I hope I get a 90th!

I really hope I inherit grandma betty’s genes and get to celebrate my 90th birthday! She has no major health problems, doesn’t take any medication and thinks it’s due to her diet full of porridge, fruit and vegetables. Whatever it is, I hope I’m heading that way because today we celebrated her 90th with family and friends

party time
mum, the sun is in our eyes
all dressed up and ready to go
my kids don’t need much to have a good time! lemonade and chips always makes a party in their eyes. I had to laugh at the end of the party when keira said ‘grandma betty where are the lolly bags’….they know the drill.
the littlies
the oldies
pretty flowers
black forest cake
black forest cake
waiting for cake
give the girl some cake
grandma and keira

Sadly when you live to 90 you do outlive a lot of your loved ones and friends but it was so great to see so many people come together today to celebrate……………and yes we all know want the secret to her good health! So happy birthday Grandma Betty and here’s to many more happy birthdays to come………….


  1. Aww how sweet! Happy birthday grandma Betty xxx

  2. That is a wonderful milestone. Happy 90th Birthday to Grandma Betty. I know how much she means in your life, Corrie…very special lady.
    My Dad is fit and well too, and I’m sure at the beginning of 2014 we will be doing a 90th party too. Sadly as you said, not many contemporaries around is there.
    Glad the kids had a ball. The combo of the generations is always a win.
    Lots of love

  3. Awww i hope i be 90 one day tooo happy bday ! Xoxo http://www.muahhwhosthatchic.com

  4. Muchas felicidades Betti y que cumplas muchos más,besos

  5. Happy birthday x

  6. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Grandma xxx

  7. Happy Birthday Grandma Betty.
    Both my grandmothers lived into their early nineties, so I’m hoping I inherited some of their longevity genes.

  8. happy birthday to her. May God bless her with lots of love.

  9. My dad turned 86 in April and like your grandma Betty takes no meds, is independent and until last year worked for us doing cleaning at the tavern!! he has lots of younger friends and likes nothing more than to have a dance with the girls! he is totally switched on and is always doing something. i hope i can be as happy and healthy as our poppy Tom!

  10. Isnt it great to still have your grandma around Corrie. You are so so lucky to have such a wonderful woman in your lives. She looks great for 90. I did read once that people who live a long time usually have a set routine with their diet eating the same things everyday.

  11. Congratulations to Grandma Betty on her 90th! An amazing milestone to reach and she seems an amazing lady! Many blessings for her years ahead!

  12. Congratulations to Grandma Betty on her 90th! An amazing milestone to reach and she seems an amazing lady! Many blessings for her years ahead!

  13. Happy birthday! Looks like a great day.

  14. Happy 90th Betty. So sweet!

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  16. What a spritely looking lady. Cheers to many more :)

  17. Oh how lovely Corrie. Grandma Betty looks beautiful for her age. Ninety is such a great effort.
    Gorgeous photos of your babies, love that first shot and Finn’s expression, haha.
    Also love Keira’s comment about the lolly bags, kids are so cute.
    Sounds like a great celebration for a special lady in your lives xo

  18. I read the title of your post as “I hope I get a goth” and thought “What? She wants the baby to be a Goth?” – but then realised it was “90th”. Too funny. It looks like a lovely party.

  19. ‘lolly bags’… precious! Grandma Betty does look good though.

  20. Happy birthday to Grandma Betty. I love her, even though I don’t know her. She seems such an amazing lady. Jacinta

  21. ohh, so sweet!

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