not nesting

3 weeks today and a little bundle will be in my arms. Am I nesting? Um, that would be a no. I’ve decided that when I hit all the boxes that I still haven’t unpacked and clean like a crazy woman – well then I will be nesting. I have however washed and folded all of the baby clothes and put them away.

baby clothes out to dry
But the ‘to do’ list is long including cleaning up the pram, having the capsule installed, making up the basinette and organising the baby’s room, putting security gates on the stairs and making those dinners (thank you for your comments, I’m full of ideas). Even my knitting is on go slow as I run out of energy after 8.30 each night.
slow knitting progress
I’m making a sweet little pair of baby pants from MillaMia using 2 colours of baby cashmerino (the teal colour came from stash and is looking amazing). I’m sure I’ll get there……………so long as baby doesn’t come early! 


  1. Awww look at all those itty bitty baby clothes!
    Love the look of those pants, fab colours. Wish I had asked MIL to make some for the boys when they were babies

  2. Those pants are going to be gorgeous!

    I love washing and putting away baby clothes.. ahh the smell! :)

  3. When I read about your plans before baby comes I can´t help but think about Karen (she is from Australia but lives in Japan). She thought she still had three weeks until baby was due. Guess what? Read about her here
    It makes me smile….I hope it makes you smile, too!!!

  4. I was starting to get concerned that I wasn’t nesting either. I’m one week behind you and I have not had the urge yet. Quite the opposite actually. Hoping I get is soon though because I need to get things finalised and in order. Eek!

  5. Love those Milla Mia patterns :) Total inspiration to learn to knit, well more than a scarf anyway! Good luck with your last preparations and the home stretch, I’ll be keeping your little family in my prayers x

  6. Oh the baby pants are just adorable Corrie, makes me want to knit some for my SIL’s who are both pregnant, 1 having a boy in Sept and the other is having twins in December! Hope you are all organised and that he comes on time and not too early for you.

  7. Aww so cute! I love the organising clothes stage. I have the problem that with 6ish weeks to go I want to be nesting but have zero energy!Have fun with it all :)

  8. Will you need the stair gates straight away…maybe that could wait till bubba is on the move?

    I have been meaning to ask, can you please point me to the recipe for that yummy looking chocolate flan thing on your header? I think I NEED to make it, lol!

    xx Karen

  9. Wow can’t believe it’s so close!!! I can’t wait to hear this gorgeous little baby’s name.

    I don’t blame you for not nesting…you must be totally exhausted after each day and you deserve to go slowly!


  10. Not long now! Gorgeous little pants….you’ll get them finished I’m sure and they will look so sweet :)

  11. What a great time pregnancies are – nesting or not! And let me assure you that putting security gates on the stairs can be pushed to the end of your to do list without any doubt!
    Have another great 3 last weeks and all the best for the birth and the exciting first months to you and your whole family!


  12. I love the teal color of the pants. While Mum is here, she is busy knitting things for my little one. We may just need to put these pants on her to-do list!

  13. Wow Corrie, you’re an absolute legend to be doing all that you are doing with 3 weeks to go. Hope you can squeeze some rest in between now and then also. The pants look adorable too! xo

  14. You are amazing. I think at your stage, I was languishing on the couch like Jabba the Hut. But not as pretty.

    I am so excited for you :)

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