rainy day pj’s

Here are a few of my favourite things to do – go shopping for myself, get into my sewing room to actually sew and spend an afternoon in the kitchen.
cute pj's made by mummy
Today I got to do all of them on a very rainy day here in Sydney. But I should point out that shopping with all 4 children on a rainy day at the mall is not necessarily one of my favourite things to do. There were tears, whining, carry on, non stop asking for things and retro daddy asked why I didn’t just go to the shops during the week – oh so I can experience this on my own? I assured him they don’t just put it on for him! Anyway at least I came away with a few pairs of new pj’s and a dressing gown for the hospital bag! Sussans is always my go-to place when it’s time to pack the hospital bag!
sewing, moda
keira’s pj pants
Meanwhile, on the sewing front I had cut out 3 pairs of pj’s yesterday afternoon (with Elodie circling around me and drawing all over my pattern). And somehow I managed to get one pair all sewn up and finished before school pick up. This morning I finished all pairs and applique tees to match. They looked so sweet all lined up ready for little ones to wear and what I love about pj pants is how quick and satisfying they are but also how practical and affordable they are!
I couldn’t find the same pattern I used at the old house for pj’s so I used the Snug as a bug pj patterrn from Toni’s book Make it Perfect. I sew my pants slightly differently to the directions in the book (everyone has their own way to put pants together) but the pattern was great and such a good fit for the little ones. I made size 4 but just added an extra inch or two for keira so I could be lazy and just trace and cut 1 pattern.
little models
The tees are from here and are just lovely! Such good quality. Making the applique tee takes hardly any time at all and I used a cookie cutter for the girls tees and kind of made a rocket shape for Finn’s top. Not that daddy thought it looked like a rocket. The fabrics are from store stock that I am slowly listing here……. there are so many things to list but at least I have a lot of choice when it comes to my own sewing.

the pants
And a rainy day at home meant I had time to make my 3 hour meatballs. This recipe is so good and I will definitely be doing a batch to freeze before baby arrives. I had to laugh when retro daddy called from the supermarket to query 20 roma tomatoes. Yes, that’s right. 20 tomatoes please. 

And after seeing Mel’s creations with her new Thermomix I thought I better try the pumpkin soup for the first time (delicious) and also the crunchie ice cream slice (which is still chilling in my freezer). A productive day on all fronts here!

And yes, you guessed it…… I’m tired now! Tomorrow I’ll probably come home from church and collapse on the couch. And that will be fine.


  1. mmm Corrie, it seems you have been very busy making your nest nice and comfy. Might be off to hospital soon.

    Love the PJs. I am going to look on etsy for fabric.

  2. Love those PJs.

  3. OMG! I just tried making pants for the first time and failed miserably.

    I need your assistance!

  4. I was just wondering if you know the name of the fabric that you used for keira’s PJs?

    I really enjoy reading your blog, all the best.

  5. Now thats a productive day! I think you should definately be resting up on the sofa after church tomorrow!!

  6. Oh those PJ’s are delightful Corrie, you’re so clever.
    I can’t get over how busy you still are, so close to bubs being born. You’re a machine!
    Beautiful photos as always xo

  7. I’ve been on a pj making kick too. Yours are so cute. Love the fabrics you chose xxx

  8. Cute PJ’s. Would love to have your Meatball recipe.

  9. I saw those jammie pants that you made Keira and thought they were the ones that you bought for yourself!!!! I want a pair too!! They are absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Hi Corrie – love the PJ’s. Will you be selling this fabric?

  11. Also love a day in the kitchen or the sewing room. You have definitely been productive.

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  13. aw, the pjs look lovely corrie! glad you liked the pattern. good luck with getting ready for the baby – you rock! xxx

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