jaffa mousse

Now I won’t win Masterchef with my presentation of this mousse but if you’re after something different for family dessert then this is it. And I am a huge chocolate mousse fan and unfortunately most mousse recipes have raw eggs in them which rules them out when you’re pregnant. Including this one (which I totally forgot about) but I found an old weight watchers book which I thought I had lost years ago and this is one of my favourite recipes. It’s easy, it’s light and it tastes so good!
What you’ll need:
120g choc melts/cooking chocolate
1 can evaporated skim milk
3 eggs, separated
1 packet orange jelly (use diet jelly if you like)
Melt chocolate and half of the milk in a saucepan over a low heat until the chocolate is totally melted into the milk. Add in remaining milk, whisk and set aside.
melted chocolate and evap skim milk
chocolate melted into milk = heaven
Now whisk the chocolate and egg yolks together and put back on the stove to heat gently until the mixture thickens up and can coat the back of a spoon. Dissolve the jelly crystals into 1/3 cup of boiling water and add to the chocolate mixture. Refrigerate until it’s starting to set (this takes about 45 minutes depending on where you put it in the fridge). Now beat the egg whites until nice and stiff and fold into the chocolate jelly mixture in about 3 batches. Now you can pour it into a pretty mould if you like or just a big old regular bowl (like I did) . Whatever you’ve got going. Refrigerate until completely set, serve and enjoy! This is very popular with the little ones at our house.
jaffa mousse


  1. Sounds delicious! Nigella has a recipe for a mouse that uses marshmallows instead of raw eggs and it sets perfectly, which makes for a pregnancy friendly version! It’s VERY rich though and I’m a serious chocoholic!

  2. Yum, my mum was always watching her weight when I was little. She used to make this one and also a diet lemon cheescake. I can remember eating them both.

  3. It looks really yummy. I should try this out. And the marshmallow one too. I love chocolate mousse!

  4. Yum! Thanks for a great recipe. I wonder if you could use that wobble jelly? The one that uses milk? Then you could make it extra chocolately :) :) :)

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