pre-baby nerves

I’d be lying if I told you all I didn’t have any nerves before the birth of our next little one. In fact I’ve been grinding my teeth at night which is always a sign that something is bothering me. The thing is that I’m not nervous about another c/section, or going into labour before my c/section like miss elodie decided she would have it. I’m not nervous about breastfeeding or recovering.
Keira on her first trip to the mall!
I’m nervous about leaving behind my little elodie – the little one who is attached to me and with me 24/7. She sleeps next to me almost every night, I carry her everywhere outside, I change all her nappies, give her every meal and am going to miss her so much. I’m worried she’ll fall down the stairs when I’m not watching her all the time or swallow a piece of lego or something else crazy that has never happened in this house before.

newborn twinnies at home

I’m a little scared about the logistics of 5 little people and the school run and day to day routine. I’m nervous about having a new nanny here once a week because our beloved nanny is going back to Brazil the very month I have the baby.

most of my twin photos were of them in their cot either awake or asleep!

But at the end of the day these are exactly the same nerves I’ve had with the birth of each baby and I survived. I did it. I fed a new baby. I threw myself straight into normal life and survived. There were hairy moments like being in David Jones trying to buy baby clothes and having little twins scream their lungs out at the same time, or one of them having a huge pooplosion when I only wanted to leave the house for a little while, or being stuck in the carpark at the mall and not being able to get the big pram back down because retro daddy had always done it and he was back at work.


those lips
Elodie at 3 days old!
So in some ways I might be having baby number 5 and seem like an expert…..but in other ways I’m a normal expectant mummy with nerves and worries just like everyone else! But I’m super excited and counting down the days until he is here……….


  1. It is soooo exciting. I am excited for you and don’t even know you! I have had four c-sections and dr said I could go one more. As you said, they are not the bother. Part of me decided not to have another baby because of the guilt I felt (just like you) in not spending quality time with the others, especially with a newborn. You cope with the guilt and I try and make special time for all of them somewhere in the day, especially before they go to bed. You will do it and do it well!! I think its great to be a little nervous as it keeps us on our toes!! all the very best!

  2. Hi Corrie,

    I am sure you will adapt well. One thing I learned is that no matter it is baby 1 or 5, a new baby just simply turn the household upside down for some time. It will be harder for you since all your kids are so young….but look how well done you have made it:))

    Another thing is to relax and let go of a lot of rules. Nothing wrong with eating take outs, watching tv most of time, or being a little messy. There are bound to be some guilts of course, but just tell yourself it is only for short term, and in long run everyone will be happy and well again. I think ultimately the most important thing is you are still around with them, and that kind of is the stability they need. As for little Elodie, does Australia hospitals allow her to stay overnight with you? I used to worry about the older kids too when I gave birth, but they kind of adapt well too. After all, it is for a few nights. Mommy needs this time to herself too. To be frank I enjoyed those nights alone in the ward for each birth cos that was the time I can just sleep as I please, serve nice food, and not have to do a single housework! It was kind of like on a holiday for me! LOL!

    • Ooo we don’t get that in the UK. However for my second birth I was in the home from home unit and so my Mum brought my eldest to come and hang out. I was out 6 hours after birth and it was lovely to sleep in my own bed. Wish we had this option though x

  3. Oh Corrie I totally empathise with you and I am only waiting on number 2! It’s always been about me and my little man and I worry about not being here for him for a few days while I’m in hospital. I know he and Dada will be just fine together, but still, we’re Mummies we are allowed to worry!! And I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to being a little nervous about the birth… I was 39 weeks yesterday and every bump and squiggle she makes makes we wonder “is this it?!!”. We’ll meet her soon enough! X x

  4. Yes i know how you feel, I am about to have number 4 but my baby will be 7. Well start taking Rescue Remedy and everything will fall into place for you, Elodie will be fine, you have done so well up to know, just take each day as it comes!

  5. Look at those beautiful babies of yours Corrie! I know it’s hard but try and relax and enjoy your last few preggie weeks :) you’ll look back with fondness. New babies always seem to fit in don’t they!? As for sisblings they adapt and survive in the best possible way for them, it’s good for them as people.As for us Mummas, we know we’ll get wrinkles eventually, so why not enjoy the ride and have lots more newborn nighttime cuddles thrown in :) God bless Corrie, it has and will work out in its own way XO Jetts XO

  6. jessica was 22 months when carolyn was born and the night before i was still carrying her around as she was my baby. but the next day when the rest came to visit and she climbed up on the bed to see the baby, she seemed HUGE!! the new baby was here and now jess was now one of the older siblings!same thing happened when number 5 eloise was born. just normal i think! good luck with it all, i know you will be fine xo

  7. I think the best bit about being the “experienced” Mum is that we realize that every stress, difficulty, new challenge is fleeting. It used to seem “impossible” to take one child grocery shopping, then to take two children, then three and now I’m up to four and am coping…not always without stress, but coping.
    Good luck..wishing you all the best.

