. It’s true, you learn something new everyday.

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