bring back the free knitting booklets

I have quite the little collection of lovely vintage knitting booklets that came with magazines like New Idea, Woman’s Weekly and so on in the 70’s. These days you rarely see a knitting booklet come with your magazine but I say bring them back! This month the Australian Women’s Weekly (one of my favourite magazines that I’ve been reading since my early 20’s when I wasn’t in their demographic) has a gorgeous free knitting book and it makes me wish I could collect more of them.
My favourite patterns would have to be the MillaMia ladies cardigan which is gorgeous. But like I’ll get the chance to knit it this winter with a new baby in my arms. I’ll be putting that on next winter’s knitting list and it’s very Country Road inspired and I love that. Plus I’m sure it will look much nicer with my ‘skinny jeans’ than maternity jeans that I’m busting out of at the moment.
I also love this little jumper and love the stone with the lilac combo and am trying to work out which little girl I’ll make it for.
Anyway don’t miss out, the booklet comes with the July issue of AWW and the lovely Suzy Hausfrau has informed that if you’re a magazine subscriber you need to ring AWW and get yourself a copy. Suzy has also dropped the price of her MillaMia yarn at the moment here so it’s a great time to buy some and get knitting! And let’s all go and write to the magazine and tell them how much we love the booklet and want to see more of them. The End.


  1. Corrie, I’m going to my first stitich’n’bitch session next week – hopefully one day soon I’ll be able to knit that cardie for myself!

  2. Who is the lucky duck that won the big W gift voucher, i always seem to miss the announcement of your winners…..

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  4. I love free patterns, i know on line one can find lots of free fun patterns, but I often do not have the time to look. I check your blog everyday to see if that new bundle of joy is here:)

  5. i got my copy of the WW knitting booklet today and I am very taken with the Cable Knit Designer Jumper – more so because it is knitted in an 8ply with 7.5mm needles!!! So much quicker than the usual 4mm needles!!! But must reduce the UFO pile first tho!!

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  7. Hi – I agree but, not only that, here in the UK they hardly ever give a pattern in magazines themselves. There always used to be one or two in the weekly mags, but now you usually only get a link to buy one. The most disappointing, for me, is Prima. In the 80s it was packed with knitting patterns, and sewing ones with cut out templates. Now? Not a one, just links for sending off (with your money!) Thankfully there are plenty on the net.

  8. Saw this mentioned on Suzy’s blog, so even though I am sick in bed I managed to get a copy – lovely hubby.
    Nice to see knitting and crochet booklets with magazines making a revival!!!

    Love the kiddies jumpers too – plain but classic

  9. I agree! This is why I started knitting was seeing these free booklets.

  10. Hi – hope you can help.
    I have somehow lost the middle pages of this knitting book (pg 15 – 22) and I am part way through the V-neck on page 21. I am wondering if you could send me a pdf of the pattern? I was also keen to try the Loose knit sloppy joe if you are able to supply that pattern.
    I can send an envelope and stamp if a photocopy of the book would be easier.

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