  8. Ooo another he! Exciting. Not that another girl wouldn’t be exciting but it kinda evens the score in your house. I am sure Elodie will adapt and because she is so young she wont remember any initial teething probs etc x even though my youngest is 4 months your posts make me broody. Not sure I could breastfeed again though both my little men have been challenging. So excited for you xx

  9. Oh wow! Just made me remember all those feelings again It’s natural to be a little anxious and toddlers will always be a bit demanding and there will be days where it just doesn’t work But you know how quickly the baby fog lifts and I’m just so jealous that you get to hold and smell another newborn again – that’s the best bit

  10. Im the same! Im getting ready to have no.4 by c-section in just over 8 weeks but I always find leaving the older 1s at home the hardest and why I always try to get out early :)

  11. Oh I wish you wouldn’t post such adorable baby photos – it makes me yearn for just one more little one!!! Just enjoy every moment and don’t forget to breathe (my little school goer says “Smell the flowers…blow out the candle…just smell the flowers…blow out the candle”) :)

  12. It is natural for you to feel nervous, especially about Elodie but she will welcome the new little brother.

    Although I am well past this stage in life I do remember carrying my second child on my hip right up to the day I had my third. Second one was three and a half by then!
    Will Retro Daddy be taking some leave to be with you?

  13. Thank you for posting such an honest reponse and one that I honestly wasn’t expecting from an experienced mom. I naively thought that once you were on your 2nd, or your 5th child that nothing would worry you.
    Right now I am typing this at 4:30am because my twins will not sleep. If I was to get pregnant again my fear is that I would never ever get a good night’s sleep again! I live in hope that one day my boys will sleep well.
    Best of luck to you on the arrival of baby #5. :)

  14. I was nervous too (My fourth and fifth babies were twins – Yikes, you know how that feels!). Wishing you a healthy, happy delivery and quick recovery. I can’t wait to see that little one either!

  15. Oh Corrie, you’re so sweet. I completely empathise with you on this one. I was such a mother hen over Angus when I went in for my c-section with Felix. In fact I’d say I was most nervous about the fact I was leaving him, so I know how you feel. I fretted in hospital too and it meant me only spending two night (c-section and all) in hospital, before pleading with my dr and the nurses to release me. It was hard, but I was so much happier at home.
    I always love when you post pics of your newborns, they’re such a gorgeous bunch.
    Thinking of you Corrie, you’ll be ok and so will little Elodie xoxo

  16. Oh Corrie – I know that sense of impending doom. Exciting to get pregnant then you have this feeling of being committed. The first time it is the fear of labour. But after one it is the fear of managing with so many kids. When I had #3 my doctor said to me – you know what you have done. You are now outnumbered. And you my dear girl are 5:2!!! But you will manage and God seems to understand and make them more patient and tolerant. Or maybe I did not hear the yells as much. Anyway – hang in there. You will figure out how to manage. And be easy on yourself. Things do not have to be perfect even in the photos on your blog.

  17. Oh Corrie. I love this post. Thanks for your trademark honesty – I had been wondering what’s going on in your head with all that lies ahead. Thanks so much for joining in with the POTMC (although I think you wanted to post the link for taking the children to church according to your description!). J x

  18. You will do you and come out on top… Love all the lovely pictures and wish you all the best if I was closer I would come and help.

  19. I love that someone else is having 5 and loving it, I am expecting our fifth in Sept and I only get negative comments I love to cook sew play in the garden and be home for my family, number 5 can only be a blessing but most people cant understand this. My family is spread over 15 years not through choice but it just happened that way and I wouldnt change any of it.
    Elodie is such a nice name I love Tillie too but we already have a Tulley. Hope you don’t mind if I put it on our name list I’m racking my brains for girls names and they are just not happening; maybe that means it’s a boy!

  20. What gorgeous photos you have taken of your babies. They look very loved. I’m sure that when baby number 5 arrives you will do just fine. Wishing you lots of luck!

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