retro mummy’s night on the town

If there is one thing I don’t do,well it’s getting dressed up and going out for a night. So when my lovely friend Liss said let’s go to dinner and a movie in the city again I was there. It’s been 2 years since we all went out – me, liss, lorraine and chantelle. It was the first time I’d met lorraine and chantelle and let me tell you that they are even sweeter than their blogs. Yes, it’s true. We missed Chantelle last night!

36 Wks Pregnant And Ready For A Nite Out!

Keira gave me some tips to be the ‘prettiest girl at the movies’ – it involved lots and lots of makeup, my hair in ponytails with flowers and a very pretty dress with socks. I wore the only maternity dress that fits and teamed it up with my red Diana ferrari trench coat from my Westfield makeover. Donny would be proud as he believes a LBD and trench coat are the basics of any wardrobe and they really are.
The Coat Doesn't Do Up
Lorraine picked dinner and I can’t wait to share a couple of pics I took on my iphone when her review is up – I had to take a picture of her taking pictures of food. The food was amazing and very, very pretty. We then raced down George street (as fast as a pregnant lady can race) to watch ‘Jeff who lives at home’ (picked out by Liss) which is showing as part of the Sydney film festival. It’s a funny movie that is definitely great to bring your other half too……………………I’ve put the trailer here as I really had a good laugh and and want to take retro daddy to it!
And let’s hope it’s not another 2 years before I go out for a night on the town!!! Thank you ladies for such great company!


  1. You look gorgeous Corrie – make the most of going out before that baby arrives!!!

  2. Actually had a ‘date night’ with my husband last night, great stone grill steak followed by a movie. We saw 5 year engagement starring Jason Segal too, funniest thing I’ve seen since Bridesmaids. Definitely LOL moments! I think I even snorted once or twice haha.

  3. Isn’t it a fabulous movie! Loved the ending :)

  4. You looked fabulous Corrie. Glad you got to have a night out before your little one arrives xxx

  5. I love your hair just that little bit longer as it is now!!!

  6. You look great! Glad you had a great night out

  7. Being a Mum of 4, I know what you mean, it’s a long time between night outs for me too.

    You look amazing!

    I’ve just discovered your blog last night, love it!

  8. Loved the movie, loved the food ESPECIALLY loved the company! xxx We are NOT waiting 2 years to do that again, even if it’s video night at Retromummy central xxx

  9. You look so gorgeous! Pregnancy suits you. Your long hair looks lovely too, although short is great also. Glad you had a good night x

  10. What a darling group! Four successful bloggers with very different blogs. x

  11. So pleased you enjoyed your night out.

  12. Oh Corrie, you look amazing! Stunning LBD and the red is hot hot hot, love it!
    Donny would most definitely be proud of you. Glad you had a top night out… we all need those and more often than every two years also! xo

  13. I just watched that movie on the plane on the way to Singapore…pretty random…hilarious…sad in a way, but made me LOL…so glad to hear Loraine is amazing as she sounds…
    Hope you are well…you look well! 😀

  14. What a fun night that was and a fun movie too! And I’m so impressed by your stamina Corrie! You are amazing 😀

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